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  1. Big jump from part time numpty league to Premier... BUT he has scored three times for Liechenstein internationally... and twice for his club against Seville...(probably Amadou in defence ).... 6ft 1... in Farke we trust
  2. Use them as a feeder team... blood academy players.... change their strip to green and yellow... sack Lambert...appoint Grant Holt as their manager... change their name to Norwich City reserves... make them play at Colney .... and turn Portaloo into a squat for homeless people ...tented city on the pitch... put a communal toilet in the centre circle... and paint the whole stadium yellow and green... and take those 50 yr old poxy stars off their shirts... to be replaced with a canary dumping on their badge.... sell any asssets... sell the training ground for housing... sell all saleable players... transfer any decent young ones to our under 23's... and selll sany that are left for medical research....
  3. they are very genuine.. obviously really care about the club... and lets be fair... they aint done us bad.... where we are today excites me more than at any other time in my 42 year supporting career... i got a feeling we will never forget the next few years... Webber and Farke are building a dynasty
  4. I sponsored matchball last Friday and was told by our host Bill Punton that it was going to be worth £170m to the club due to the huge increases in overseas TV money.... I suspect that includes parachute... he also recounted that he signed for £12 &10S weekly... the max footballer wage in 1960... how things move on!
  5. Much as I would love to think Lambert has lost it... and the pressure of going down is telling... I think he did it to stop his player being sent off.... took one for the team as it were.... come on... he was pretty cunning when he was our manager... albeit a turn coat duplicticious judas narcissist. I honestly think thats what he did... he hasn't any form for this... and the pathetic attempts at trying to give a reason and justify the completely over the top reaction to errrrrrrr nothing... mark my words... cheating self-obcessed maggott
  6. Think you'll find the scummer seagulls are starving like their team and town.. the only thing bloated at Poormans is Marcus Evans and the size of his 'loan'
  7. I don't think the bin army are capable of terrorising a primary school let alone an Essex town and a hard nosed Northern fishing town....
  8. mainly agreed but i think McClean is needing to stsrt now... for me... instead of Vrancic.... need to know what he can do now hes fit... I like his deadballs... they add a lot... and i like the way he will carry the ball and pull defenders
  9. I was a junior scout for the club at the time... for the record I never spotted anyone who made it... but several got taken on ... I lived opposite a park where Lee Sharpe played most weeks but never spotted him!Anyway point is.... next season.... they phoned me up 5 days before the Bayern away game and offered me a return ticket on the players plane for £60... but i had a job and young kids... calculated at the time we''d probably lose 5-0... AND TURNED IT DOWN... i could have been on tghe plane home with the players celebrating that win...Still amongst the biggest mistakes of my lifeAnd just to bring it back to that season I remember beating Clough''s Forest at the City ground 3-0 on March 31st... and all 3500 of us chanting ''we are top of the league say we are top of the league'' for ages after the final whistle.... happy days
  10. I think its a very good window... got rid of three who didn''t want to be here... pretty obvious everyone else now does... summer will lose us the deadwood Laffs/Bassong/Whits.... who at least do want to be here if only for the money ...And replaced them with two first team players who are big and quick... and both with an Ajax pedigree... they played together before... was that what got Dijk here... his mate? ? Just  a thought but a good strategy by AN if so...The extra pace... breaking out... set pieces for and against... its been a thorn...I think they will be just what we are missing... better Laffs on bench and Carlton getting games...And sign Bogle for what? We have 1 striker position sand two top strikers to play... sitting on the bench is not what Bogle or we need...I think its a top window... see you at Wembley in May
  11. He didn''t volunteer any names... but you may be right with Klose... isn''t he the left sided CH who you preume Dijks is being bought to replace... time will tell...
  12. I expected Lgue 2 targets.6''1'' 26 year old dutch left back Zeegalaar on the verge of the Dutch teamAND6'' 4'' 24 year old Mitchell Dijks who can play left sided CH from AJAXI am soooooooo NOT a happy clapper but if we have traded these boys for a disinterested Olsen & Brady whilst making a good profit surely EVERYBODY would be happy with this. I also gained some inside info at weekend that the ''problem'' with the team is a load of players thought they would go in summer but never happened and hence they were sulking and divisive... not directly to Alex but to the club.... resented the fact they were still stuck here etc leading to our problems.... hopefully these moves and any to follow will remove those who had to go. Not revealing source but it was someone who is a fan and works for the club full time. If true we can now expect a proper united team. He has not lost the players. He has a lot of respect and is dedicated I was told. My source wanted Alex to be given more time to sort out the mess This would also correlate with some saying the problems were sown far before Alexs timeI think Alex and the recruitment team actually deserve a round of applause if they pull this off... with Klose and Pinto... OMG.... i really like the sound of that....They will probably be sh1te but hey I''m a fan ... and hope is what fans do....
  13. I have watched him for two years as I also support Poland.He SHONE for the full international team against good teams inc. Germany.I believe he would be a fantastic addition.Still getting called up by Poland despite no games for Leicester.Box to box or off the flank... also played as RB for the National team... Poland are ranked 16th currently by FIFA.Fantastic potential with a reputed real hard work ethic.... reported by everyone who has ever worked with him.Suggest you do a little more research before dismissing out of hand.Hasn''t worked for Leicester but will be a Poland international for years.... and could do a job here.
  14. I live in Worcestershire... planning some trips next year...My son lives in NottinghamPerhaps we should try a run... meet at Bham International???I''m shite company if we play like muppetts and lose though.But then we have lots up the road this year too :-)
  15. And so what followed was a most curious 45 minutes, as the home supporters did what all supporters do when all hope is lost: they sang. “Ipswich Town, we’re coming for you,” they roared, all of a sudden relishing the prospect of renewing parochial rivalries. After that one ended, they broke out “City till I die”. The noise split the ears and warmed the heart. In those 45 minutes, Norwich’s fans reminded everyone that the best thing about supporting a football team is not winning, but belonging.Daily Telegraph
  16. Dieumerci (Mbokani) that should read... and it was agreeing with NN
  17. Absolutely agree... they''ve done ok so far.... bar Sunday...And are far more entertaining to watch than anything since Lambert.Just back them ... Mulumbu and Diamerci to come... looks ok to me
  18. We got stuffed on Sunday and played like muppetts... its no surprise we are not high on big name/talent players lists.But if we remain competetive and bar Southampton we have been... we become increasingly competative to potential transfer targets with every window... and with wads in the bank...I believe this manager is exceptional and am glad he hasn''t spanked money left right and centre on players who wont make us better or haven''t the hunger... I''m glad the late panic buys fell through.... none of them made us better... whilst DM will I believe !Our choice of players and financial muscle will increase with every window... and I trust AN to build a long term team...Who knows... maybe he sees a youth player breaking through at centre half. Maybe BJ was going to become a problem if he wasn''t starting... who knows... we don''t... and i really do reckon AN is the business... he will make mistakes.... but he will learn... and get better and better...Whats done is done... we obviously tried to strengthen and basicly we aren''t an attractive proposition for many... for whatever reason... but i believe we will be ok... because this manager will make us ok.... he is a winner.... so lets just support the team and see what we do.... i loved going to Wembley....And I still happen to believe that theres an even greater journey to be enjoyed with AN... so lets just stop all this petty disappointed bollox.... and get behind our team...In Alex we trustOTBC
  19. oh yes... when we lost 7-1 to Colchester and Lambert came in nothing changed did it... idiot... Houghton has not got a clue... we need an inspirational leader not a nice man... aggression and ruthlessness figure high in the make up of most winners... I don''t need to like the manager and I don''t need the players to.. I want them to win games... end of
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