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  1. Green : Gallacher : Ward Helveg : ???? Drury : Brennan Doherty : Fleming Shackell : Charlton Jonson : Henderson Huckerby : Mcviegh Francis : ???? Safri : Holt Ashton : ???? Mckenzie : Jarvis Although Brennan can play left mid, his best position is left back which is where he lays for Canada. Hendo Is better as a striker but can do a job for us on the wing. We need a new right back(two if Helveg leaves), a back up left mid as Mcvieghs time is up, a new attacking midfielder(two if Franny leaves), and a big striker for back upoto Deano just in case his hamstring starts playing up although Doherty did a good job of this for Ireand the other night.
  2. Its going around on the BBC606 site that an offer from charlton has been accepted, doesnt say for how much. GET IN! This guy hasnt wanted to play for us since February. Good ridnce i say.
  3. What does everyone think our starting 11 will be on the first game of next season, ill go first;WardNosworthy Thomas Shackell DruryBentley Safri Tonge HuckerbyAshton Eastwood
  4. I agree chicken. A right back, centre back, right, left and centre mids are essential. For right back i think Nosworthy would fit the bill and hes available on a free, if not Taylor of Tranmere looks like a very good prospect. At centre back Wayne Thomas has everything we are looking for, tall, young, quick and i believe he got stokes player of the year award and is also available on a free. Im cant think of to many young up and coming right mids who we could get, maybe Mitchell Cole of Grays Athwletic but tha could be a massive risk. Kris Commons of Forest would do nicely on the left side of midfield and we could get him quite cheaply as Forest have been reegated. A centre mid should be are main priority as i think Francis will go (has no desire to play for us anymore anyway), and Holty just aint good enough anymore. I have heard rumours that Michael Tonge might be on his way, not cheap but would be an exelent buy. Next seasons team; Ward Nosworthy Thomas Shackell Drury Cole Safri Tonge Commons/Hucks Ashton Hucks/Mckenzie* *if still here.
  5. Ward Marney Jagielka Shackell Drury Cole* Safri Tonge Hucks Ashton Mckenzie   Subs; Lewis, Doherty, Nosworthy, Commons, Eastwood   *Mitchell Cole, the next Joe Cole. Safri in a Makalele type role and Tonge in the role of Lampard. Hucks just doing his thing.A solid back four with the talented Dean Marney coming in on loan with Green goig the other way perminantly, you heard it here first. Ashton and Mckenzie banging them in.
  6. WardNosworthy Jagielka Shackell DruryBentley* Tonge Safri HuckerbyAshton Mckenzie*Hopefully
  7. Here is the team we I think we should be looking to get for next season;GK Darren WardDR Nyron NosworthyDL Adam DruryDC Curtis DaviesDC Jason ShackellMR ????????????ML Darren HuckerbyMC Michael TongeMC Youssef SafriST Dean AshtonST Leon MckenzieCant think of any right mids, maye Henderson as someone suggested?
  8. I see some people are mentioning players like sidwell and etherington as transfer targets for next season. Although I agree that we are now a much more attractive club than most championship teams, thats exactly what we are a chmpionship team. As soon as we have an offer accepted for these players a prem club will come with the same offer, and every player will choose prem over champ. Does anyone have any REALISTIC targtets such as freddy eastwood, curtis davies and ryan taylor. I cant thik of any centre mids we could attract, any suggestions.
  9. This is a player that we must sign, in the mould of Rio he is the perferct partner for Shackell. Was in the pfa team of the year. We must look very attractive to him in the prem or champ as he plays for luton. What do you think? If not any other centre backs you can recommend?
  10. What a player, takes on defenders, has a superb cross on him and is very physical. He has caused all sorts of problems for Sunderland and set u the first goal. Worth a look?OTBC.
  11. Is the new Malky and much more. Aberdeen centre back who is a leader. A rock solid centre back who is very quick and only 19 years of age. Could be or new braveheart me thinks. The Scottish Deono, is a very powerful srker who is great at holdding the ball up with a deadly finish on him. Been compared to Shearer and only 20. A good premiership side needs four good strikers. Matias and Leon, ifeel will be going in the summer an i feel he would be a great signing. Both could be picked up quite cheaply and wold both do a good job for us.
  12. Younge defender just been released by man u, up until today I had been hearing great things about him. Could be exacty who were looking for to partner shackell next season. what do you think.
  13. I''m fed up of people metioning players such as Jagielka and Sidwell as transfer targets, they are to expensive and even if we had an offer accepted, a premiership team would come and offer the same ammount straight away. Has anyone got any suggestions that are actually REALISTIC. For example; Ryan Taylor, a 20 year old right back at tranmere rovers. Daniel Harding, tall and quick left back, plays at under 21 lever for england, although everton have shown interest. Nathan clarke, a 21 year old centre back for huddersfield town who has got more man of the matches than his whole team put together this season. John Halls, a 23 year old strong, quick centre back at stoke. Kris Commons, a 20 year old left winger at forest who gave a great perfomance against spurs in the f.a cup. David Vaughan, 21 year old crewe right winger who is named to be the next of dario gradis graduates. I am struggling to think of any centre mids. Any suggestions......
  14. I agree that we need three new midfielders, one left and two centre''s but more importantly although I believe our current defence is goood enough for the fizzy pop league we need to get up and coming defenders who will be good enough for the premiership one day and let them gel together for the next premiership campaign. Here are my suggestions of who I feelwould be perfect signings; Nigel Reo-Coker - Attacking midfielder. Kris Commons - Attacking midfielder left. Curtis Davies - The next Rio. The Crewe centre back who is supposedly the next Martin Keown, please give me his name. A young right back. An up and coming defensive centremid. This is our possible lin up for next season; Lewis NEW Davies CreweKeown Drury Jonson NEW Reo-Cokr Commons Ashton Hucks We will walk it.
  15. I also want Worthy out. Yes I am very greatful for him for getting us here but he haslooked way out of his debth this season. Gordon Strachen is a manager I admire greatly and if Worthy goes to Man City we could get Stuart '''' Pearce.
  16. I think Curtis Davies from luton would be a great signing, also a left midfielder if Bentley returns such as Kris Commons or Matthew Etherington. Two new centre mids will be required as Francis will go and Holt and Safri(yes Safi) just cant cut it, Nigel Reo-Coker would be a good signing. If Greeny goes I hin Lee Camp should be brught as Derby are in major debt. P.s I have been hearing great things about Leroy Lita a tall, speedy striker for bristol city. Pp.s If we get Justin Hoyte I''''ll eat my hat.
  17. Out;Green - ArsenalFrancis - CharltonHelveg - Danish clubCharlton - Lower leagueFlem - Lowrer leagueDoherty - AnywhereMulryne - CelticMcviegh - CelticHolt - AnywhereSvennsson - Sweidish clubJonson - BrondbyShackell - Prem team In;Curtis Davies - LutonReo- Coker - West HamKris commons - ForestLeon Knigt - BrightonThe next Martin Keown form Crewe, please remind me of his name
  18. Just heard from a very reliable source that were signing an unknown talent who goes by the name of Jamie Younge. Could be just what were looking for. Younge, tall, strong, quick centre back who can play in loads of other positions, he even played in goal for 11SNA today. Could turn out good......
  19. My teacher told me that worthy was interested in signing micheal tonge and richard chaplow, has anyne else heard this. Personally I think tonge would be a class signing but would prefer o sign a centre-back.
  20. just heard on radio 5, that he just said that. He said if he was to go out on loan norwich would be the only club that interest him. OTBC NMTD
  21. GREENYHELVEGY DOCY FLEMY DRURYRYJONSONY FRANCISY HOLTY HUCKSYLEONY DEANYI think this is are srongest team at the mo but hopefully in 5 days you can replace Mckenzie with Bellers and the Fleminator with Dawson-(unlikely).O.T.B.C
  22. is everything and more of what we are looking for, quick, strong, younge, plus will play for england one day. if west brom can afford him so can we.
  23. On planet football dot com it says that both us and the palace are after him. Anyone else heard anything?
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