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  1. I was thinking more of a no 2 or head coach role, not manager - as stated in the op
  2. I''m not sure what Gunn''s got to do with any of this. And are you saying that culverhouse didn''t work out last time? Culverhouse is a proven coach at prem level. And I don''t have a problem with Adams either...
  3. Could he still do a job for us if/when he gets sacked by Villa? I''m not sure if he''s manager material or not, but possibly working as a no 2/coach to Adams or a more experienced manager maybe? He is, or at least was when we was with us, a terrific coach and would I imagine still have a lot to offer. I''m not really sure what happened at Villa, there were rumours of him bullying younger players so maybe we should steer well clear. Would anyone want him back in any capacity or does this reek of little old norwich?
  4. Sorry Houston but I agree with Morty and pretty much everyone else on this board - you''re an utter tool, clear enough for you?
  5. I''m definitely not as confident about Man U as I was week ago. Although their team is a shadow of former ones and they''ve still got issues, Giggs will have them fired up and they''ll want to do well for him. The fans will be up for it too.
  6. We need something to clutch on to! All those outcomes are pretty feasible too. And Ramires might get a retrospective ban for violent conduct against Sunderland
  7. I couldn''t get a ticket in the away end so had to make do with buying one as close as I could to the city fans in the upper cobbald.. The scum fans were trying to kick off outside before the game and the old bill kept a load or city fans outside for the opening 20 odd minutes, and I was with them - the city fans were getting pissed off and when surman scored and we heard the roar they surged towards the turnstiles to get in. I got carried along with them, threw my ticket at the guy behind the counter and sprinted upstairs.. I was so happy to be in the ''right'' end and with what happened over the next 70 odd mins I really do think it was the best night of my life to date.. Still makes me tingle thinking about it! There''s no way I wouldn''t have been kicked out for cheering if I''d ended up in my original seat and to be able to sing and celebrate with city fans made an awesome night extra special.. Ps I don''t condone fans (Liverpool) who do this deliberately by the way.
  8. I''m really hoping to hear "are you watching lineker?" as Hoops smashes in the 4th..
  9. Bobby Robson''s Zombies..Bobby Robson (the nicest man in football remember) used to call the town faithful zombies due to their quiet, boring and generally passionless support. Bearing in mind this was during their successful years (early 80''s) and Robson never said a bad word about anyone then its pretty damning really.. he might have been their manager but even he took the p1ss out of them! RIP Bobbyhttp://www.greenun24.co.uk/ipswich-town/latest-news/keane_follows_robson_s_lead_and_blasts_blues_fans_1_684157
  10. Does anyone know how many of Newcastle''s french legion will be involved in their play off against Ukraine tonight? A couple of knocks/injuries to say Remy and Cabaye, extra-time and a demoralising, energy sapping exit to Ukraine will defo be a good thing for us come 3 o clock on saturday.. I think we''ll get a point - Newcastle usually do well against the top 6, its the games against lesser lights such as ourselves that they often struggle in
  11. In my 25 years of supporting city I''d say Coventry and Palace
  12. I must be mad but I''d still give Hughton the next 3 games to stop the rot and turn it around.. I think the board are probably thinking along the same lines.. Apart from wanting it to be him to get us up the table I cant think of a decent replacement.. talk of Malky/Phelan etc terrify me..West Ham (H)Newcastle (A)Palace (H)4 points minimum.. (5/6 quite likely imo)
  13. In. For now. Failure to beat at least one of West Ham and/or Palace and he has to go
  14. For some reason it appears the club won''t award away points for the League cup, unless as stated above there''s a glitch or they just haven''t been updated yet - I suspect its the former as when I purchased Spurs tickets I was credited 50 points straight away but haven''t been for Watford. It''s a bit strange as I definitely got credited 50 points for Peterborough away in the FA Cup last season.. So league matches and FA Cup count but League Cup doesn''t - go figure!
  15. Chris Martin and Lapin vs Leeds?Paul McSmall?Malky vs Scum?
  16. I very rarely bet on Norwich but I made £100 on Murray winning Wimbledon and decided to whack it all on City finishing top 10..I got 5/1 on Bet365 about a month ago.. now at 9/2
  17. Anyone news on the away leg yet? Will it be monday 6th May? I live in London and would be very keen to go to this..
  18. http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/ipswich_new_ipswich_town_striker_aaron_mclean_scores_twitter_own_goal_1_1788186?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeedSorry, I dont know how to make a link thingy but thought was worth sharing.Probably not the best way of endearing yourself to the locals of the club you just signed for!
  19. [quote user="Wiz"]Villa Talk banned me and all I did was Hex them.   Seems a tad touchy to me. [;)] [/quote]Good. Ive been on that site a couple of times and some of the sh1t you spew on there is embarrassing.
  20. YOTT - i totally get that and i''m happy enough to sit when the people behind me clearly cant see/have asked if I could remain seated. I prefer to stand, so if the game''s not sold out i''ll try and move towards the back, and on occasion i''ve even swapped rows to try and keep everyone happy. I have absolutely no problem with having to sit if the situation demands it, I was just questioning the other guy why, all things being equal you would CHOOSE to sit, it''s totally alien to me. If you went to a non league game with no proper stands would you bring your own chair rather than stand on the touchline? Im pretty lazy too but can just about muster the energy to stand for 2 x 45mins once a week or so.
  21. [quote user="Martin Bryant"]never understand why someone would want to stand for 90minutes when they can sit... maybe im lazy?![/quote]Lol - i was about to ask exactly the opposite – if you''re able bodied and over 5ft tall then why would you want to sit?!?!?! Each very much to their own but I just don''t get it...I guess if/when you go to a gig to see your favourite band you''d rather sit upstairs tapping your knee than standing at the front being more ''involved''? Apart from the fact im 6ft 3 and can barely fit into most seats, you just feel so much more part of whats going on/involved standing up surely.. I''m not having a go, just genuinely interested - do you stand up when we score a goal, or is that too much of an effort too?
  22. I''m cat 4 and haven''t had money taken from my bank account as yet which I would''ve thought it should have been.. Anyone?
  23. I live in London and was thinking I was going to have to drive on Tuesday. I thought that the last train back to london leaves Norwich at 10pm, which if the games goes to extra time/penalties is obviously too early. Is there a later train that I don''t know about?! Any info much appreciated as i would obviously far rather sit on the train and have a few beers that drive 2 and half hrs each way...
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