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  1. For goodness sake you lot, what a bunch of moaners you are on here. We haven''t even kicked a ball yet and some of you are having a good old whinge. Give the guy a chance, I think i would rather trust Worthy and Foley''s judgement of a player than some of you on here(remember McKenzie/Svensson, even Cooper). Our central midfield at the moment consists of Holt/Francis and Mulryne so any injuries there and we would be looking at Mcveigh and Rivers in midfield, I think not. Was Holt outstanding at Kilmarnock? Was Malky outstanding at Celtic? Was Edworthy outstanding before we bought him? You lot on here are getting as bad as that whinging lot on WOTB. OTBC
  2. Sorry but he has been a waste of space. He has talent but can''t be arsed to use it on a regular basis and I''m afraid the abuse he gets is down to him. If he had been a regular last season there''s no doubt in my mind we wouldn''t have gone straight up. Away from home he was a liability, playing right side of midfield involves defensive duties as well but whenever we lost the ball in attack by the time Rivers had sauntered back to the edge of his own box the ball was in the net. How you consider playing him in front of Bentley lol. and as for nutmegging Bridge and Cole, he would be a bloody embaressment trying to take them two on. His place is in the lower reaches of Div One where he can get away with what he does. Harsh facts but as Worthy as seen the light over Easton I''m sure Rivers will go the same way.
  3. Sorry Diane, you are totally wrong. The board have done everything possible to make this happen, and because Manchester City pay Huckerby a vastly overpriced £20,000 a week unless Huckerby was really serious about taking a pay cut to come here then we were never gonig to be able to compete. His agent obviously thinks that a premiership club will come and get him in January, but the only clubs likely to want him are down towards the bottom of the premiership and highly unlikely to commit themselves to paying him £20,000 plus a week when there is a threat of relegation from the premiership(i.e wolves, portsmouth, leicester). I would love to have seen him here permanantly but not at any price. Whilst i have been critical of the board over many seasons i think they are right to stick to their guns with this. Once Huckerby realises that the only other choice he may have is to rot in Man Citys reserves for 18 months perhaps he will see sense. Anyhow you have to look at the wider picture. If we had spent all that money on him, what happens if he gets injured in the first game and we lose him for the season(always a possibility with his type of player). I agree that we should now use that money and strengthen the squad in other areas, possibly midfield and wide right. There are going to be plenty of players available wanting first team football in the near future and with us being at the top of the division we have an excellent chance of attracting them here OTBC
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