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  1. Because of modern society''s need to know everything about everyone every second of the day, do you really expect the club to officially announce anything at this stage? Anything they say at this stage actually jeopardises/portrays the club in a bad light until the move is either 100% completed or ruled out. It''s the same with player transfers, as much as everyone wants the latest news and developments, it does more harm then good if you''re the buying club or the club losing their manager. Stay Calm.
  2. We''ve had three solid years of pure success, how many clubs get that? If Lambert goes, there is no one to vilify or blame, it''s a cut-throat business. Everyone knows where we were pre-Lambert era and everyone knows how he arrived here in the first place, it was always going to end this way eventually. If he does join Villa, then he is ultimately joining a bigger club with more potential then us. This is much the preferred departure compared to joining a Burnley / West Brom / Wigan. Bring forth Poyet.
  3. contact made with Lambert according to BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18262885
  4. That picture come up when previewing the post, not quite sure why it''s not displaying.
  5. Titus Bramble [img]http://www.memecreator.org/static/images/memes/46903.jpg[/img]
  6. Simon Grayson had a preliminary interview in Birmingham earlier this week. Been informed by a Villa connection that Martinez still remains the favourite but Grayson is due for a second interview later this week before taking charge of the League 1 play-off final. I asked about Lambert but he had nothing to add their.
  7. http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/Swansea-make-pound-2m-bid-Nottingham-Forest/story-16105603-detail/story.html
  8. Getting Robins in would be a real coup if true. Used to being the top man in just the division below, to join us to coach a potential under 21''s would give the academy a massive lift.
  9. I''m not sochaux we need another centre-back anyway, could be a good miss this one, heard he''s a bit of a rennes-gade master
  10. http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/aston-villa-specials/next-permanent-manager Getting shorter and shorted odds, let''s hope he''s not thinking of his good friend Petrov too much.
  11. He''s clearly an ambitious manager and what he''s said recently is another indication how smart he is in the media. After this season the majority of fans would expect more improvement and a battle for relegation next year would not reflect this but at the same time the financial benefits will not increase for the first time during his tenure. Newly-promoted clubs often spend between £10-15mill on new players and wages in their first season and there is not much evidence to support this figure increasing in the second season, in fact the opposite is true in most cases with clubs spending less. He also knows that if he wants to fulfil his undoubted potential he will have to leave us one day and with the situation at Villa it would be the perfect opportunity to take over a bigger club (another step-stone) who are sorely under-achieving. No-one is saying Paul Lambert is going to leave or even wants to leave at the current moment but football changes in an instance and we have to be ready for when it does.
  12. Aston Villa stay up = Lambert goes if offered the job Aston Villa relegated = Lambert stays if offered the job It''s exactly like the Colchester/Norwich scenario. Anyone who thinks Villa are a smaller/similar club to us at the moment is unfortunately deluded.
  13. It''s been a long while since we''ve had a solid, reliable and consistent backbone but these four look to be the part. The fact they''re all English and the majority of the squad is from the UK and Ireland is great to see but should they all be in the England squad as well? Ruddy - 100% - After Joe Hart he has been the most consistent ''keeper playing in the top league and is worthy of a spot alongside Foster. R.Bennett - 5% - It''s too early to be considered for the seniors but already involved heavily in the under-21 set up. As Ferdinand and Terry get older he represents the future. J.Howson - 10% - Alot of competition in the centre of the park but a great season next year followed again by the likely retirements of Lampard/Gerrard/Parker in the future leaves space alongside Wilshere. G.Holt - 90% - Now or never. Alongside Rooney, Defoe is the next likely due to sheer speed and finishing ability with Sturridge but is Welbeck/Crouch really a better option then Holt?
  14. Definitely offer a 1-year contract. Once again he''s been reliable and consistent when called upon. I believe he would take the offer rather then uprooting his family for the sake of a 2-year deal.
  15. Vaughan is in first-team training and might make the reserve game next week, still ''a way off'' though. My guess is he might make the bench for the Liverpool game.
  16. Interesting twitter comment indeed. Lambert off to Liverpool in world wide exclusive?
  17. He''s been praising us ever since Paul Lambert took over, he definitely gave us a lot of praise in the Championship promotion year. Never liked him much as a player but he does seem to talk sense most of the time as a pundit. The exact same could be said about Gary Neville too. Maybe as recently retired players they are quicker and more able to analyse the modern game better then those that had careers during the Liverpool hey-day. The above does not apply to Alan Shearer who vice versa I liked as a player but is a shocking pundit.
  18. Fully agree with GH4E but would swap Fox for Johnson and instruct Johnson to follow Silva wherever he goes. Thought Wilbraham did a job and would bring him and Fox on in the second half.
  19. With the aim of seeing 1 youth player coming through a season I think Toffulo, who plays at full-back, is regarded as the best product.
  20. How the two clubs have separated in recent years, what a laughing stock that video is. Five or six years ago it would have been fair opinion to suggest the two clubs as similar stature but this is so amateur it''s unbelievable. I would be genuinely embarrassed if I were a Town fan and I would think the same if that were any other club''s new kit release. A real shocker.
  21. Completely agree with the OP As you have pointed out though, we need a steady 3 years before we start thinking of heading down that route ala Stoke and Everton. Winning the Cup is practically like winning the league in terms of sense of achievement for any club outside the top 5 or 6 without an oil baron at the heir.
  22. You could argue Wigan, QPR and Bolton (post-davies) don''t play hoof ball either. In reality Stoke are the only team actively playing hoof ball with a number of others playing ''conservative'' football ala Everton, Wolves, Blackburn etc. I don''t think he''s looking at new formations for next season, he takes each game on merit. Until we get a pacy striker with a decent finish his preferred formation is 4-5-1. Very interesting what he does this summer with regards to transfers.
  23. That''s a penalty guaranteed to one of the teams... On a side note, we seemed to have a large amount of penalties last year compared to this, anyone have the stats?
  24. I''ve got Krul, Taylor and Ba all in my side in order that I don''t finally totally depressed this weekend should we lose.... Any neutral fan would look at this fixture and suggest a tight home win so no real surprise at his prediction. However, he clearly doesn''t rate us overall in the season judging by his predictions throughout the year. http://www.myfootballfacts.com/Mark_Lawrensons_Predictions_2011-12.html
  25. Newcastle Strengths = Middle of the park (Tiote and Cabaye) and Powerful upfront (Ba, Cisse) Newcastle Weaknesses = Fullbacks (Simpson, Santon) Tactics = Play an extra midfielder in the centre to stop the balls being played to the front two and attack down their wings exposing their fullbacks Formation = 4-5-1 Ruddy Naughton R Bennett Whitbread Drury Howson Fox Surman E Bennett Pilkington Morison Subs: Steer, Ward, Martin, Johnson, Hoolahan, Jackson, Holt
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