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  1. 1x adult in N&P upper - £40. Must be able to collect from near Cambridge and also provide proof of being an NCFC fan. PM me if interested.
  2. Lambert has it spot on. There are plenty on here who should hold their heads in shame for writing some of the garbage that I''ve seen over the years. Supporters? some of you are most certainly not.
  3. To those that have tickets for the Col U sections be prepared to answer some tricky questions at the turnstiles. I''ve seen this before, questions such as, Who was Colchesters top scorer last season What a certain players nickname is/was Name one or 2 areas of Colchester town or housing estate names What were the names of the stands at the old Layer Road ground HaveCol U ever won any silverware :-) etc etc etc These are my guess at what type of questions they''ll be asking although I may be wide of the mark. I think it''ll be tough getting in but good luck, and behave!
  4. This is far worse than a joke. I''ve just returned home to Chester after leaving at 9am this morning and for what? Was it Croft who was on at the end of Canary Call? Whoever it was made it perfectly clear that as far as he was concerned, there are a good bunch of quality players at the club. This can only mean that the manager is not up to it. If the players believe that, then how on earth can we go forward? It''s time for Roeder to go, it seems he no longer has the confidence of the players. It just amazes me how apathetic 99% of fans are, how can the club get away with continually serving up dross like that? How much worse can it get before people start seriously calling for change?
  5. Saffron Walden, North West Essex. I''ve seen one or two other Canaries here.
  6. I was talking to his brother the week before last so I asked him. He says that he thinks Dennis will retire at the top
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