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  1. With the season less than a week away, what do people think our strongest 11 is, Ill go for;GreenColin Doherty Shackell DruryMarney Jarrett Safri HuckerbyAshton MckenzieIMO that is our best and should challenge for the title, however I am worried about the Doc, I was very pleased to hear he lost the wieght and was looking forward to being impressed by him but was dissapointed with his perfomance against Inter, although I am more than happy to give him his chance and hope he proves me wrong.If not thiers always the brilliant Ben Chorley from Mk Dons. OTBC
  2. The perfct partner for Shacks is Ben Chorley. Strong, quick, good in the air and a good organiser and at 23/24 has a great future ahead of him. Hopefully he impresses in the league cup and NW is impressed by him. Sign him up. OTBC.
  3. On a season long loan, this is great news.   Great News, more like fantastic news. Bring on the new season. This has given me much more confidence lets just hope he doesnt turn out like Bentley. Well done worthy, Get in!!!   PS. OTBC.
  4. There must be a way we can let NW know about this guy, he sound class. Come on Worthy, sign him up. OTBC.
  5. Dean Marney can play on the wing, Kris Commons of Forest although Im pretty sure hes left-footed, Derek Riordan of Hibs but he tends to cut in and shoot rather than cross, but Jan Kristiansen would be the perfect winger for us and cost less than the others. If not Hendo can cross the ball and skin a player, given a chance he could turn out to be class as he has always impressed me playing for the England u19s and he always gets stuck in.
  6. Green - 1 Colin - 1 Drury - 1 Doherty - 2 Shackell - 1 Henderson - 2 Huckerby - 1 Francis - 1 Safri - 1 Ashton - 1 Mckenzie - 1 Ward - 2 Jean - 2 Brennan - 2 Fleming - 2 Charlton - 2 Mcviegh - 2 Jarrett - 2 Hughes - 2 Thorne - 2 Jarvis - 2 1 = First Team 2 = Sqaud Player When Marney signs he will be a first team player and then we will have cover for every position, until Francis leaves that is. OTBC.
  7. Paul Mckenna, Derek Riordan, Kris Commons, Jan Kristiansen..............any of these would make me happy. A centre-mid is not our top priority even if Franny goes. We have Safri, Jarret, Hughes, Brennan, And Charlie who can all play there and when we get promoted we can buy a much better midfielder for more money. However we dont have a natural right-winger at the moment apart foem Hendo so IMO we should sort this first. Green Colin Doherty Shacks Drury Hendeo Jarrett Safri Hucks Ashton Mckenzie The week link is Hendo.
  8. Our current starting 11, IMO is stronger than the one we played against Crystal Palace on the first game of last season. The only problem in our team at the moment is the right-wing however the loan signing of Marney or even better Bentley would soon solve that. Here, IMO is our current starting 11 Green Collins Doherty Shackell Drury Henderson Francis Safri Hucks Ashton Mckenzie PS. Against Palace last season we had Helveg, Charlton and Flem in defence, all short and all well old, know we have tall solid yonge defenders. The Futures Bright, The Futures Yellow.
  9. Green Mills Doherty Shackell Drury Bentley Francis Safri Huckerby Ashton Mckenzie Subs; Ward, Sodje, Jarrett, Henderson, Thorne
  10. Someone on the BBC606 site is claiming we have just signed Jason Koumas, his sorce being insureance brooker who does sports people. Wont believe untill its official but cant help feeling excited. PLEASE let it be true.OTBC
  11. Its getting really frustating coming on these boards and turning on sky sports to see we still havnt signed anyone. Theres only 3 and a half weeks to go so Worthy, please pull your finger out.
  12. I dont understand why everyone is panacing. Most clubs on average have 22 players, 2 for each position and we have pretty much got that. Green : Ward Louis-Jean : Drury : Brennan Doherty : Fleming Shackell : Charlton Jonson : Henderson Huckerby : Mcviegh Francis : Safri : Jarrett Ashton : Thorne Mckenzie : Jarvis So, at the moment we need a new right-back and a new centre-mid, however with Jonson and Francis looking like leaving and McViegh transfer listed thats 5 new players were looking for. 5 is not that many and im sure Worthy has got deals in the pipeline as we speak, so would veryne stop panacing and be a bit more patient, there is still plenty of time.
  13. Is there a press conference before the Dereham game or was that just someone making it up?
  14. AJ, what about Safri??? IMO he is our best midfielder and would be lost without him, look at the impact made last season when Holt was dropped for him. I would much rather see this line up; Green Jean Doherty Shackell Drury Jonson Francis Safri Huckerby Ashton Mckenzie Our last term in the championship, Drury looked class and the left side never looked weak defensively. Anyway, Huckerby marked Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the Prems best wingers out the game at FCR so he can get back when he wants.
  15. I really hope both of these are true as both the signings would be a move in the right direction. Green Taylor Doherty Shackell Drury Jonson Koumas Safri Huckerby Ashton Mckenzie If NW can get Koumas''s attitude right then we would have, by far, the best team in the championship and would only be about two first team players away from a decent Premiership side, with Doherty and Jonson making way. Please let this be true.
  16. Green is still here. The best keeper in the league. Helveg has been here a year now and could be soid in the Champ. Drury is brilliant at Championship level and only got dropped from lack of cover from Huckerby. Doherty has over 20 Ireland caps and cold be qaulity at Champ level. Shackell, future captain, strong in the air and organises the defence. Jonson, if he would just take on a player......... Huckerby will run rings around defences in this league like he did when getting division one player of the season. Francis is, although some will disagree, a qaulity player but does lack concentration. Safri is a class player who was vital to are run in form at the end of last season. Who could ever forget that tackle he did on Rooney. Ashton will get 40+ goals this season. The next alan shearer who got 19 in 24 for Crewe. Mckenzie compliments Ashton perfectly showing a great partnership at the end of last season. This is a qaulity chapionship side and at the end of last season looked like a good TEAM. To say worthy will need to build a new team is rubbish as weve only lost 3 players, Edworthy who has been replaced, Holt who has been replaced and Bentley who will be replaced, I dont count Stuart as a player for the simple fact in that he was pony. This team has a very strong backbone and if players such as Greeny go, although I hope he doesnt, and Francis leave we will get a lot of money to replace and improve the sqaud for them. Green Helveg Doherty Shackell Drury Jonson Safri Francis Huckerby Ashton Mckenzie PS If Helveg leaves we should get Ryan Taylor, although he may cost a lot, about 1mill, he will be worth it in the long run as has a great futre ahead of him.
  17. Green Taylor Drury Gabbidon Shackell Kristiansen Huckerby Jarrett Safri Ashton Mckenzie I think this will be the starting 11 on the first game of next season. When we get promoted we will not have to change much, just a creative attacking midfielder(in the Danny Murphy role) and a few sqaud players to replace the oldies if there still here.
  18. Why shouldnt we be speaaking of Sheffield Utd players to help us back in the Premiership. I would much rather us sign Jagielka and Tonge rather than Stone and Clark. Green New Doherty Shackell Drury Jagielka Safri Tonge Hucks Ashton Mckenzie Green New Doherty Shackell Drury Stone Safri Clark Hucks Ashton Mckenzie Which team looks stronger to you??? Nuff said.
  19. Green 10 - is the best keeper in the league by far Gallacher 6 - is good back up but not at greenys level Ward 6 - same as gallacher Lewis 6 - is a brilliant prospect for the future Helveg 10 - at the moment is the only right back we have Drury 9 - qaulity at championship level and good at prem as well Brennan 7 - is a class player but not been given a real run in the team Doherty 8 - should be in starting 11 Fleming 5 - good back up but nothinng more Shackell 10 - pure class, and vital for our promotion campaign Charlton 6 - again good back up to have Jonson 7 - could be a 10 if he just took on some players Huckerby 10 - "skin him hucks", will run rings around the opposition Safri 10 - brilliant technically and is vital in the heart of midfield Holt 5 - back up but nothing more Francis 10 - at the moment as we have no-one else in this position but otherwise 7, sell him as has no dsire to play for us Ashton 10 - the next alan shearer and will score +30 goals Mckenzie 9 - complements ashton perfectly and plays with so much passion Jarvis 6 - not been given a proper run out and didnt do much at colchester Henderson 7 - looks qaulity for england u20''s and will be class in championship
  20. I would love to have Bentley back on loan for another season but dont think hell drop down a division and will probably go to west ham on loan anyway. Another option though could be Dean Marney of Spurs, can play at right-back, right/centre-mid or striker and has looked class when playing for Tottenham, plays with so much passion like every game is his last. Could do a job for us next season and the next WHEN we get promoted.
  21. Paul Hayes was/is a very good prospect. Scunny very much wanted to keep him but he rejected there new contract to join Barnsley as he thinks they have a good chance of promotion and ofcourse there was the more money they offered. Hayesy got 21 goals last season which is 1 more than Eastwood and Paul is only 1 year older than him, so did very much "make the grade".
  22. From what I have heard(from you), he would be a more than decent signing and for 900k would be a bargain. Two questions; 1. Is he a full Danish internation? 2. What is his stongest foot/wing?
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