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  1. couldn''t agree more- sibs is awful, have seen him home and away and has never impressed! at least hoola is a tricky player- there is no way we have seen the best out of him yet
  2. i heard a story from my gran (lol) that a footballer gaven his apprentice his car and paid for a years insurance. can''t find this on the web but heard it was in the edp this week?! i just would like to read it out of curoisty and she couldn''t remember the players name! cheers
  3. anyone else failing to see the funny side about eagle being given a new contract and not huckerby? i''m sure eagle may have something about him but giving him a deal and not hucks just defies any sort of logic or belief
  4. optimistic there, i don''t think we will win every single home game as you say you will! 57 points is a fair guess but certainly not from that combination of results
  5. strihavka was awful yesterday, yes he chased but to absolutely no avail, he was miles off the pace and really didn''t seem to have a clue. I thought it was Chris Brown with  his shirt on!
  6. jas, the england football team do get paid, yet they donate every penny they earn playing for their country to charity. This is somehting which Terry set up about a year ago so they are also playing for free, as do the rugby team.
  7. not one to spread a dirty rumour, yet i was at the ticket office no more than an hour ago and who do I see coming out of the Jarrold Stand reception? Doomcaster, Crook and who I would assume to be the Litterbaski (or however it is spelt)!read into this what you will....
  8. I have bought some clothes off this sports outlet website ten days ago and apart from the initial confirmation email I haven''t heard from them at all! No answer when I ring the phones or no response to my emails. I post this on here as you can get cheap Norwich shirts off of there, old ones but good ones still! So does anyone know whats happened to them or had similar problems? I''m a bit stuck as there is no way of speaking to them without going to Bradford!
  9. what two matches? anonomous. just because he scored, doesn''t mean his performance was up to scratch
  10. anyone know of any pubs or bars serving before the game at about 9am onwards? lloyds maybe? ta
  11. without wanting to sound harsh or anything,surely people have to admit that andy hughes is just not a very good footballer. sure he tries but thats not good enough at this level, he needs his effort to be backed up with ability, something he sorely lacks. I was at southend and i dont buy into the whole hughes had a good game thing. he was wasteful in posession and didnt have an idea where to pass half the time. sure he set up a goal but that was his only contruibution over 90 minutes. i''ll be glad to get carl robinson back in against palace, his distrubition is impressive and he''s got a shot on him and dickson finally looks worth the money, something hughes doesn''t. hughes cost half a million pounds lets not forget and what return have we got from that? very little. robinson 50k and dickson 450k, which combined is the price of hughes  on his own and i know what i''d rather prefer. otbc
  12. 2 year deal from local non-league team, young keeper aged 17 has just signed on youth contract as joe lewis cover. do we need him?
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