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  1. True, but having been at the game we are a mid-Championship team at the very best. For long periods Falkirk passed us off the pitch, our midfield is non-existent and Russel Latapy for Falkirk basically ran the show in midfield. He is a player that could do a fantastic job for us, but the problem is the guy has skill - something Worthington tends to overlook in his signings. The current squad is the weakest that I can remember, other than Docherty, Shackell and Huckerby I am struggling to praise anyone else from todays game. Etuhu is a absolute joke, but one positive at least Andy Hughes never got on the pitch! So for the season ahead it ain''t looking good, I really have no positives from  todays game at all. It''s just a pity Worthington wasn''t shown the door in close season because at one point today I thought the Worthy out chants were gonna start. Says it all even though the season hasn''t started yet! Keep the faith.            
  2. Cantley, my understanding of the attendance fugures is the % of turnout. IE if Norwich state 25000 with 91% turnout then the true actual attendance would be 22750.
  3. Quite agree Yellow Fever, my typical home game starts at 7.00am Saturday - train to Edinburgh, Flybe to Norwich and bus into the City. Returning Sunday PM!
  4. Lets be honest, does it really matter. I know that if I wanted to see a game I''d sit wherever. I noticed that on friday at least 2 online ticker agencies were selling tickets at £65-£100 for this game no questions asked who you supported or where you wanted to sit.
  5. 20 points from 29 games - we need to get real, we are as good as relegated and have been since Christmas. We will finish with 26 points max.
  6. Without a doubt Ashton was a class act tonight - man of the match by a mile and we were unlucky not to get a point. The league however does not lie, we have the poorest defence in the Premiership and I just hope that Saturday is not an embarrassment? Certainly we need to start re-building for the Championship because we are just not capable of getting the points needed - I think 28 points is probably the maximum we are likely to achieve. Defensively we are a joke (would Malky really have been this bad?) - Drury isn''t good enough, Fleming/Eddy have had their day, Chalrton ok for another year, the Doc? well he wasn''t voted Spurs worst player of all time for nothing! Shackell looked good tonight, give the lad a run until the end of the season. Just hope Curbishly wasn''t watching Francis, with a view to picking over the bones at seasons end. Also, how much wine did Delia have - she looked half pissed ranting at the fans on the pitch at half time????
  7. Sad that it is, I think we all have to be realists here. Nigel boy was not given the money to spend in the close season while both Palace and particularily West Brom did. We are bottom after 13 games because currently we are the worst team in the league! We have played well in quite a few games, but never for a full 45 minutes let alone 90! NW has taken a pretty poor team inherited from Hamilton and turned us into a good Championship team. Alas, the Premiership is most definately a different propositon and Nigel has been seen to be tactically nieve. How many Premiership quality players do we actually have? Green, Drury, Helveg?, Francis, Jonson, Huckerby and Bently after that I''m struggling. And as for main Striker Svenson - he cost us the pricely sum of £50k! IMO we will be relegated, and by the time the transfer window opens will be as good as so who will want to come here? Whether Nigel should go is another question, getting us back he might do but between now and season end I can see us being totally humiliated on more than one occasion so where do we go? I think NW should maybe be given another 4 games or so then we need to look elsewhere. Comments from the close season from Doncaster hardly help when he says we are planning the finances of the club on finishing bottom of the league - on that point you were spot on!!
  8. I''m sure that the wins will come. If however we carry on scoring 0.625 points per game then we will finish with 23 points this season. Not depressed yet, but we are sadly missing a proven goalscorer which I appreciate dosern''t come cheap.
  9. Agree that Worthington usually has a good eye for who is/isn''t good enough. Although 18 months ago a certain Nacho Novo had a weeks trial at Norwich (when he was at Raith) and failed to make the grade. He''s banging them in fairly at the moment for Rangers - just the striker we could do with right now.
  10. Great result today, couldn''t get there was at the old firm derby in Glasgow but got regular updates all they way through by text! Good for Malkay Celtic old boy!
  11. Spawn, take it from me he did. He was standing on the corner of the Barclay nearest the away support, he was already in hard negotiations with someone else at the time and as I said was quoted £50.00. Just goes to show his loyalty when for a tidy some was willing to head off home at ten to three and not see the game!
  12. Tom, ignore Natalie she''s a total fraud (I''m still waiting for my West Ham ticket!!!). Plus I think the moderator on this site should perhaps remove her access??
  13. Agree 100% on this, I had travelled down for the weekend to visit family and couldn''t get a ticket (memeber for 10+ years). Went to the ground on Saturday and was offered a ticket by a very friendly golden goal ticket seller for £50.00! Told him where to poke it and watched the game in Kafe Da - which was great by the way! What really annoys me is the fact that people for away teams can get hold of tickets when true ones can''t? Having said that we would all sneak in anywhere if thats all that was available - as I for one watched our away game at West Ham from a home stand (athough City allocation was sold out and the game wasn''t so didnt feel that guilty!) Andy
  14. A1 Canary, I think the capacity is 49000 - so yes it most definately will be half empty as I think Sunderland have struggled to get 25000 for home games this season. I''ll be travelling down from Edinburgh for this game so if anyone knows any decent meeting places for a drink please post. Having said that Sunderland fans are pretty much the best anyway (unless ur black and white) so there won''t be any trouble mixing before/after. Andy
  15. Anyone not able to go to this afternoons game please phone/text 07941 075297 - can collect. Thanks, Andy
  16. If people are going to do this I cannot see what the club can do, they have limited new memberships and are offering only restricted memebership from May on new applications which is good. I think the main problem has been the mini seanson tickets which have been sold for the last few home games - I assume these people will have 1st refusal on next seasons renewal? Personally, the club should just eject people who are sitting in home areas with their colours on as the true fan would be missing out. I''ve attempted to get tickets (full member for 10yrs+) for West Ham but this has been sold out for some time (and demand would indicate that there''s going to be a number of Hammers fans amongst us on Saturday?) 23000 true City fans? I doubt it, just the usual jumping on that (premiership) bandwagon! As for me living in Fife, I''ll be following the boys away from home! PS. Looking for a ticket for the game on Saturday against West Ham - any spare would be most appreciated.
  17. Travelling down to Norfolk for next weekend and looking for 1 (2 would be better!) ticket(s) for the West Ham game. Contact rsvandy@talk21.com Cheers, Andy
  18. Carl, not aware of any specific pubs in London but as both games are going out live on Sky any half decent sports bar would be showing these games.
  19. Stephen, you and me both. I''m coming down from Fife for the weekend and am also looking for a ticket. In my experience there are always people with spare tickets - usual attendance is something like 95% of tickets sold so for this game there''s gonna be something like 1200 tickets unused!
  20. Does anyone know for sure if the West Ham, Ipswich and West Brom games are genuinely sold out? As 7000 tickets sold between 3 games only equates to around 2500 per game. Is it likely that because they have yet to have a safety certificate granted that a number are being held back? Because something does not ring true. Assuming capacity will be 24000 and 3000 tickets go to West Ham that leaves 21000ish for Norwich fans. Now so far this season I have been able to buy 1 ticket with my membership without many problems so where has this demand come from? 16000 average gate + 3000 away supporters + 2500 extra ticket sales still only equals 21500? So unless there are alot of new season ticket holders for the last few games I think Norwich might not be fully telling the truth? Anyway, needless to say need a ticket! For West Ham game, anyone with a spare get in touch. PS. Natalie don''t bother unless you are taking me in that ''sports car''.
  21. James, I don''t think we''re all glory hunters just the 5000 or so that have suddenly appeared. Norwich support is fantastic - I doubt other than Sunderland that we have a larger away following? I think that Norwich have made a big error on the size of the new South stand if we make it to the promised land next season. For starters a capacity of 24000 is hardly big enough for us in the 1st Division (and yes I know it''s all chicken and egg and who''s going to finance it etc) but if we were to be playing Premiership football next season is it enough? - I think not! A simple calculation assuming it had been built to a more realistic capacity of 30000, (+6000 over now) would equate to more than £3 million of lost income per year - 21 games+ x 6000 x £25.00. Who did the sums? and more importantly where do the real fans fit in? I''ve been watching City this year mostly away (as I live in Scotland in any case, but do get back to see as many home games as possible) and it''s nigh on impossible to get a home ticket (obvious reasons) but to be honest next year could be even worse! Can you imagine the demand when Man Utd come to town? I think that the so called corner infill''s be built asap (1800 x 2), although finance probably comes into this as well - rumour has it that they were shelved due to the non-availability of funds. Bring back Mr Chase at least he had the priorities right.....sell your best players and invest, invest in concrete. Not. Another share issue anyone?
  22. Natalie, how many tickets do you have? How much and how do you want to transact - cheque? Work email andrew.dickerson@cemtron.com or 01592 266184 (home) Cheers. Andy
  23. Currently living in Scotland and looking at getting down for the West Ham game, problem would appear to be ticket availability! Yep new stand and all. I only have 1 membership and am looking for 2 adults (3 if possible) for this game, but the Box Office have advised that they do not expect ANY tickets to be put on general sale from the 2nd February. Capacity = 24000 - where have all these supporters come from? or am I being cynical? Help from anyone not needing their membership number for this game would be greatly appreciated.
  24. How''s about Craig Brewster from Dunfermline. We think we''ve got problems he''s just rejected a new deal where his offer was 50% of his current deal! Plus where did Ravanelli go after being sacked from Dundee?
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