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  1. GreenColin Davenport Shackell DruryMarney Hughes Safri HuckerbyAshton McVieghAlthough harsh on Jimbo this IMO is our stongest team and on form and with a little luck and good management should batter Ipswich all oer the park, in-fact any team in this division. However I cant help but think we will lose tommorrow no matter what team we put out. Getting repetitive but Worthy''s time is up and its time for a new manager and new coaching staff to come in and turn our season around before its to late. Martin Allen is the perfect man for the job........we can all dream.
  2. Never say never huck tastic, if we start climbing the table and are in the top 6 by January Davenport could extend his loan and if we get promoted why wouldnt he make it perminant, at Spurs he is behind King, Dawson, Naybet, Huddlestone so he could be interested, however thats looking a bit far ahead. Worthy is in my good books at the moment but if he drops Shackell for Davenport I will never forgive him, IMO the only option is a Davenport/Shackell centre pairing. Green Colin Davenport Shackell Drury Marney Hughes Safri Brennan Ashton McViegh From what Ive heard Watford like to play the long ball over the top for Marlon King to chase but with both Davers and Shacks at 6"4 we should be able to handle it. OTBC.
  3. What a brilliant signing. You couldnt find a better partner for Shacks. Weve gone from having two of the smallest centre-backs in the Premiership in Flem and Charlton to having two 6"4 giants in the heart of defence. Worthy, youve done it again. Green Colin Davenport Shackell Drury Marney Hughes Safri Brennan Ashton McViegh Things are looking up, IMO the defence is the best weve had in years and with Green in goal and Safri providing extra protection we should see a lot more clean sheets. Bring on the Watford. OTBC.
  4. How many of our players do you think can aut it in the prem, IMO with have over half a team that can and to be above average in the Prtem aswell. Green - England inernational and on his day is as good as any keeper in the Prem. Colin - Is improving every game and is supposedly the future Holland right-back. Drury - IMO the best left back in this league and prooved he could cut it in the Prem. Shackell - The rock in our defence, also has prooved he is good enough for Premiership level. Huckerby - Not quite sure, at going forward he most definately is but never covers. Safri - Our best player and on his return last seasom was class. Ashton - The next Alan Shearer and will get 20+ goals in the Prem. McViegh - Not given a chance but I think could be good at this level. So with all these players the team would be; Green Colin ------ Shackell Drury ------ ------ Safri Huckerby Ashton McViegh So thats 3 players we need, maybe 5 with Colin and McViegh but that is still less han half the team.
  5. Agreed Colin is looking very good.........going forward but IMO has looked a bit weak defending and if we are going to have a solid premiership defence we need a solid right back and John Halls is that man.
  6. In January he should be the first player we go for, and this time make sure we get our man. Despite what people think he is a right-back and is the best in this league. He is Solid, quick and will fight for the shirt. Would be a brilliant buy and could easily cut it in the Premiership which is where we want to be. Could be got for about 500k as has less than a year left on his contract. He is pure class and I will be major pi**ed off if we miss out on him. Green Halls Doherty Shackell Drury If we get him we are only one player short of a decent Premiership back 5, and we could just concentrate on getting in a decent centre-back in pre-season. The future is Bright, The future is Yellow.
  7. Yeah, I didnt mean that. I alwayschange my mind about whos better Doherty or Shacks and must have just had both thier names in my head, I meant; Green Colin Doherty Shackell Drury Marney Hughes Safri Brennan Ashton McViegh
  8. Is it just me or are other people worried about the return of Huckerby. Yes he is our most creative player but whuen he plays we just seem to give him the ball and expect him to do the rest, and wwith Brennan and McViegh both showing good form where will he fit in. IMO at the current time this is our strongest TEAM; Green Colin Doherty Fleming Drury Marney Hughes Safri Brennan Ashton McViegh Know, when Huckerby returns I wouldnt want hem replacing Brennan or McViegh, the only place I would put him is in to replace Marney but as we all know Hucks is much less effective on the right. We have a bit of a catch 22 situation.
  9. GreenColin Fleming Shackell DruryMarney Hughes Safri BrennanAshton McVieghBring on the Watford. OTBC.
  10. I would like to see that or any sort f new idea on saturday but I think this is the team that will be paying. Green Colin Doherty Shackell Drury Marney Hughes Safri Brennan Ashton McViegh Worthy has been given the dreaded vote of confidence so I expect there to be a few changes but the 4-4-2 will be stuck to. IMO this team is good and the best we have at the moment, Doherty and Hughes will add the much needed muscle to the team while McViegh, on form is one of the most feared men in the Championship. BRING ON THE PLYMOUTH.
  11. I would prefer that team to what we have at the moment as something has got to be done, however I would prefer to play the 4-5-1 like England did against Wales. Green Colin Doherty Shackell Drury Safri Marney Jarrett Hughes Huckerby Ashton Safri playing where Beckham did, protecting the defence and distributing balls down the wings and through the middle. I know we wont score a bundle like this but we would be solid at the back and get the odd one or two goals with Ashton, Huckeby and Marney All running at there defence.
  12. There are none really. Eddie Lewis was the only person out of contract who was worth going after and we could have got. More importantly are there any players who have less than 12 months left on thier contract, ie John Halls, we can talk to these players in January and could get some real qaulity for free. Any suggestions?
  13. There are plenty of players out there for us to get, the question is would they want to come to a club that is 2nd bottom in the championship. Gary Cahill of Villa is a tall, quick defender who done wonders in Burnleys defence last season, is available on loan as O''Leary has said. Michael Brown of Spurs is a creative goalscoring centre-mid who is proven at championship level and looked pretty good in the Prem aswell. Could get him as is behind many stars at Tottenham. IMO just getting these two in would do wonders for our sqaud, Brown being the BIG signing who would lift other players morale by joining the club and adding creativity in Midfield whilst Cahill being the long awaited Fleming replacment. Green Colin Cahill Shackell Drury Marney Brown Safri Huckerby Ashton Jarvis IMO looks much better already, then when January comes buy a striker like Eastwood or Fryatt and a winger like Commons, although a right-einger would be better,
  14. Green Helveg Fleming Shackell Drury Jonson Francis Safri Huckerby Ashton Mckenzie ------------------------------- Mckenzie Ashton Huckerby Safri Jarrett Marney Drury Shackell Fleming Colin Green I know what team I''d rather have.
  15. Look on the bright side, yes I know its hard to but despite recent form our starting 11 on paper does look very strong, and our sqaud players arnt that bad either; Green Colin Fleming Shackell Drury Marney Jarrett Safri Huckerby Ashton Mckenzie Our only problem is our manager cant get the team motivated and IMO has done all he can at the club. At least we know this now being second from bottom rather than sitting mid table all season, this way the board can see what a bad job Worthy and coaching saff are doing and sort the problem. And then when a new manager comes in, Steve Bruce he will have a decent sqaud to pick from and can buy one or two players in January. OTBC.
  16. John Halls is most definately a centre-back who can play at right-back or even midfield and IMO would be the perfect signing for us. I would be happy with signing Kenny Lunt as he could be the creativity we are looking for in midfield. I would also love to sign Healy as on form is a great player. I wouldnt say no to Riordan but he wouldnt be my first choice. My first choices would be John Halls and Steve Sidwell as both of these players would improve the team loads and are both still younge players. Green Colin Halls Shackell Drury Marney Sidwell Safri Hucks Ashton Mckenzie That to me is a premiership qaulity side and should, with the right management win the league.
  17. Steve Sidwell and John Halls. Green Colin Halls Shackell Drury Marney Sidwell Safri Hucks Ashton Jarvis
  18. As I stated in the original post, he hs been transfer listed because he rejected a new contract, and having less than a year left on his current deal, Stoke dont want to lose him for £nothing.
  19. Has been transfer listed by Stoke after rejecting thier latest contract offer. A qaulity centre-bck who can play at right-back, young, strong, quick and described by Arsene Wenger as a hard, hard boy could be the perfect partner for Shackell we have been looking for. IMO Would be a qaulity signing. Come on Worthy, sign him up.
  20. I wouldnt be happy with that. Johannsson and Ashton are very simular players, Bentley is very talented but shows lack of passion and commitment and I doubt we could get a defender better than the Flem for 200k. IMO the best to spend the 2mill would be on a younge, decent centre-back like Ben Chorley of MK Dons, a playmaker to go alongside Safri like Kenny Lunt of Crewe and a quick striker to replace Mckenzie like Freddy Eastwood of Southend or Matty Fryatt of Wallsall or even better Dave Kitson of Reading. Green Colin Chorley Shackell Drury Marney Lunt Safri Huckerby Ashton Kitson IMO this team looks twice as good as the shambles we have at the moment.
  21. Forgot to mention is currently unsettled as he has staded he wanted to leave which hasnt gone down to well with the Crewe fans. A bit like Francis really.
  22. Kenny Lunt is the perfect player for us. He is like Danny Murphy in that he is a very good creative midfielder who is brilliant at passing and brings players into the game, and can also score a few aswell. We could get him as would cost around 1mill and he is mates with Deano not to mention were a bigger club than Crewe. Could be the perfect partner for Safri and, like Danny Murphy is a set piece specialist of which we have none at the moment. Green Colin Fleming Shackell Drury Marney Lunt Safri Huckerby Ashton Mckenzie IMO, just adding his name makes the team look a whole lot better. Just the Flem who makes it look weak and maybe Mckenzie. Come on Worthy, sign him up.
  23. If i was Worthington I would cancel the signing of Morrison and spend the money on either Ben Chorley of MK Dons or Sam Sodje of Brentford. Then I would Get in creative midfielder like Kenny Lunt or Paul Mckenna. Then I would offer Mckenzie to Reading with some sort of deal involving Dave Kitson. Then I would put Jarvis and Henderson on the loan list. Before doing all this I would tell Wigan and West Ham where to stick it about Ashton as hes not for sale. After all that I would have a backroom staff shake up getting in some fresh faces and finally I would release a story to the media about how I feel Sven is being a complete fool in picking James ahead of Green and also make fun of his haircut and accent.Then my team would look like this; Green Colin Chorley Shackell Drury Marney Lunt Safri Huckerby Ashton Kitson
  24. I hope Morrison doesnt sign. The midfield and defence is prioroty and thier are better strikers out there who we could get cheaper ie. Fryatt and Eastwood, however, IMO we dont even need a new striker as Jarvis is the answer and could be awesome given a chance.
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