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  1. You finally signed him , Ive watched him since we first signed him, Tell u wot - u got a great addition to ya squad,. Ignore all these arsehole socalled spurs fans who slag him off, I have a lot of time for the Doc and know if the BOO boys had''nt got on his back after his Injury, He would be a first choice defender for spurs. I hope he does the business for u , and I hope u stay up (especially if the palarse go down) GOOD LUCK to Norwich and THE ginger one................FAREWELL
  2. Hi Just came on your board to see the reaction to "The Ginger Pele" Joining your team. Got to say I find some of you are being really unfair to the fella (I thought we were fickle) You are getting a player who will give absolutely everything to the cause, A defender with great positional sense, great in the air although not the quickest his passing is fairly good. Before his broken leg and before the boo boys got on his back , he really was a cracking player (not as a striker though) . I really hope u lot dont get on his back , give the lad a chance and I''m certain you have got an excellent adittion to your squad, I for one am sorry it didnt work out for him at Spurs, but wish him all the best at Norwich , and hope he can help keep you up........ Good luck Canaries for the season.................John
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