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  1. Norwich City!!! Huckerby going to get 17 Goal this Season Mckenzie 16 Goals Svensson 21 Goals #9 ? But going to get the Barclay card Golden Boot That my prediction , PLEASE , PLEASE , PLEASE GOD MAKE THIS COME TRUE
  2. So where has everyone got this speculation about Pennant from ?
  3. Cheer AJ , But i read on the bbc website that he asked for a 1 year extention on his contract and he asked for a pay rise they didn,t offer him it. what does anyone else think about this.
  4. Why have you put primus down with haven''t got him yet and properly won''t eva harry redknapp wants him to stay and so does milan i heard with offered him double the amount he earns in a week , but if milan wants him i recone he will give him the same he deserves it and also milan is a millionare so how will 5k matter to him, i want him to come but i can''t see it happening.
  5. i prefer to have this line up Greeno Edworthy Fleming Charlton Drury (Primus?) Helveg Francis Holt Huckerby (#9) Bentley (not Scrowcroft)
  6. So what is happening about the Primus situation i heard he would like to come to NCFC but Pompey have rejected there offer for him could someone please tell me what''s going on.
  7. so how do you know all this then is it more lies, again i,ve heard so much spectulation about us buying players , eg; Marlon harewood wouldn,t u think worthy woud have told the press by now
  8. I think Bentley is just Class , i don''t know about the over two.
  9. Is Marlon Harewood really moving to Norwich , or is this all lies , what a buy he would be , someone right back so i kunow i''an pretty excited ?
  10. Who do you Norwich will buy in the summer , it''s pretty exciting , i can''t wait to find out
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