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  1. Is it not obvious that the Turners will help to refinance any debt becoming due, as this is basically their everyday, bread @ butter business outside of their interest in the football club.
  2. Oh my god Ive just remembered why I also never post on this site..............................
  4. Sorry to but in ,but wouldn''t most other clubs with such a limited squad have put safri on the bench,just in case someone got injured or God forbid we lost a goal and maybe needed a bit of impetus later in the game.Unless the guy is injured surely he can put in 20 mins @ the end of the game.Also as a senior pro it must be benifcal to have him around even if this means that he must travel up to Preston on a wet tuesday night when he may well have allready booked a hair appointment or manicure which would be Soooo dificult to cancel @such short notice.Also on the subject of Dublin,Ithink,maybe,that he too was Knackered after sat but told Grant that he would give him maybe 30 mins to steady the ship  and then come off allowing the donkey to take over after the initial Preston onslaught had been repelled.To my untrained eyes the guy didn''t look crocked when he came off.Finally i have allways found the Unibond league to be of a really good standard so maybe this Smudger chap may know a thing or two about football after all.Then again maybe not.
  5. To Saint Canary a little story about Alan Smith.Last year I went to the England v Wales game @ Old Trafford.I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row right in the corner next to the corner flag .Alan Smith was a sub for the match and was warming up next to the corner flag in the first half.As he was doing his stretches etc someone behind me in the crowd must have shouted something that upset him.However instead of ignoring the abuse he susequently threatened to F...king kill the supported not once but @ least 2 or three times,incidently in front of the police,stewards AND LOADS OF KIDS INCLUDING MINE.To say i was shocked was an understatement but the Bill,Stewards,and even the bloody FA, didnt want to know, which in my opinion really sucks.So the moral of the tale is that THUGS ,like Alan Smith  Really do deserve all the abuse they get. 
  6. I often go to watch my local non leauge team in the NPL first division and I am always amazed at the level of dedication,commitment and hard work these lads on virtually no money put in week after week.Often they play two matches a week with at least one away from home,do a day job,train and run their lives without the help of a nanny,private school and domestic help that our pampered stars take for granted.So how can the likes of Mr Huckerby et.al claim that that the  life of  a pro footballer is just so demanding that they never feel fully fit when they step onto the turf in front of their 25000 adouring fans.Perhaps our star players should get up at 6am for 5 days and labour on a building site, for crap wages, then they might realise just how fortunate they are. 
  7. You are of course correct to note that Aston ran up the right hand side of the stand,next to where I was sitting.I  put my mistake down to the previouly mentioned pre match lagers and to the effects of a raucous Saw Doctors gig in Liverpool on Friday night.
  8. On a slightly ligher note,I Was at the Crewe game on Saturday,sitting virtually on my own on the far left of the away stand,in the front row.Soon after we had gone 1.0 down Dean Aston chased a ball out of play at great speed and proceeded to thunder through the gap in the A boards and up the steps next to where I was sitting.Without  thinking I put out my  spindaly arm to stop the great man,which I somehow managed to do without injury to either myself or our star striker.However as we were losing and I had, imbibed a couple of jugs of ale ,I bravely told Dean that in my opinion I would be of more use to the team as a centre foward than him.Much to my amazement  ,as he sprinted past me back on to the pitch he nodded in agreement with me.I was especially surprised at this reacion as i am only 5 foot five in height and nearly as wide.Obviously in the light of this incident I have written to Mr Worthington to offer my services free of charge as a new centre foward.I have however made my offer conditional on Andy Hughes not being on the right wing during any of my future appearances and also that I can continue to drink my customary five pints of stella prior to the game.As a P.S. in my letter to the manager I have also suggested that Mr Hughes should be made a cheif cheerleader, as whenever I  manage get to watch a game I always award him a straight 10 out of 10 for his crowd clapping performances.     
  9. I''m sure my post before i went on the school run looked nothing like this.Moderators dount you understand that being like Golum is not offensive,its just that Golum changed and turned against the things he once loved.A  Fair analogy of the wizard poster i think.
  10. Look Mr Wiz,I will say it again;if you support your club through the bad times as well as the good just maybe the good times will be that much better for you.As i travel to Crewe on saturday hoping as usual for if not a win but even a good performance,I will think of you listening to the radio wishing for a home win.
  11. Ok so i am no expert on footy management, but where were you people who criticise worthingtons every move e.g "we have always defended too deeply"when we won the league or got to Cardiff.I think you  may just have been saying "Jolly well done Nigel,you''ve done a great job".I know every dog has his day etc ,but surely most of our current problems stem from the useless form/commitment of the likes of Huckerby,Brennan,Green and  your beloved Aston.If these lads deceided to play up to their potential ,at least some of the time ,we may once again occasionally win a couple of games in a row ,regardless of Worthingtons so called bad management. 
  12. Im going to Derby from North Wales with some trepidation on Saturday.After last weeks no show from the team in the first 10 mins against a very ordinary Coventry midfield I fear we may be over run in the early stages by the quality of Johnson and especially Idiakez.If we can keep it tight in the first 20 mins and not give away the ball so often in dangerous postions which we seem to do frequently away from home(Has anyone else noticed the look of panic on Drurys face when he recieves the ball in space in the oppostions half)we may get lucky and scrape a result.I think for us Robinson may hold the key, as he doesnt  seem to treat the ball like a red hot potato, which needs to be despached as far away as possible  as soon as when it arrives  within  10 feet of him. Also it would help if Aston actually got into the box occasionally rather than trying to score wonder goals from 20, 30 or 40 yards away.P.S.I also think that this Wiz bloke may be a closet blue boy.  
  13. Wiz:Dount you understand that the 3000 fans who went to Coventry might have gone just to have a good time,support their club,take part in the drama of the day and show that they are proud to be part of IT, during the bad times as well as the good.For me when fleming popped up and scored with 3 mins to go even though it was only against Coventry felt just as good as the goal we scored at Old Trafford last year.Face it mate we are never going to be the best or the worst.Why not try to enjoy the difficult times as well as the good because after all we support Norwich and lets face it we have had plenty of lean times in the past as well as the glorious promotions and numerous near misses.Why not lighten up a bit and just enjoy supporting the club you so clearly love through the good and the bad times.
  14. If Huckerby, Green and Aston leave in January we might be a damn sight better off on todays performance.
  15. Shackell off; so what.Did none of you guys notice his inept display against the big centre foward @ Stoke.He was outclassed by a donkey.
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