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  1. I think if we see leitner play central and deeper like today more often we will see him flourish. He’s not a goal scorer and won’t often create direct Wes/Maddison type assists and but from deep he can start moves, pick up peices and control/dictate tempo. Maybe we would see better from him also playing next to a more dynamic player than Tettey, I thought Godfrey would be that man but Farke clearly doesn’t.
  2. Although I agree Nels hasn’t been in great form with his finishing, first touch, sharp passing etc over the last few weeks I don’t believe the way we set up last night or even in general when we’ve used that formation suits him (or Maddison).
  3. I was hoping you''d reply Hogesar, always fun hearing your ''thoughts''. I think changes in team selection is to be expected for a while. Many players havnt stepped into this league before so will take some time for the cream to rise! I''m happy with possession football but we seemed to freeze a little bit when we had it. We didn''t move it quick enough so never stretched them or got in behind. We also didn''t go direct at times when Sunderland quickly figured us out. Imo changes in personnel will help massively with that. I''m not quite sure what type of player we have in Vrancic? Although comfortable with the ball is he a sitting player? A box to box howson type or someone to bridge the midfield and attack? I feel he could get overrun and lost in many games.
  4. Voicing first impressions can leave you looking rather silly if proven wrong but given the huge changes here I''m sure we''ve all been pretty open with them. I try not to be knee jerk in my reactions but something about these changes and what I saw on Sunday worried me. Firstly the team selection baffled me. Shipping goals and leaving Tettey on the bench was my first concern. I don''t like this 3/5 at the back formation in this league. The back 4/5 is the last thing any team should be f***ing about with. (If you want promotion of course). You can find the odd gem from lower or foreign leagues but more often than not, you get what you pay for. Husband (boros 3rd choice Lb), Franke, who quite frankly looked like a competition winner, Zimmermann who for all his size and stature clearly needs an experienced cb next to him and Martin. We all know what Martin does (or doesn''t) bring to the table. I sat there and missed Bassong and Bennett. Wow. I understand the wage bill etc all came into play but could we not have found some lower league defenders in England who are far more aware and capable? Bring back a back 4. With what we have available Pinto Martin Zimmermann and Husband are the 4 I''d start with. We''ve all had our say on the Nelson incident. I feel the fact he reacted like that after just the FIRST game of the season tells a story. You can almost imagine how training goes, Jerome pinging in 30 yarders, running and working hard, picking up the balls and cones whilst Oli has a smile on his face throwing grass at Pinto. Jerome has duped Farke and I just pray it doesn''t take him long to realise what most of us already do. Jerome scored a good amount last season but it''s the ones he doesn''t score. The sitters he shanks in a tight game we''ve worked ourselves into etc. We look a far better team with Oli in it. I can''t believe we''ve even had to have that conversation. I feel even the players feel that, reflected in Oli''s ''celebration''. Players talk believe it or not. Wildschut looks much improved, Maddison a real star and Reed could fit in there quite nicely. Add Tettey Wes Oli and possibly Murphy for Wildschut and you have movement, youth, experience and some unpredictable quality. We WILL improve but let''s not sell ourselves short here. We should be pushing for at least top 6 but if we persist with that back 3/5, no defensive cover and leave Wes and Oli out of the squad then we are looking at a very mediocre season. Full of apparent empty possession. (Something that on this occasion Sunderland figured out early and were happy to let us do). This could all go very well indeed if lessons are learnt. The attitude and enthusiasm seems to be instilled, getting the mental side of the game is most of the battle, add some quality on top of that and we''re on to a winner. It''s the amount of quality though that right now is a little bit of a worry. If we are going for promotion of course. Otbc
  5. The thing is, can you blame him for not being 100pc sharp or not having his head and heart in the right place for the club? I''m not one of his biggest fans at all but that was far from Ryan Bennett at his best, I believe it''s down to how he''s being used and he''s not the only one. Neil not using, keeping sharp or getting the best out of the squad well enough.
  6. 1 change at the right time can make a difference. Just as Neil was thinking when he dropped Pritchard for Brady tonight.
  7. A side that can''t keep focus for 90 minutes is now good enough to start winning premier league games for you? Most who watched Saturday will have wanted Pritchard to start tonight although I think most will accept the reason why he didn''t. But to not bring Pritchard on for wes when the game was crying out for him and instead choose Naismith, that''s where the question mark is for me over selection. Along with leaving Murphy on far longer than he should have been.
  8. I too had a few question marks over the line up but was happy to go with it and at half time things were looking good, even though we hadn''t really created much apart from the 2 pens we were fully in control. Cannot understand why Pritchard wasn''t put on for wes, who clearly was tired over Naismith. A change I wanted us to make at half time. Wes'' legs looked heavy tonight, we replaced him with a guy who''s legs seem have gone permanently. Scott Parker outpacing him highlighted this further. We''ve bought him seasons too late. This is where I may upset a few people. I just don''t rate Jacob Murphy and never have. Surprised you saw the link up with him and pinto as good I though pinto had one of his worst games for us and Jacob Murphy spent most of the game on his heels or losing the ball. Just as he has for the past two fixtures. I appreciate he''s still a young lad with a lot of learning to do but as I see it he won''t becoming a premier league regular anytime soon. Still all in all a good point although it may not feel like it right now. On we move. Otbc
  9. Chill out mate!! Agreed the organisation and ideas weren''t great but they are actually really nice lads so let''s not get too personal! You seem rather angry about it
  10. I think we need to look at the type of strikers we now have. Surely the Becchio debate finished a long time ago and in my opinion Morris is niether good enough or ready to contribute to a Premier League chasing team. That leaves us Jerome and Hooper and it''s clear niether of those offer what Grabban has vitaly given us. We are chasing one of the biggest prizes in football, why wouldn''t you look at the loan market? Why accept to simply ''go with what we''ve got''?
  11. I think the worst has to be the were the left side / right side thing. Quite funny when it started a few years ago but now HATE IT!!!!!
  12. I am surprised at some of the opinions but understand where the points are coming from. I personally have a good feeling about him. I think it''s important to look at the person rather than just his record on paper. First of all he seems to get animated and in the zone while on the touch line and this will please a lot of our fans. I think we will see a louder Carrow Rd and when we are rocking it can really affect the players here. Although young I don''t see that being a problem, if the players take to him they will be willing to run through walls for him and its so important that they want to play for him, it has been mentioned how he had that relationship with the Hamilton players. There are plenty of old managers not doing as well so if he''s got it he''s got it. His playing career doesn''t matter as long as he knows the game and tactically with Hamilton he''s done it. We don''t need anybody to coach these players how to play football. The test will be if we do go on a poor run or times get hard and he needs to dig us out of hole and does he also have an eye for a player. I think he will get us to the play offs and go from there. For automatics he needs to get us on a serious winning run. OTBC
  13. I should think recently Adams has told Rvw he isn''t going to be one of his first choices to start. Rvw wants to be playing first team football so is now open to a move. If Adams really wanted him he would stay.
  14. Ruddy Whittaker Martin Turner Olsson Howson Fer Redmond Hoolahan Pilkington Lafferty
  15. Imagine how Holt would then feel haha
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