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  1. [quote user="Ole"][quote user="The Lord"] I would prefer him to Hughes as Hughes and Lappin are too similar to have in the team [/quote] So what are the similarities? That they both play midfield and are Scottish? If you ask me, Hughes and Lappin are very different players. [/quote] Why is it that even after what i thought was a solid peformance when i thought every last player done their bit people still have to slag someone off?????. Do us all a favour do one so the rest of us can get behind a team we are proud of!!!  
  2. Yeah Birtles just has no idea what he is talking about, one Min it was how great Leeds are then we score and it''s i told you Norwich were great???????. Got so Pissed of listening to him i turned sound off and listened to wife as even she knows more then that idot!!!
  3. One rule for us and one rule for the prem team as far as i am concerned Spillane foul was no different to the treatment that Daley was getting for the whole game off Sunderlands Centre half, Ref was biased!!!
  4. Yes you can as i am also going tonight and when i got tickets i asked and was told i could leave my car on club carpark!!.
  5. Very good At last a Young well respected manager who has worked hard to get were he is today!!!. Don''t forget Martin O''neill was in a very similar position before his breif time here???? Rolling contract too can work both ways but if we are winning and going up the leagues he will stay!!!.  
  6. [quote user="Scooby"] LISBIE !!! [/quote]   Can''t as on season long loan from Ips**t and i doubt Col Utd will end loan do you???
  7. [quote user="On the way to Yeovil"]Three weeks ago I was rushed in to hospital and was told I had cancer. I have all but lost the ability to walk as the cancer is on the spine. My wife phoned the club to ask about changing my season to one in the disabled stand, which they said they would do no problem. They asked what was up with me and my wife explained all that had happend. Two days later a parcel arrived at mine and inside was a letter saying how sorry the club was to hear about my illness etc and wishing me well, plus a signed shirt. To me thats what our club is all about, what a lovely gesture that they didnt have to make. Cant imagine Man Utd or even Ipswich doing that. Thanks Norwich you cheered me up no end,[/quote] Sorry to hear that mate lets hope you have something to cheer about come Saturday?? Keep strong mate.
  8. Club has coach going at £15 a head after looking at train and going by car this sounds like a plan?????, Just one coach at min but when i spoke to club they were waiting for Brentford to send more Terraced tickets and were going to have to put extra coaches on??.
  9. [quote user="Bob Franklin"][quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Bob Franklin"] [quote user="NottsCanary"]Fact of the matter is that we need to keep him, I wouldnt say that he is world class or even maybe prem standard! However, I think after seeing several games that he is one of our best players, or is our best player! Even if oyu didnt put it down to skill, he is one of the few players that constantly wants the ball, and works hard. I think we shouldnt even consider selling him![/quote]   Yes, but not at any cost. Leeds are a much bigger club than Norwich and must be firmer favourites than us for auto promotion so there will clearly be an attraction for Hoolahan and, of course, he isn''t getting any younger. [/quote]   Leeds are not that much bigger than us these days and IMHO are not that great a bet for promotion having seen them play a few times last season. yes they are one of the favourites but have no better chance than us. If we were to accept an offer it will need to be a very big one! [/quote] I agree that Leeds have been langushing in the lower divisions for a few seasons now but there is no disputing their pedigree, the huge size of their fan base and their potential. IMO Leeds are a much bigger club than Norwich from whatever pespective you look from. That''s not to belittle Norwich, I just think that it''s fact. If Norwich fail to gain promotion this season I guess that attendances here will plummet. If you like that will be the true perspective. In any case, Hoolahan has got to secure his future so if Leeds offer him a much better financial deal than we are able to then the writing will be on the wall. [/quote] Thats why half their ground was shut last season as their huge fan base couldn''t be arsed to turn up???????, Wheres we have still turned up week in week out even when we were awful!!!!!!!. That aside both teams are were they are s who is the biggest club is irelevent as is history as that''s what it is history in the past!!!. Hoolahan won''t go to leeds as  i bet all the money for delph will go to paying off their very large debits, Now that is something about leeds which is bigger then us.........LOL!!!!
  10. [quote user="Gunns NO Legend"]0-2 Colchester and the Pink Un messageboard comes back down to earth with one almighty bang , the anti Gunns for manager then post hundreds of posts wih the headline A Massive well done to Gunny as a retort to the pathetic posts claiming him as some kind of hero for not losing a pre season friendly . [/quote] Omg What a waste of good oxygen!!!! Do us a favour and see how quick it takes you to reach the beach off the cliffs at cromer????
  11. Looking forward to this match as first away game for over 2 yrs due to family/work commitments!!!!!. Traveling down with mates and was wondering if anyone had any idea of where we can park???? Cheers in advance
  12. Thanks for that!!!! Can''t see too many of the first team going as playing Man Utd on sat well their res team!!
  13. Two questions really 1-Anyone know what team are we taking as am planning to go?? 2-Where can i park as having played there a couple of times i know the carpark is not that big?? Thanks
  14. [quote user="Rocky Rocastle"]There''s no resell value at his age so I would say £300 max![/quote] £300 is the price i think has beena agreed!!
  15. [quote user="Smudger"] No Smudger hasn''t been signed up, but it looks like things are getting that bad! Simon Lappin plus Dario Dumic, Sam Habergham and David Stephens all awarded contracts. Only 3 lower quality recruits brought in so far plus the 3 biggest names that were left at the club out of the door. Looks like it is the July Jumble Sales yet again for us this year as we desperately try to find enough to knit a squad together that can just keep us in this league, let alone get us out of it (at the top end). Oh dear, oh dear, how many out there still clinging on to the dream that Norwich can/will bounce back at the first attempt???  [/quote] Yawwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
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