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  1. my would be pennant , harewood and primus Come on nigel sign pennant and harewood PLEASE
  2. 1.Arsenal (unless they sell viera) 2.Chelsea 3.Man u 4.Liverpool 5.Newcastle 6.spurs 7.birmingham 8.villa (unless the sell angel) 9.Boro 10.Charlton 11.Fulham 12.Portsmouth 13.Norwich (unless we get a decent forward and defender) 14.Southampton 15.Man City 16.Bolton 17.Blackburn 18.Everton 19.wba 20.crystal palace
  3. i reckon( is that better jed) ncfc are after Pablo wanchope cause on football transfers .com norwich are in talks with man city and he is a big target man what do u guys think
  4. i recond robert huth from chelsea would be good for ncfc , chelsea won''t ask alot for him cause mr abramavich likes wasting money
  5. I would like to see notts forest defender matt dawson to come to norwich he would be a great signing and mARLON hAREWOOD I THOUGHT NIGEL WANTED HIM and it just went dead does anyone know anything about this
  6. Norwich need a defender but who now?
  7. where did you get this from i can''t find it on the net or anywhere , so tell me hucks6 where did you find this info about linvoy from.
  8. hucks6 is just winding us up , worthy said there still ongoing.
  9. Who is juke box and why do you call him that
  10. true say , jed , i hope you are right ,what makes you think we will get him
  11. what is happening about the primus situation does anyone have any info on this matter , i recond pompey have offered him a 1 year extension and 8k a week , and at 4pm there will be a press comfrence saying he has accepted the contract, and will be at pompey for an extra year. I recond if nigel doesn,t sign him in the next two to three and it is still ongoing, he should just drop it and find another centre half and a number 9. Waht is everybodys else''s view on this.
  12. i''am sorry Jed but i don''t agree with you there everytime i''ve seen him play for arsenal hes been one of there best players with the likes of henry , pires and Viera when i saw him play against m''boro and pompey he was brilliant , i don''t know why he didn''t play half off the games last season , i recond he will become the new henry.
  13. I really want to know , just tell us it does''nt bother me anymore if he comes of if he doesn,t , if he does what a great signing if he doesn,t I wish him all the best for this season with pompey.
  14. so what do you guess think about Macho?
  15. I recond he is looking around Norwich today to see what it is like withe his family and is seeing where he can live , if he does he will sign midday tomorow , if i''am right a deserve a medal , what does anyone else think about the matter.
  16. How come Primus said in the EDP today that he would make a dicision tosday its now 9.15 pm and i,ve heard nout can someone please tell me why this is.
  17. Norwich are about to put a bid in for the former real madrid defender Hierro if we don''t get Primus , but we don''t need him i''d rather have a George Santos at the back than him ,
  18. I heard that Nigel is interested in Sheffield United Striker Peter Nd,lova , what a signing he would he. NOT!
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