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  1.    I''m sorry dumble delia, but if you think he was the best player to come here last season you are sadley mistaken. I think you must have been distracted by his superb goal, but the rest of his game was pretty average to say the least.    If we pay over 2m for Harewood I''d be gutted, it''d be a complete waste of money. I know a lot of west ham fans and none of them rate him that highly and they would know don''t you think. Personally I think that young Dean Ashton must be worth a go 1.5m - 2m maybe tall quick good control and an eye for goal. Have Faith
  2.    cityangel, I am the eternal optimist, but after the poor showing against Fulham I had accepted that fate. after all we have played most of the lesser teams in the prem at home, couldn''t see where we could get enough points from. Judging by the atmosphere around FCR on sat most of the crowd had accepted it too.    What I''m trying to say is; I know worthy has made some mistakes but, at the end of the day he is learning, as we all are, and yes he has earned the right to make mistakes. (even though it was easy to get us up, all he had to do was persuade hux to sign for us simple eh!)    I think Fulham taught us a great deal about how to play with the ball and how to keep possession. I thought they were superb, very professional doing what they had to do to survive and after watching the Bolton game we had taken that lesson on board.    At the end of the day we are in the premiership so lets enjoy it, maybe we haven''t got the best manager, (would arsene come here) we certainly haven''t got the worst (wigley). Just give him and the team your full support, IT DOES HELP!! Have faith
  3.    There are alot of you so called city fans who have been attacking worthy over the last few weeks, (I''m not one of them) calling for his head etc.. over performances and his signing''s and it makes me sick. How short your memories are and what it was like before worthy. I think there are alot of you who owe worthy some serious grovelling apologies    Well in case you hadn''t noticed all six of his outfield players that he bought in close season played on sat and weren''t they superb. Saffri impressed me from the first match he played for us FANTASTIC (check my previous posts if you want) Helveg best game yet. Jonson wow, he''s getting there what a player he''ll be. Charlton best position best performance. Bentley sublime. Doherty towering headers unlucky with pen but does give too many free kicks away though, hopefully he can clean this side of his game up.    For me, I had resigned myself to a season of fizzy league footy next year after the Fulham game (never once did i call for his head or criticise him in any way (apart from his tunnel vision over gary holt)) but this game has renewed all hope it''ll still be tough but come on stay behind worthy he''ll look after us. Have faith.
  4.    Yes i do agree with you about holts work rate ( he probably does cover every blade of grass 3 times over) I think this is highly comendable for Holt but as you also said he''s clearly not good so whats the point in having a player who covers every part of the pitch but when he gets there he''s crap.
  5. but when will worthy.    I have been going on about this since the early days of last season that playing with holt is like starting every match with 10 men and 1 loose headless chicken.    I hate getting on players backs from my NCFC but it really does get to me, how has holt ever played so many games for us He can''t pass, he can''t tackle, his control is average - poor, he never wants the ball (as soon as he gets it he gets rid of it, half the time to the opposition) and he doesn''t score so why is he there.    If anyone can put together a genuine reason why he gets in the team ahead of saffri or mulryne i''ll be amazed.    Come on worthy give us a chance of staying up, drop holt NOW and start the next game with 11 players for a change (it may just work ) P.S. we can''t even think of getting rid of worthy so don''t even start discussing it.
  6.     I''m not suggesting for one second that we could even think about getting reid (it won''t happen as we can''t afford him). But if we did it would be such a shame to have to drop francis wouldn''t it.       Why francis? I hear you all ask       Simple, it wouldn''t be holt would it he''d still be playing if we had Beckham Lampard and even Gerrard here.
  7.    I''m sorry but yet again there are people here who are saying how well holt played. Did you actually watch him? He made possibly 3 tackles throughout the game he must have given the ball away 3 times that number do the maths.    How could anyone pick holt over saffri or mullers in fact, It''s about time you stopped seeing holt for his supposed reputation as a tough tackling midfielder (has he been booked this season)    Sometimes i think some of you lot are ipswich fans trying to wind us up. Next time you watch norwich play actually watch holt he doesn''t contribute any where near enough to the team. I agree that he covers every blade of grass probably 2 or 3 times over (highly comendable) but if your crap when you get there whats the point.    Harry Redknapp (is''nt he a football manager) pointed out our problems very well saying that with the system we play holt has or should have the space to take the game by the scruff of it''s neck and spray balls all over the park (holt actually does do this just to the opposition) and that saffri is the man for that role exactly what i have been saying all season. Drop holt now and give us a chance worthy. P.S. leave mackenzie alone he''ll come good P.P.S Leave francis alone he IS good
  8. hux out left is his best position well done worthy. hux gets more space out left which should give the strikers more chances (do you actually go to watch norwich play). He started with doc up front as he''s the most experienced "striker" fit if leon was fit it would have been him. I would like to have seen jarvis given a game as he look like a very good prospect to me. But thank god worthy has seen the light and finally taken holt of, for saffri That was our best side out there apart from charlton and leon both of whom are injured so lay of worthy stop your moaning and get on with "supporting" your team. come on you yellows
  9. Yes I have to say that in the first half we were poor, but does it really help the team when there own fans are groaning about a pass or two that go astray.    Everyone''s saying how poor helveg was and yes I agree he was but can''t you see or understand what he is trying to do with his passes he has vision and ambition with his passes but when the fans get on his back it doubles the difficulty of what he''s trying to do. It gets to the point where no-one will want the ball through fear of making a mistake. So come on all you moaners stop getting on there backs (we knew it''d be tough up here) and get behind the team as we know we can. The 2nd half the team and fans were superb I know one rubs of the other, so why don''t we gee them up 1st sometimes instead of them having to outplay which ever premiership side of the park before we get behind them. Come on you yellows Enjoy the prem
  10. I agree completely, I have always said on this site that the best place for us to have hux is on the left with mackenzie and svenson up front and i too would drop holt. Yes he had his best game for a long time yesterday but most of the time we carry him a team of 10 men in fact. How must saffri be feeling with his excellent range of passing and tackling completely gutted i imagine. Green Eddy Charlton Flem Drury Jonson Saffri Francis Hux Sven Mackenzie This is the best team we have available with lots of options for the bench P.S. don''t you think eddy was superb yesterday.
  11.    I don''t know about you lot but I''m very proud of what we''ve achieved in the prem, ok we haven''t won a game yet but so what. we knew we''d be in for a tough time when we got promoted so just enjoy it while it lasts.    Whatever happens we know that NCFC are doing their very best to be successful so have faith and keep up the great atmosphere at our games. We will stay up
  12. Why would we want to buy Bent, when come the end of the season and the binners miss out on promotion (again) we can have him for next to nothing as you won''t be able to afford to keep him. lol
  13.    How many time through-out matches do I think this to myself. I honestly believe damien francis would be a world class midfield player (worth god knows how much)if only he could shoot. The movement he has, the forward threat that he is and his all round play is great, but he can''t shoot. He get in scoring positions all the time it''s just a shame he can''t finish.    So please damo work a bit harder in training on your finishing and you''ll be one of our best players ever (up there with hux) and you''ll reap the rewards as will NCFC.
  14. I actaully have one of mackenzie,s shirts that he wore for a match signed by all the players. guess the name on the back
  15. I''m sorry but you obviously haven''t got a clue, yes gary holt had a slightly improved game today, and yes that was a great shot but the fact of the matter is one good shot in a game doesn''t make it a blinder he did nothing else. Are you blind to the fact that he is never available to pass to, the fact that when he''s got the ball he can''t pass,when he is available to pass to (rarely) his team mates don''t bother with it because there''s no point as he''ll lose it straight away, he doesn''t tackle, all he does is run around the pitch alot. Where did the myth come from that he''s a work horse. It''s the fact that he runs everywhere.   I don''t like slating our own players but it is getting me down all I can see when iI''m watching my beloved city is him doing nothing or running like a headless chicken all over the place.    How must saffri, mullers be feeling when the man with the least amount of ability at the club is keeping them both out. I for one feel gutted for both of them.    How this man has played every single premiership minute for us is beyond comprehension I thought this was the best game this season, by the way. Rant over come on you yellows
  16. I''m sorry to mention this but they have you know Let me explain how they must have; 1 They stated that we are trying to bring in a striker before the end of the transfer window. 2 The playing budget is overspent. End of story one of these statements therefor must be a lie.
  17. i pretty much agree with just about everything you''ve said here well done.    My biggest gripe this season is that no matter who we play, what the score is, which formation, the team is built around 1 player Gary Holt. He will not take him off. WHY?    How is it that this average workhorse who can''t pass, tackle hold the ball or shoot have played every minute in the premiership so far.    I can''t get my head around it.  i have found that since the early part of last season, when everyone was raving about how good he was i have taken to watching him throughout every game, like player cam on sky and it is getting me down he is useless trust me i should know after seeing what he actually does during a game. It''s quite incredible how he convinces nige that he''s the main man in midfield Oh jesus.    This is his game; He runs up the pitch, marks an open space but with a man between him and the ball so he can''t be passed to. Then he runs down the pitch doing the same occasionally if the other team are about to cross he might throw himself in front of the ball blocking the cross. This is the most useful part of his game and as far as i can work out the only reason why he''s on the pitch (also to spoil my game i think). If we had a better line up in midfield we would hold the ball better, create more chances and have less defending to do as a result so Holt occasional blocks wouldn''t be needed so often So come on worthy drop him and play a much stronger midfield please, mine would be, depending on whether you play hux up front or not; Englands no1 eddie flem charlton drury bentley francis saffri hux  mackenzie doc bench; ward helveg mcviegh jonson svenson
  18. I agree with this pretty much but if we must play with this formation this is the team we need it''s a gauranteed winner at home trust me      englands no1 eddie flem charlton drury           saffri   francis         bentley            hux    mackenzie   doc subs: ward helveg jonson mcviegh holt hux needs a freeish role to attack teams with the ball at his feet from a deep position but at the moment when he does do this there''s no support in the box. I''m not a holt fan at all (apart from his running and effort) he is always in no mans land and never an available option to pass to, not that they pass to him anyway. It spoils my games enjoyment because I can''t take my eyes of him, I''m finding more and more that he is only there to throw his body in front of the ball and that apart, the rest of the team are carrying him. Has anyone else noticed this or am I really too harsh on him. Please worthy drop holt just for one game at least so that I can get back to watching norwich play football again ppppppppllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee p.s. didn''t jonson look a lot more lively when he came on.Lots of pace
  19. hi anderz good to see someone else has the same opinion as me we could use it as a x-mas tree formation (4-3-2-1) with doc at the tip hux left attacking mid and leon on the rightish. this is hux''s most effective position and when he goes on one of his runs he would actually have support i.e. the chance leon had at the end of spurs game.   This is without a doubt the best formation we could possibly have would possibly have bentley in, instead of holt. This was the formation when nigel threw caution to the wind at the end of last season and wow  didn''t it work and entertain.    There is no doubt in my mind that given a couple of chances leon would put one away just give him the chance please nige
  20. I personally can''t see greeno leaving norwich this season and not next season, if norwich stay up. he progressing at a very good rate here; a, He''s playing regular first team premiership football b,He''s been at norwich for how many years? c, He''s getting the international recognition he wants (and deserves) I feel depending on how we are doing next season (only if it''s premiership) he will be here for that and then once he''s an established premiership international football his next goal would be european football and that would be why he would leave. If he goes too soon he may struggle to hold down a first team place (i.e Kirkland) at say arsenal, Liverpool, lose confidence and just disappear ( where is richard wright at the moment ) all this goes out the window i suppose, if arsenal offer big money for him. I personally believe he should stay here for this season at the very least and then think about a move if he wants to, we couldn''t blame him could we.
  21. I have to say, after the teams we have played against I think we have made a fantastic start (palace result apart :ermm if we can draw against the 4th - mid table sides away from fcr and beat the other cannon fodder then we should be fine maybe even mid-table am I getting carried away here. Roll on our first win. Before yesterdays game I said 2 points from next 3 games would be a great results. So only need to draw with villa or liverpool
  22. I know it''s been going for a while now but have you lot played for norwich on this website it''s quite a good little game. Norwich are back in the premier league from today and they need your help to win something so get on there and show hux how to do it. The league runs monday - wednesday so come on all city fans help them win something
  23. [quote]Sheded, if Hux is to play for england it will probably be in the left wing position currently held by bridge. As such he would have to develop a defensive side to his gme, which as you rightly point o...[/quote] I would just like to say zipper do you actually go to the matches because if you did you would see that hux is actually an attacking left winger and not a striker. When he plays up front with his back to goal he''s totally ineffective but when he drops deeper into his natural position (LEFT WING) that is when he is at his most dangerous running at players with the ball hidden between his feet. It''s very rarely you see him on the right if ever and his game is about beating players and either shooting or laying the ball off for someone else, but as no one is as quick as hux there is rarely support for him so he has to shoot as he has no other option.Then he get lots of people saying that he needs to be more clinical in front of goal. He just needs more support, there would be less defenders for him to have to deal with. Hopefully worthy will revert back to playing 3 up front as the end of last season. 3 up front tho, means hux in a floating role i.e. left wing/attack
  24. I''m not one of these fair weather fans, who get on the backs of players if they playing badley, If they''re in yellow n'' green i''ll support them. But i''m no holt fan i''ve been watching him for a long time now since the start of last season in fact and this is his game; he run up the pitch and marks an open space, then he runs down the pitch an does the same he dives in to tackles and misses most times when he does win the ball he gives it away again he can''t pass he can''t shoot I''m really going into one here aren''t I? But i would just like to say that apart from his usual passing yesterday i thought he did quite well in the 2nd half as he made a lot of blocks (throwing himself in front of the ball) Which maybe is why he''s in the team. What i''m saying is he''ll never be the most gifted player to have pulled on a city shirt far from it in fact, (if i was manager i would be tempted to drop him) but i wonder what would we be like without him; more fluent passing football but would we be a soft touch and completely open i don''t know. But what ever happens this season i''m right behind worthy and the boys whoever they are Come on you yellows!!!
  25. Huckerby would have more chance getting in the england squad if we played him in his best position, left wing
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