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  1. If Barnes is fit then him for Fassnacht in your XI and Sara to play in his best position on the right Edit: Duffy for Hanley, obviously. No way is Hanley playing.
  2. Pretty much exactly this. I'll be surprised if we win in 90 mins. I'll be absolutely astonished if we don't lose if it goes to extra time
  3. I'd be very surprised if we can keep them out for 120 mins, given the difference in squad depth.
  4. I think he meant he didn't rate Fastnack, whoever that is. But logically, if you'd rather pick someone you don't rate than player x, it surely follows that you don't rate player x. Unless...
  5. Shocked to hear the OP doesn't rate Rowe. Shocked, I say.
  6. No idea you'd been a Parish councillor. Good for you.
  7. The trouble with these performance-art accounts is that they always push it that little bit too far.
  8. Haha, I'm not going anyway. I meant the team.
  9. Not sure what the stars represent but I didn't think anything bad, for the record! Agree that Fassnacht might be our best bet if Sarge is out. Not a great bet, but our best bet.
  10. Exactly this. I also thought it was an object lesson in the drawbacks of playing Sara in the ten position.
  11. Yeah, I meant if Sargent is fit too.
  12. Out of likes but well said. NCFC fans have been badly let down here
  13. What I wrote, if it's of interest: It was exceptionally irresponsible to publish on Facebook that a Leeds fan had been stabbed outside Carrow Road on Sunday, before you'd checked the facts. It looks like your only evidence was a tweet from the Leeds fan's son. It is now looking increasingly likely that there was no knife involved, rather a thrown drinks can. While all violence at football is unacceptable, there is clearly a big difference between a scuffle that got out of hand and someone taking a blade to the football. Hopefully the more accurate version of the story will reach Leeds fans before the second leg, but it seems very likely to me that many Leeds fans who saw your post will go to the game thinking that one of their number was stabbed on Sunday. And given that Leeds fans are understandably particularly exercised by knife crime at football grounds, this has the potential to lead to nasty reprisals. I think your desire for clicks has potentially put fans of both sides in danger. I hope you will follow up the story and give the less sensational truth as much publicity as you gave the shocking original report. Many thanks for taking this feedback on board.
  14. Editor Richard Porritt richard.porritt@newsquest.co.uk News desk 01603 628311 newsdesknorfolk@newsquest.co.uk All our journalists
  15. Carrow Road looked amazing on the telly yesterday. Well done to all concerned
  16. Would encourage NCFC fans to complain about this irresponsible clickbait. Could well have put City fans at risk on Thursday night. Feedback, complaints and queries Radio/App: feedback@talksport.co.uk
  17. Great post. Think someone needs to have a chat with the news desk. Looks like they might have been hugely irresponsible. @SouthwellC
  18. Yup. Would be massive if Barnes is back. He's such an odd player. Seems to do absolutely nothing. But when he's not there we massively miss him.
  19. If Sargent is out, my plan would be not to bother going.
  20. Good on you for sharing that on here: I'm sure you will have helped some people just by doing so. As you say, 'don't ever be afraid to talk'. Very glad to hear you are doing better. On the ball, Wardy, and never mind the danger. All the best to you.
  21. He's been playing while injured for weeks if you ask me. Hopefully we can patch him up for one more game. And then another one.
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