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  1. I went over on the offchance in the Lg1 season and sat in with the home fans without colours.

    Wouldn''t say it was one of my favourite experiences. In fact I probably preferred sitting in the home section of the old den, but then again I did get to see us win at Millwall I suppose.
  2. KeelansGlove

    Malky issues

    You think there would be any solicitors that would worry Tan ?
  3. KeelansGlove

    Malky issues

    If you were being pursued by a madman who had lots of money and wanted to get you at any cost I think you might well apologise in such a grovelling fashion even if you had done nothing wrong.
  4. KeelansGlove

    Malky issues

    Firstly I certainly do not condone Racism , Sexism or Homophobia in any way but this seems a serious stich up in so many ways.

    Tan has paid someone to trawl through "70,000 texts and 100,000 emails" and this is what he has come up with ? these are personal correspondences and not public outbursts Stupid and pathetic but still, If Malky was a Racist or Homophobe would there not be a significantly higher incidence ?

    To me it appears to be about 1 thing only Money. Tan is responsible for setting up the structure at Cardiff and I do not believe the manager is free to write out cheques. The CEO is surely responsible or overseeing all dealings but still the finger is pointed at the Manager ?

    Seems like a textbook case of a "Witch Hunt" to me
  5. KeelansGlove

    Creativity and Attacking Midfielder No10

    Even more reason to address this position now. Would suggest a primary factor in relegation, unable to link midfield with attack.
  6. KeelansGlove

    Creativity and Attacking Midfielder No10

    Think we might be more likely to see Lafferty in that formation than Grabban but cant deny that looks a pretty strong line up but why did Hughton never play Redmond in there ?
  7. KeelansGlove

    Creativity and Attacking Midfielder No10

    But wouldn''t it be great to get a player to give us the flexibility and not have to start from scratch if we are promoted ?
  8. KeelansGlove

    Creativity and Attacking Midfielder No10

    I don''t disagree but I think we need the option and getting someone who could also be creative out wide would mean we could accommodate in various formations.
  9. KeelansGlove

    Creativity and Attacking Midfielder No10

    Ok so im going to mention this again.

    We have needed this player for 2 years and generally at no point has this been addressed.

    There was rumours that Bennett and Redmond could play this role but we never really saw it, Certainly Fer was the closest thing we had but much better as a box to box player (if we are lucky enough to still have him next season) Similarly Howson offers little when he gets in and around the box. Wes is yesterdays man and doesn''t offer enough. You need 2 out of 3 Assists , Goals and Tackles Wes no longer does that.

    I think we need a player that can play anywhere across midfield and in the hole and we should spend whatever money we have in getting a good one that could cut it in the Premier League.

    Having this player would allow us to vary the formation whilst keeping both forward momentum and goal threat I hope to never again witness a season like the last one.

    I expect us to play 4-4-2 much more in the championship but having a player to replace Snodgrass in 4-4-2 or keep us looking like an attacking force in 4-5-1 or 4--3-3 is vital.
  10. KeelansGlove

    Olsson to WBA?

    Player of the season for me last year. Hope we can keep him.
  11. Its such a good deal I think they should have an open top bus parade with the sack of cash.

    I''d drive him there myself for less.

    Hopefully we will get that attacking midfielder now and go forward with pace and quality.

    If only Snodgrass was half as good as he thought he was.
  12. KeelansGlove

    Ricky van Ronaldowinkel

    I completely agree, give him a chance and remain positive. If it doesn''t happen for him with decent support and at a lower level then we can all move on.
  13. KeelansGlove

    Snoddy to leave tomorrow?

    Am I the only one that thinks not selling him would be the kiss of death to potential promotion ?

    Still can''t get over him being voted player of the season, I wouldn''t want him in our championship team.

    Not sure I would let him clean my windows.
  14. KeelansGlove

    Snodgrass on move ?

    Off Arm Snap Their

    Rearrange to make a sentence.

    Seriously over rated.
  15. KeelansGlove

    The missing striker

    Agree with Mrs Miggins, would be surprised if we were in for another striker unless both Hooper and RVW were leaving shortly.
  16. KeelansGlove

    Waiting for No10

    It really depends how flexible the midfielders are in terms of approach and indeed if you have a target man but you could have played any configuration of the team that Hughts build and it would have been a disjointed mess.

  17. KeelansGlove

    We will sell ALL OF our best players!

    I''d Hope we either keep him around till January or loan him out for the season.

    Give him a real chance to show what he''s about given a bit of service.
  18. KeelansGlove

    Wes's replacement already here?

    I still find it odd that when signed it was said that Redmond could play in behind a striker then at no point including friendlies did Hughton ever play him there.
  19. KeelansGlove

    Waiting for No10

    Ok you got the hang of it, now consider players of the same type in our potential price range.
  20. KeelansGlove

    The positives....

    Might not have to watch Snodgrass fall over any more ?
  21. KeelansGlove

    Keep One Player

    I really continue to be baffled by the hype over Snodgrass, I would suggest he is one of the most overrated players ever to wear yellow & Green and personally think unless we get rid of him we will not be challenging in the Championship next season. If only he were half as good as he thinks he is.

    Can''t fault his 100% effort but every attack stagnates when he gets the ball.

    Ruddy and Olsson by far the best of a bad bunch this year but irreplaceable ?

    Hooper and Fer could have enough quality to make a big difference at Championship level but the squad is fairly healthy with the addition of the youngsters coming through we should be able to put together a reasonable team from those that remain.

    We just need to ensure we have enough creativity and attack with more pace and purpose next season. New number 10 and we are ready.
  22. KeelansGlove

    Waiting for No10

    So 2 seasons on and we never did buy the player we needed to make 4-5-1 a realistic option.

    At no point since the arrival and departure of Hughton have Norwich City looked like a team.

    I don''t care what anyone says Fer , Wes , Snodgrass , Bennett or Redmond are not that player.

    We need a player that can play anywhere across midfield who can pass and has an eye for goal, joining the attack and getting into the box at every opportunity.

    Shift Fer , Bassong , Snodgrass and any others that don''t want to be here and with this one decent acquisition and a manager with the will to get forward we could be transformed. He could play wide when we chose to go 4-4-2 and slot in behind a striker for 4-3-3 or 4-5-1.

    But who is he ?

  23. KeelansGlove

    We will sell ALL OF our best players!

    Seriously ? none of our "high profile" players covered themselves in glory last season.

    Only Olsson and Ruddy would be a big miss. Can''t see a big queue forming to pay a decent price on any of the others.
  24. KeelansGlove

    Ruddy OFFERED to Arsenal?

    The loss of Snodgrass would make my day as long as we covered what he cost. Our midfield let us down seriously in terms of chances created for any of the strikers and as he had the ball more than any other player on the pitch Snodgrass was a major culprit. We attacked much more fluidly against Man City at home without him.

    Can''t fault his 100% effort but hope him and Wes are gone and we have invested in a quality attacking midfielder who can play anywhere across the middle who can pass and shoot before next season. Then we may even have a team.
  25. KeelansGlove

    Ruddy OFFERED to Arsenal?

    Compared to other players the transfer of keepers is a completely different scenario.

    Ruddy could have gone last summer , to Chelsea I seem to remember but would have effectively been 3rd choice as the 2nd choice was too good to be sitting on the bench.

    I would suggest Ruddy is only likely to go to a top 8 club where he has an imminent chance of being NO1 (unless the club actively wanted to sell him for the cash) otherwise he might as well stay with us. Doesn''t need the cash and happy in Norwich.

    Alternatively a top 8 club could buy him and loan him back to us until needed, something like stoke did with Butland I seem to remember.