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  1. Can someone post a link to the live table please. Thanks. WORTHY OUT and take Jarrett with you.
  2. Jay Tabb of Brentford on the wing and Dickson Etuhu as the attaciking centre-midfielder to finally replace Francis please.
  3. How bad is that midfield. We need to sort this in January, its getting beyond a joke. WORTHY OUT.
  4. Lee Trundle is an overwieght showboat and I dont want him here. Freddy Eastwood on the other hand would be a qaulity signimg however midfield must be strenthened first and defence second. A pacey right-winger is needed like Jay Tabb of Brentford and we must get a replacement for Francis as we havnt got one yet, whats Dickson Etuhu upto these days. The defence will need to be strengthend if we dont get Davers for longer and IMO Nathan Clarke or Sam Sodje are our best options from the lower leagues.
  5. Richie Partridge can be got on January 1st on a free transfer as he only signed a short deal, he is a natural right winger of whom we have none at present so IMO we should go for him. However Jay Tabb of Brentford has caught my eye and have to say looks an amazing prospect. Currently at Brentford, the Ireland u21 international can beat a player and whip in a good cross 9 times out of 10. Could be got quite cheaply I would imagine and hope we get in before someone else does. Is Dickson Etuhu still not getting regular football at Preston as he could be the Francis replacement we are looking for, if not Paul Mckenna has always looked class for them and I would of thought both would come here. IMO we also need a decent centre back to challenge Doc, Davs and Shacks as Fleming is past it and cannot cope in this league. Nathan Clarke of Huddersfield looks good, he is strong on the ball, good in the air, quick and great at tackling and marking and is only 21, hes another player we should get before someone else does. Maybe we could double swoop for him and Pawell Abbott.
  6. How many people actually think Davenport will want to sign perminantly in January. We are below mid-table and thier is a lot of uncertanty at the club about the manager and certain players. Personnally I believe that Shacks is as good as Davers and could do a job on the left side of centre-defence. However we do need a new up and comeing defender to give competition to Shacks and Doc as Fleming is some way off that and IMO isnt decent enough cover to have. I think a player like Nathan Clarke from Huddersfield would be perfect for us, young, quick, tall, strong and good on the ball. We should do a double swoop for Nathan Clarke and Pawell Abbott at Huddersfield as both are top young players and both would jump at the chance and give thier all to play for Norwich City. Personnaly I am more worried about the right winger that we dont have, even when Marney was fit. We need a player who can beat a player, cross and cover the right back. Jay Tabb anyone. Targets; Nathan Clarke, Jay Tabb, Pawell Abbott. All good young players who would improve the sqaud/starting 11 and would want to play for us unlike some players at the moment. And all could be picked up quite cheaply.
  7. He just doesnt look like he wants to play for us anymore and Im sure his agent is on the phone to prem clubs. IMO he will be playing for Everton, Wigan or Birmingham by the end of the season.
  8. We need to buy player that will improve the sqaud. We need an solid centre back as Davers will leave, a right back as Colin IMO is weak, A right winger as we dont have one at the club, a left winger as Huckerbys cover for Drury exposes us, an attacking centre-mid to replace Francis and also a keeper to replace Green and a striker to replace Ashton as I believe they will be sole. My suggestions, Lee Camp, John Halls, Nathan Clarke, Jay Tabb, Richie Partridge, Davod Vaughan, Dickson Etuhu and Pawell Abbot. There are many good players outt thier who would omprove the sqaud and wouldnt cost the world we just havnt looked properly.
  9. I think your the only person who wouldnt like to see Brucey back. It would be incredible if we got him in and it might just save our season.
  10. Pardon my ignorance but isnt thier an ex-canary dutchman who is managing in Belguim. I remember reading a report on this site and he had taken his team to the top league on a shoestring budget. In the interview with him he said he would love to coach in England and has very fond memories of Norwich which suggests to me that he wants to come back. Go for him IMO, not necessarily as manager but maybe as Assistant or Head Coach, anything is better than what we have got.
  11. I agree we should get rid of Worthy as he is rubbish but the only reason Ashton plays badly for us is that he is used in the target man position, he is not a target man and is at his best when the ball is played to his feet like when at Crewe. Also, Doherty has looked class this season so I dont agree with you there, IMO the problem is in midfield, we are nothing without Safri, and Hughes is to simular to him, we need an attacking partner to go with him in the Lampard mould. We have a bloody good Championship team but after that the sqaud looks weak and this is Worthys fault with his rubbishness in the transfer market. IMO we should get rid of Worthy now. This is our starting 11; Green Colin Doherty Davenport Drury Marney Hughes Safri Huckerby Ashton McViegh And the man to manage them is Dario Gradi, if not than Mark Mcghee, Kenny Jackett, Adie Bootroyd or Martin Allen would be nice. Anyone who could turn this around.
  12. Where in midfield does he play, how old is he, what are his strengths and weaknesses, does anybody have anny info on him. If hes a right-winger then we should have a look as IMO this is our weak link.
  13. I do believe we will sign Davenport, but not straight away. IMO we will get him on loan untill the end of the season and then if we go up he will sign, otherwise he wont. He would cost about £2million which is a lot but very much worth it. He is the best defender in the Championship and I havnt seen him have a bad game yet, and he is still just 21/22 so still has many years left in his promising carear. IMO he should be our first priority and then we can get that right-winger position filled. Green Colin Doherty Davenport Drury Marney Hughes Safri Huckerby Ashton McViegh Bring on the Millwall. OTBC.
  14. I would go for RobinsonYoung Terry(c) King CarragherBeckham Gerrard Carrick ColeCrouch Owen And when Ashley and young Wayne return swap them for Carragher and Crouch but leave the rest the same.PS Isnt Andy Hughes Scottish.
  15. Its well annoying, however I do believe that INIGO Idiakez would be the perfect partner for Safri. Hes the best attacking midfielder in the Championship and Safs is the best defensive midfielder in the Championship. What a midfield that would be.GreenColin Doherty Davenport DruryMarney Idiakez Safri HuckerbyAshton McVieghJust a right winger needed then and our starting 11 would be awsome.
  16. Give Dave Williams the caretakers job and wait and see who becomes available. Steve Bruce''s job isnt exctly safe and nor is David Moyes. If not my vote goes for Kenny Jackett of Swansea or Adie Boothroyd.
  17. I think a 4-3-2-1 shoul be tried and when defending switch to to a 4-5-1, Green Colin Doherty Davenport Drury Marney Safri Hughes McViegh Huckerby Ashton When defending Hucks drops to the lefe and WLY to the right but when attacking go all out and use Huckers pace down the left and McVieghs trickery down the righ/through the middle to supply Ashton, who will probably put it over or wide.
  18. We should have bought Indigo Idiakez when we had the chance. Derby wanted 2 million for him and I believe we had the same amount to spend. He is the best attacking midfielder in the Championship and Safri is the best defensive midfielder in the Championship, what a partnership that could be. IMO we should go all out to get him in January but we need to be in a much better position than we are in know if we want to attract him. Marney Idiakez Safri Huckerby Looks very, very good IMO apart from Marney who has been a dissapointment this season.
  19. Nathan Tyson would be a class signing. Yes he does blow hot and cold but you have to remember he is still very young and most young players do. However when he does blow hot, hes boiling. Could be got for less than 500k as has less than a year left on his contract and refuses to sign a new one. He can also play right-wing but is naturally a striker and a bloody good one. When Lisbie is off I reckon we should try and get him.
  20. I think if were in the top 6 by January, and Spurs havnt got injuries then we will get him for the rest of the season. If we get promoted then why wouldnt he come to us perminantly, first-team Premiership football rather than sitting behind King, Dawson, Gardner, Huddlestone and Naybet and whoever else Tottenham decide to buy between now and then. Shackell and Davenport could well be our Carragher and Hyppia. Green Colin Davenport Shackell Drury IMO, a Premiership qaulity back 5 and a hell of an improvement in what we started with last year. OTBC.
  21. Cant see anyone else coming in on loan as I think we have cover in every position. Green - Ward Colin - Jean Drury - Charlton Davenport - Doherty Shackell - Fleming Marney - Henderson Huckerby - Brennan Hughes - Jarrett Safri - ****** Ashton - Jarvis McViegh - Mckenzie and also Gallacher, Thorne and Lisbie. We are one centre-mid short but thats nothing to worry about and should wait untill some real qaulity becomes available like Leon Osman or Michael Brown.
  22. What does everyone think our starting 11 will be against Reading, I hope its something like this; Green Colin Davenport Shackell Drury Marney Hughes Safri Huckerby Ashton McViegh However, I wouldnt be to dissapointed if Doherty was in for Shacks to add extra muscel and so Shacks can recover fully.
  23. I dont see there being a problem with both Shackell and Davenport being left footed, think about it. Most Premiership defences have two right-footed centre backs, in-fact England dont have any left-footed centre backs so this shouldnt be a problem. Is it just me or does a Davenprt/Shackell partnership remind you of a Hyppia/Carragher one? IMO we should do whatever we can to make the Davenport loan signing to the end of the season and then sign him perminantly the following season, but the only way hell come is if we are in the Prem and with this team we could be;GreenColin Davenport Shackell DruryMarney Hughes Safri HuckerbyAshton McViegh
  24. What now for Jason Shackell, he must be annoyed at not even being put on the bench. IMO he is our best defender and I just hope this isnt the end of his Norwich carrear. Not taking anything away from Doherty bit I think Shacks is 10 times better and should take his place. Anyway, well done Worthy for all your other decisions today like dropping Flem, starting WLY, putting Hucks on the bench so he had something to proove and the best decision making Hughes Captain.
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