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  1. Surely premature relegation is better than premature elation, as being suffered by the Binners at the moment?!!
  2. Ha! Ha! ncfc4prem!!!  Peter, I don''t mean the away fans party, but the actual Player of the Season awards dinner, which I think is held at Carrow Road just after the season end. So, does anyone out there know anything more or can I look forward to some more joke replies?!!!
  3. Please folks, does anyone have any idea when this event is and how you go about getting tickets for it?  (Is it sold out yet?)  I feel quite confident that there won''t be an absolutely massive waiting list like there was last season, but it''s as well to get in early I suppose! Thanks in anticipation of any help/advice.
  4. This does rather make a nonsense out of Mark Hughes'' latest comments about Worthy, doesn''t it?  They''re bottom of the fair play league because they ARE a damned physical side not for any other reason.  Come on boys - stand up to them like we did to Bolton and we can get something from the gam,e as well as ram a few words down a certain throat!!!
  5. I reckon your wife must be a true saint to put up with you, by the sounds of it!  From what you say she''s even more of an addict than you are, and that deserves some respect!!!  Why don''t you try kicking the cat, or finding a boring woman who can''t care less about the footy?  (Only kidding!)
  6. On the subject of money, I''ve been told today by a colleague''s husband that their neighbour''s son (who is a London-based reporter) phoned yesterday to say that Norwich have bid £2 250 000 for Jason Euell within the past two days.  I have no idea if this is true, but my colleague would not have told me for a wind-up!  Perhaps there is a bit more in the kitty than we have been led to believe?!  Hope springs eternal!
  7. He''s not going to play at Saturday''s level every week, but he is showing improvement with every game and has the potential to be a really, really good player.  It is clear from what he says that he is learning one hell of a lot here and is enjoying the whole experience....so why not keep him if we possibly can?  Although it''s not likely that he would stay if we are relegated, a season in the fizzy wouldn''t harm him overall either, even though Wenger won''t see it that way.  I''m certainly a fan though, and a much bigger one now I''ve seen how devastating he can be.  (I hope some of these positive comments can somehow find their way to him as they wouldsurely help him feel even more at home!!!) 
  8. Palace used just these tactics and it worked beautifully for them  You''re right, it wasn''t pretty, but 0-1 certainly justified it!
  9. I sincerely hope Peter that you are not suggesting that Susie is obsessed with manly things like hair!!!!!! 
  10. Archie, the website is rivals.net - hope that helps.  (Just select the team you want to look at once in, then their messageboard).
  11. I''m afraid I was the one who shopped Niall Hickman in the Express!  I couldn''t believe his ignorance...and twice in one small piece!  I think the tosserleague is a great idea and I expect to be finding plenty more contributions in the coming weeks and months.  Keep up the good work guys!
  12. What Susie meant is that the bit in the Bird''s Eye View article wouldn''t solve the ''did he, didn''t he?'' conundrum, not that video footage wouldn''t solve it.  Hope that clears it up!
  13. Why are you named after a sausage, el chorizo? On second thoughts, you''d better not answer that as too much information might upset us delicate souls on here!!!
  14. Isn''t there a guy who has something to do with the Binners that does that?
  15. Agree blacko! Surely he has an Equity card! (Did anyone else think he looked like Damon Hill?)
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