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  1. If you''re off to Cardiff, try wearing an ips*it top. i know, it''ll be like kissing your gran, but at least the hooligan''s won''t attack you. they''ll be too busy laughing and taking the pi*s out of you.
  2. I''d hate to see the binners in division 3. no, honestly i would. what i''d dearly love to see, is them relegated next season to division 2, and spending the next 5 years fighting off relagation to the third. then, after a season of promise, and missing out on the play-off''s by 1 point, i''d like to see them drop to the third division. at least they''ll have the chance to win some silverware by going on a cup run - LDV vans trophy. the difference between david armitage-shanks, and delia, is that delia supports her club. oh, and she''s considerably richer than yeeew are sheepsh*gger.
  3. If you think someone''s a glory hunter, just because they come and watch a game in the first division, with a quarter of the season still to go, then just wait until next year if we get promoted. There''s always going to be some people picking up tickets who haven''t been to see the city in a while, but i guarantee you, next season, if we''re up, we''re going to have every tom, dick and harry trying to get a ticket. And if the downside of that is that i can''t always get a ticket at home or away matches, so be it. the upside however, increased revenue, sell-out home and away, more merchandise sales, more income to invest in the club and secure the long-term stabilty and success of our beloved city. well, i know which i''d prefer. Bring on the glory hunters. And their virgin city wallets.
  4. 1st Wizard. It was only a bit of harmless banter. I can see where you''re coming from, but surely everyone can have a bit of a chuckle now and then. I appreciate what chris is writing, and my post in no way knocked his views. Do you never take the mick out of your mates when having discussions?
  5. What exactly did BinnerMelanie have to say on Radio Norfolk then? Nothing worse than someone phoning up to rant when they clearly have no idea of how crap their team is. It''s her kids i''d feel sorry for.
  6. It seems to me that the post has come direct from some early form of artificial intelligence. maybe jonny-5 from short circuit fame has taken to supporting norwich and thought he''d have a stab at discussing his electronic views.
  7. I seriously think big joe should be sectioned, ''cause he''s fully in denial of how bad his team really is. Fair enough, they got the better of us in the first half, but that''s only part of the game. Last time i went, imagine my surprise when i came out for the second half. that''s right. another full 45 minutes of footie. If the best excuse you can come up with is that the opposition has too much paint on their goal posts, otherwise you''d have been 2 up, well, that to me stinks of desperation and a man who''s fully aware that come the end of the season, his employers are in administration, and he''s off to take up the vacant post at Cowdenbeath.
  8. Well said FatMan Fat. What''s all this talk of bringing in Briggs? What''s the point of changing the most frugal defense in the league, just so huckerby can have more options up front. We already have the best goal difference in the league. The only changes should be Svensson in for iwan, and giving McKenzie the nod against teams lower down the league. Let his and huckerby''s pace work for each other against defences who are lessed blessed than the malky-flem big meal combo.
  9. I thought WBA were a disgrace last night. I never knew that fouling was an intrinsic part of their game. If they go up at the end of the season, they''re coming down faster than wolves. I thought when Svensson came on, he showed a fair bit of commintment, but just looked faster, sharper, and altogether better than big Iwan. I reckon it''s time for him to start against the binners of sunday, sitting just behind hucks/mackenzie in a 4-3-1-2 formation. With the binners woeful defense, we''d have as good a chance as any to send them back to ips*** firmly put in their non-premiership-bound place.
  10. I''d like to see NW play hucks & svensson tomorrow. Mckenzie should indeed get more action, maybe come on for the second half if svensson or roberts isn''t looking to sharp. the problem is that huckerby works well with a big target man, so who do you take off for mckenzie? mcveigh? put mckenzie in the hole behind the front 2, and see how it works out. we''d certainly have the firepower and pace to break through any defence in the league.
  11. Think he might be. Would be nice to have him up front with huckerby though. Are loan signings available from any overseas leagues? would be nice to bring in a midfielder or centre back with a bit of creativity and flair, just to give the team extra options. It worries me that we''re putting a lot of pressure on huckerby, as the majority of moves ends up at his feet.
  12. Worthy should have a look at the talent that''s waiting to burst through at highbury. Cesc, David Bently or Philipe Senderos. Surely it''s in both clubs interests (being champions of their respective leagues and all) to give the players more experience. I''ve seen Cesc and Senderos play, and they''re both (to quote john barnes newcastle UEFA game match commentary), bobby dazzlers. Bently''s quite handing at lobbing keepers so i hear.
  13. leo_lion_heart. i hope you''re not teaching english. how much does a flight to malaysia cost then? if it''s pretty cheap, could be a good "summer holiday" for the missus. imagine my surprise when i find out that the canaries are playing.
  14. so then mary "come on you yellows!!" norfolk-whittaker. judging by your posts in recent threads, you''re quite an admirer of mr huckerby. do you have a poster of him on your wall by any chance? next to the busted one?
  15. When we sell-out the away end at Palace with 5,500 faces basked in a glorious sea of yellow and green, will this be the biggest away support in the division this year, london ham united v london palace aside? surely if we take 5,500, and we all stand around a giant bubbling cauldron, we can break this selhurst hoodoo. feet of huckerby. hands of greeno. 3 lungs of holty. shoulders of malky. brain of worthy. surely the tastiest recipe in the first division.
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