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  1. This is my first chance i have had to post since yesterday. Two things spring to mind....

    Firstly- Leeds 1995, I was there and it hurt. Fulham 2005, Yet again it hurt and will not sink in until fixture list comes out.

    Secondly - Many people will expect us to bounce straight back up. But its going to be an awfully long season, the standard that we will be up against will be tough, scrappy football.

    some of the teams that we will be up against will cause us trouble and will be tough places to go and get a result!

    To name a few:

    Sheffield United - Usually underacheive, the Charlton of the league

    Leeds - poor this year but will only get better

    Stoke - Good side, happy in the mid table position but will cause problems

    Hull - Good side, plenty of money so will undoubtable put up a challenge

    Plus any of the team that dont make it through the play offs...

    So an easy return it will not be!

  2. Isnt the version of follow follow something like this,

    Follow follow follow
    Follow the boys in yellow
    When the s(um are at Crewe
    We''ll be playing man u
    And its off the to the premier we go!

    Im sure ive heard it being sung recently....

  3. Iwan Roberts is now writing his name into the history books of another side.

    Does anyone feel that he could have done a job for us this season?

    I personally believe that we are going to be the side that can put up the strongest fight in what, we have to expect to be a relegation battle.

    Now im not saying that i think we will go down but if you look to the future then going down would not be a bad thing aslong as we could hold on to some of our key signings and players.

    And if you think that you are going to have to fight for survival then if it does come then it isnt a shock and if it doesnt then its a sign that all has gone well at FCR.

    "...people will remember what was written and who''s said what. People will remember."

  4. Why may i ask are people all moaning on here?!

    Come on lets all pull together and get behind the club.

    No whining about Players whatever they may have done (with the exception of any Leicester style antics, which we wont get anyway).

    No moaning about the standard of the Drum group that play outside the ground or the programme that the club produce.

    The players need our support WIN OR DIE.


  5. Basically, the away fans come for the game and are then gone so that doesnt bother the club.

    what does concern them is the fact that they could lose their right to open areas of the ground. This has happened at Man U and they were forced to close and area of their main stand.

    The thing is, for Man U the finacial implications are not as bad as they would be for us.

    If a section was to be closed then no one with tickets in that area would be able to attend. End of story. The club would simply say that it is your (the fans) fault. Which is not really fair on those who do sit down.

    I have been a season ticket holder for 10 years and remember when i first started going that the whole of the E block would stand for the whole game. It was the way of life. If you didnt stand you wouldnt see. I do think that it is a little excessive and have seen a number of fans ejected from their seats around me last season. I think that it is a case of you have been warned and it will not be long before you see an increase in the number of police in the stands using their authority to ''kick people out''. And the worse thing of the matter is that if it is a third offence at a football match or you have a previous history you risk losing you season ticket and being on the end of a three year football ban...

    Not really fair on the loyal supporters that we have a NCFC but the club are now talking the hard line in enforcement...

  6. Just seen this on the BBC website,

    ''Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy will miss the start of the season because of a hernia.''

    ''Van Nistelrooy will miss Sunday''s Community Shield, the trip to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea on 15 August, the home game with Norwich on 21 August and the Champions League third qualifying round at home to Dinamo Bucharest three days later.''

    This must be good news for us?

    Coupled with the fact that Ronaldo is at the olympics along with their new signing Hinze.

    Although this is all irrellevant as we are going to beat them anyway!

    Any news on the signing this morning?

  7. I have heard, from my friend who is a sports column writer that Hucks and Worthy had a falling out in Malaysia over some promotional work that Hucks was asked to do.

    Basically, worthy asked Hucks if he would like to either visit a school or the proton factory in their spare time as promotional visits as part of the tour, (all of the players did something so not just Hucks) but Hucks obviously had other ideas and told Worthy that he thought both ideas were a waste of his time and he didnt come over here to visit schools or go to factories.

    Now i dont know how true this is, but my friend was there as an offical journalist so stories must be reliable?

    Lets just hope that Hucks and Worthy sort it out before 14th August!


  8. there are a few memories that span the season.

    1. TOP OF THE LEAGUE AT PORTMAN ROAD, seeing Delia and co infront of the fans and well, just being there really!

    2. BOXING DAY, arrived at the ground early and the buzz was going around the ground, a press conference before the game? surely not a regular occurence!! All was soon revieled!

    3. Ipswich Home, Well what can be said, down and out from the first half, Always .... on the old blue and white!

    4. Sitting in my seat and shedding a tear when the news came thru from Selhurst Park, Norwich were back where they should be and i was dead happy! this was soon followed by mass horn beeping thru the streets around the ground, and not so near the ground! (sorry)

    5. Champions. Crowns a fantastic season for all involved with the club.

    I cant wait till August! Bring on the Big Guns!

    oh and one final note, a friend of mine, ( a burnley fan) said that the side that was top at christmas has never been promoted, i took this as true and told him that this would be put straight! im so glad i did!!


  9. Anyone remember this game? where you there? i was reading about it on club web page. i think that we should have a party.

    scarfes, flags, ticker tape, toilet rolls, flares, perhaps not the flares but the rest yes.

    does anyone know the exact number of fans going?


  10. the last time i saw any norwich players going over the top was when flem scored against cardiff at home.

    i think norwich players should start gymnastic lessons, learn team bonding and watch stacks of videos of goal celebrations and conjour up something a little bi imaginative.

    but hey! come on! we cant complain!

    at least we arent ips*** and have to think of ways to celebrate conceding goals!

    the best celebration i have seen outside of carrow road was when the player who scored got back to the golf course and sunk his putt into the corner flag (hole) cant remember who that was tho!


  11. For anyone who was at the game on Saturday against Cardiff, did anyone notice that Worthy took DH into the centre circle and showed him off to the crowd. To me, that wasn''t a manager getting the crowd to say goodbye, that was Worthy showing off his new centre forward.

    Worthy had fordged and superb relationship with DH and, Surely, when a manger says that a player is the best player he has ever worked with, then he was going to be doing all he can to get him to come to Norwich.

    Praise to Worthy, Delia, and the Board!

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