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  1. See the below link.....   http://www.wiganer.net/news/loadnews.asp?cid=TMNW&id=288855
  2. I think you can forget this one. Super Lee has agreed a new deal in principal with Wigan and expects to sign his new contract next week.  
  3. Utd signed him from Lyn Oslo, and a fee was agreed. However I think the way the deal has worked is that Chelsea have paid the fee that Utd were going to pay to Lyn and they have paid Man Utd £12 mill for taking over his contact.
  4. Ok, so we are not a big club. We have only been in the league for the past 20 years or so. We sold Ellington for 3 million so that reduced the amount of money we spent. It really makes no difference attacking Wigan for having someone bankroll them. Delia has done that for Norwich on a number of occasions, paying for transfers and wages. It''s just that Mr Whelan has more money than her. I am sure if she had a bit more money then she would be doing more for Norwich in the transfer market. I still maintain the difference in us staying up and Norwich going down is the manager !!!!
  5. [quote user="Trent Canary"]Wiganer - Whats the story with Jason Roberts? Is his pay offer really that bad? Or is he just trying to jump ship like Jimmy and Pascal?[/quote] Although Wigan as a club has money, they try and run a fairly tight wage structure. I think many of these palyers will get bigger wages elsewhere. I have to admit it is a bit worrying however I do trust PJ to bring in some good replacements. As long as we try and stop the rubbish one''s coming like Francis....  
  6. Wigan did spend a reasonable amount of money however the players you have quoted above were either loan players or on free transfers. The only players we spent a lot of money on were Conolly (waste of money), Camara and Francis (complete waste of money). In total, I don''t think we actually spent that much more  then Norwich did when they got promoted. Jewell had some good existing players and bought a couple of cheap players who came good, such as Chimbonda. I think the real difference is the manager.
  7. Jimmy is a london boy and as such I think he wants to head south again..... He has been excellent for us this season, but in the invervew with PJ yesterday he said that he thought Jimmy would have stayed if Wigan would match the wages Fulham were offering. PJ quite rightly said he would not be held to ramsom so Jimmy is off to Fulham. To me it seems like he has gone for the cash, similar to Ellington last year who is now about to be relegated with West Brom. I do have to ask how much agents play in all this putting things into players heads about how they could do better elsewhere. Lets just hope that your ex player Damian Francis follows him out the door this summer.
  8. Why do you all go on all the time about our support! Considering where we have come from in last 20 years and all the other clubs in our area then we are doing ok. Year on year our gates are going up and a sustained period in the top flight will help. Neil Mellor scored yesterday and helped set up two goals. He did more in 1 game than Ashton has done all season. I am happy with Paul Jewell''s decisions in the main and Ashton would have brought nothing to our squad as he is half the player that Jason Roberts is.
  9. You have no chance of getting either Wright or Taylor. Taylor has a broken foot so it out for most of the rest of the season. Plus Paul Jewell would not sell him. Due to the above injury, Jewell will keep Wright as cover.
  10. [quote user="Konstantin Pobedonostsev"]West ham are a bigger club than Norwich City. That is an indisputable fact based on history recent and long term. Come on .. the move was an inevitable consequence of relegation at least he is not at Wigan, Birmingham or West Brom. Deano deserves Premiership football and we should be delighted he stayed over the summer. What''s important is to make sure this money is spent properly. Earnshaw???[/quote] Thank god he isn''t at Wigan. Paul Jewell had the sense to realise he wasn''t worth that much money! The only reason Ashton has gone to West Ham is because that''s the only club prepared to pay ''silly'' money for him. No other premiership clubs wanted him at that price.
  11. To be honest not sure what is going on with Francis. Since the start of the season we have changed personnel in midfield. At the start of the season he was first choice but Bullard was being played out of position on the right. Since then Bullard has been moved to the centre along side Kavanagh with Teale on the right. I do think that Paul Jewell does not seem overly impressed. He did say he was going to put him on last night when we lost McCulloch and Conolley to injury but chose to put on our new player (Sharner) instead. I know the fans are not overly impressed either. He has scored one goal this season but that was early on. His form has certainly dipped from earlier in the season. You will be happy to know that my other half who is a Norwich fan still boo''s him when we go to a Wigan match.    
  12. I have tried to ask this question in another post so thought I would post it as a topic. Seriously what team do the Norwich fans think would buy Ashton? None of the ''big'' teams will as they don''t need strikers. Some of the teams that have been spoken about clearly won''t be in for him. Birmingham have got Sutton, Man City according to reports only have about 5 million to spend, Portsmouth have been linked with other strikers. I am genuinely interested in who you think might buy him. Thanks  
  13. [quote user="charlies dad"]Lets hope every outsider was watching Ashton and is only judging him on one bad game. Unfortunately most observers will know that he is the real deal. It will really rankle if Ashton goes to a ''little'' premier club, as opposed to a ''proper'' one.  [/quote] I take it you are referring to Wigan by the ''little'' reference. I will agree that we have no premiership pedigree being that this season is the first time we have ever been in the premiership. However in my opinion we have made a real good start to becoming in your opinion a ''proper'' permiership club. Having already achieved 34 points with only half the season gone. I have actually seen Ashton a number of times and not only once. I have never been impressed however I have to admit he seems to have gone backwards as a player over this season. Hence the reason for my question. If anyone from the premiership either ''little'' or ''proper'' were watching him then I don''t think they will have been impressed. It was a real question about who might buy him, especially at the money you seem to think you will get for him.
  14. A serious question for you all here. Everyone keeps saying that Ashton is going to be snapped up by someone. But seriously who do you think would buy him? I was at the match on Monday and saw him play and he was awful. He can''t hold the ball up and does not take on defenders at all.  
  15. The reason Jewell has come back with interest is because he must have thought the price would be cheaper. Ashton has hardley set the world alight this season!!! Paul Jewell is no fool and he certainly won''t be paying over the odds for players he feels is not worth the price tag. We easily have the money to buy him so it''s just a case of Norwich putting a silly price on him.
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