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  1. Firstly worthy must: Keep Hucks, Deano and Leon (These 3 will rip championship teams apart) Make sure that safri and Shackell Stay (Quality Players) We need A central Defender, right back and left back (fleming is OK as cover but we need a team for the prem. If we can get a good set of players it will set us in good stead.) Possibles (gabbidon, ward (millwall) We Need a Winger in place of Bentley (show-poney) I think jonson would be a great first choice (just need cover) We need a central midfielder along side safri (francis will be gone) Pray that greeno stays. Stay with worthy   If we have these we will walk the fizzy league.   My changes for next year.                                                        Green (ward) Edworthy(NEW )  Ward (fleming)   Shackell (doherty) Drury (charlton)   Jonson (NEW)       New(Steve Stone(HOLT??)) Safri (New)   Hucks(Brennan)                                   Mckenzie (jarvis)            Ashton (sven,crow)
  2. I have to bloody work on sunday so i will miss the match on sky. Just typical. I havent missed one match this season on either radio or tv.
  3. A point tommorow would be a good result because it would keep the 2 point gap between us and saints. Of cause 3 points would be fantastic, but i would be very happy with 1 point considering the teams run in.
  4. If Hucks Plays tommorow give him a good reception because it is his 29th Birthday.
  5. Personally i think apart from the goal when stelios could have been closed down quicker, that the defence did very well. I think deano and mckenzie gave there best. Its the midfield NO CREATIVITY, NO BALLS TO STRIKERS, NO DEFENSIVE help. Dont blame defense and strikers
  6. Our problem is not the defence. Its the midfield. Apart from francis what is there. Holt is just there to make the numbers up. Stuart was total anonymous. There is no service to the strikers. We need a Gary Speed in our team.
  7. The only possibility of staying up i feel is to: We HAVE to WIN Charlton (H), Newcastle (H), Birmingham (H) We HAVE to DRAW a few away games or get a AWAY WIN Plus other results need to go for us. i can see us beating charlton and birmingham and i think we can beat newcastle. But we really need a away win (palace or saints) which i cant really see. But you never know. We could of won at pompey so theres hope yet.
  8. Predicted us to lose 2-4 in a thriller. We can get something out of this game, we just need the "12th man" at carrow rd come 3.00pm
  9. well you get the picture that it is by no means over. Anyway why cant we get a draw at highbury. sheff utd did, so did saints. They are not exactly rock solid at the back either.
  10. With the remaining 10 games remaining: Crystal Palace have to play Man Utd (L), Chelsea (L), Middlesbourgh (D), Everton (L), Norwich (L), Blackburn (D), Liverpool (W), Newcastle (L), Southampton (D), Charlton (L). That puts their points total to 31 points Southampton have to play Spurs (D), Middlesbourgh (L), Chelsea (L), Blackburn (D), Villa (W), Bolton (L), Pompey (D), Norwich (D), Palace (D), Man Utd (L) That puts their points total to 29 points West Brom have to play Birmingham (L), Chelsea (L), Charlton (L), Everton (D), Villa (D), Blackburn (D), Spurs (L), Middlesbourgh (L), Arsenal (L), Man Utd (L), Pompey (W) That puts their points to 24 points Norwich have to play Chelsea (L), Bolton (L), Arsenal (D), Man Utd (L), Palace (D), Newcastle (W), Charlton (W), Saints (D), Birmingham (W), Fulham (D) that puts Norwich''s points on 33 points See there is still hope of a comeback. Ashton is getting better, Hucks will be back for the rest of the games. It is far from over and we still have to believe that.
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