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  1. Of course, one of the reasons he might be happy to have made the move is that it has been the springboard for a further move into the PL. I don't mean that glibly, by the way - it's an underrated facet of our reputation for selling players that it helps us attract promising stars-before-they're-stars such as Sara and Buendía.
  2. Can't have a bench without a Dowell
  3. Fabio Capello didn't do very well as England coach, but his introduction into the English language of the phrase 'the heavy shirt' was a significant contribution.
  4. His wife's his agent. She doesn't take a fee. Just happy to get him out of the house
  5. You've picked McLean. You're going soft.
  6. I love Gabby. There, I said it. Great player and seems like a lovely man.
  7. Yes, fair enough. Perhaps unforgivable was too strong.
  8. Yeah, me. I'd have Sara and Fass the other way round, but since I'd want them swapping those roles it doesn't make much difference. For me, Dimi is obviously the superior player at LB, but given he's been out so long I'm sure it'll be Sam, which is fine, too. I guess only DW can make the call on whether Duffy is in the right frame of mind to play. My guess is that he will and it will be the team we've got used to over the last few weeks, just with Fass in for Barnes.
  9. I've given this post a 'like' purely to cause you some conflicted feelings about validation
  10. Well in that case, thanks for bringing it to my attention!
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/aug/03/southend-united-to-rename-rose-west-stand-after-social-media-mocking
  12. Sorry, just noted the thread title. Excellent work, @Feedthewolf
  13. Always thought he was a wise man 😉
  14. Yeah, I thought of that too. I love those periods, they come along so infrequently that you've really got to cherish them. Lambert and Farke era are the obvious recent ones but I have fond memories of the last few months of Worthy's title season, when it just became obvious we were going to do it. There was a game against Walsall where we all turned up with absolute certainty that we would win. We scored after about two minutes and won 5-0. Just pure uncut belief running through the veins of all the players, and all the fans. Must be like that on steroids for Leverkusen at the moment.
  15. The song is not for me, Clive, but I thought the video was good. In this era of in-house club media, where it's all a bit like Pravda (ask your dad), it's quite refreshing to include footage of the mid-season slump.
  16. Well, I think that's wrong. I get the point about the PFA, and understand that it might be difficult or expensive, but it just seems wrong to me. These guys are representing our club, and the city. The club should be making it clear that that sort of behaviour is unacceptable.
  17. Well, I learned a new word today. Now, please excuse me while I kiss this guy.
  18. I see your banger (phwoar, etc) and raise you this one:
  19. I don't think anyone feels let down - just grateful that you did it for so long.
  20. Loved the whole post but this bit did make me laugh. "One of the greatest athletes of all time, and Robbie Savage." It's a bit like saying that James Anderson and I have 700 Test wickets between us.
  21. I'm not convinced by Wagner, far from it. But I think his care of the players is first-class (iirc Gibson was full of praise for his support during their daughter's hospital stay). I think he'll make the right decision on that score, whatever it is. On the issue more generally, I'd just say that I think drink-driving is an unforgivable crime and if Duffy is convicted, the club should sack him. But he's also entitled to a fair trial and, while I think I would suspend him pending it, I don't think it's ridiculous for the club to stand by him until then.
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