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  1. I support Norwich. I''m from Suffolk. Just like many others are..,stop insulting us.
  2. Your Norfolk media with offices in Lowestoft and Beccles - Archant Norfolk covers North Suffolk. The Norfolk local press have no problem with Suffolk people, why do you? The Ipswich press has a problem with Norwich. Just like the Norwich press did with Ipswich. Don''t you get it?
  3. Okay, it isn''t the event it once was. But that is mainly due to the fact that there was very little live football on tv in the past and so a live game was a huge event. Squads were smaller too, so squad rotation didn''t happen as much. I think it is still valued, it''s just the press and the public at large (no offence to you Gunny''s Hairline) that keep banging on about it being devalued that makes everyone believe it is. I think those at Wembley didn''t think that on Saturday, even if it was at 5.15!!
  4. Whenever we win the toss at the moment, we choose to attack the Barclay second half. You can tell who wins the toss by seeing who kicks off in the first half - if the away team kick off first, then we won the toss and we choose which end to attack. We will then kick off in the second half. I believe this is a Lambert tactic, as he has often commented on the vocal encouragement the team gets in the second half at away matches when we are kicking towards them, and thus by kicking towards the Barclay in the second half recreates this atmosphere. Doing this also massively discourages the away team at Carrow Road too, as they''re then not kicking towards their own supporters in the second half, and thus not getting that extra bit of encouragement they may need at the end of the game.  
  5. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Right from the off we were slower in all aspects of the game and had an additional problem of defending facing a low sun.....we must have LOST the toss to do this?! Southampton are chasing a play off place, when we were chasing we played better than now we are top and switching off.[/quote] As we kicked off in the first half, we lost the toss and thus Southampton decided to make us defend the Barclay in the first half so that the sun was shining in our eyes.
  6. There are some people in Norfolk who are so small minded and naive! That''s why Norfolk gets viewed as backward by others around the country. Just because you''re from Suffolk doesn''t mean you can''t support City, and anyone who thinks that Suffolk people simply support Ipswich are very narrow minded. The football team is NORWICH CITY not NORFOLK COUNTY and much of North Suffolk is closer to the CITY OF NORWICH than the TOWN OF IPSWICH. 
  7. If you have sky plus, do slow motion of the incident and you will see the ball is diverted when their player touches it, not Doc. Obviously how this could be seen in real time I have no idea, but unfortunately the ref got it right! I just think, because of past history, too much was being made of the ref''s performance and not enough of our inadequacies.
  8. How many times do Norwich supporters slag off other teams managers / supporters when they blame the ref for them losing. And now every Norwich supporter is doing the same thing! We lost yesterday because we were not good enough. Everyone blaming the ref for us losing need to really have a look at the real reason for us losing, Bristol were better than us, we do not have enough up front, defence not up to scratch. Yes the boys tried in the second half but were not good enough to break Bristol down. It''s too easy to blame the ref. Doc didn''t get the ball, they''re player touched the ball to make it change direction, then Doc brought thr player down. Thus a penalty and a sending off. Drury''s should have been a penalty but how many times have similar situations not been given as penalties? Happens all the time... Instead of singing songs about the ref being a **** we could have been giving a bit more vocal encouragement to the team... I left the ground yesterday thoroughly annoyed with our performance, fearing relegation, and I can''t believe everyone else was more annoyed with the ref''s performance!  
  9. That area of London was once part of the old county of Kent, hence many people from Kent support Charlton.
  10. What a load of tosh! City to win, put on a good show for us to remember during the summer! Who cares who goes down.....
  11. People from Norfolk are so flipping ignorant and naive when it comes to this - it''s not Norfolk County FC, it''s Norwich City FC and if people in the parts of Suffolk that are closer to Norwich  than Ipswich want to support Norwich City then show some respect and stop calling everyone from Suffolk SCUM. Lowestoft is more local to Norwich than Kings Lynn in any case. There are loads of City supporters in north Suffolk. In any case, loads of Ipswich fans are from Essex, and quite a few from places like Diss!
  12. Watching those goals again gave me goose pimples - what a night that was! Something I doubt we''ll ever witness again.
  13. I always ask that question. In the second half towards the end of last nights game we needed to score and should have been attacking big time. Where was the encouragement from the River End? Nowhere, and the place was like a morgue. The Scunthorpe supporters like all the away teams give it loads in the second half and how many times have we conceded in the second half to lose a game? More goals are scored at the River End because generally more goals are scored in the second half of games. However we play into the oppositions hands when we let them attack their supporters, and thus they get more encouragement, and we attack the quiet end. Also, the fact that we make noise in The Barclay as well as the opposition fans genarates a larger noise at the Barclay end overall - all the opposition players hear is the noise from both sets of fans which encourages them even more. It''s plain daft if you ask me!    
  14. I''m originally from North Suffolk and City have always been my team along with many others I know from that area. It always winds me up when people refer to the enemy from south of the Waveney - there are many supporters of the yellow and green south of the border, along with many Town (sounds weedy compared with CITY!) fans north of the border in places like Diss and Thetford. It''s the City of Norwich we have the affinity with, and hence the football team, as Norwich is closer to North Suffolk than Ipswich. 
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