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  1. Well played, @Herman. Did what your club needed you to do.
  2. Happy to take one for the team. Though I'm sure someone will blame Adam Idah if we lose
  3. the trouble is, I'm normally a pessimist...
  4. But I've just got a really good feeling about tonight. Just think we're going to do it. No idea how.
  5. Can't speak for LDC, but I will always love him. His time in charge is probably my favourite era of being an NCFC supporter. Loved the stuff we played, loved all the young players involved. Just a magic time.
  6. Oh god this. So much this. For me it was Palace, not West Ham, but yes. Personally I really, really hope we get to Wembley. If we do, I feel I'll genuinely be going there not really caring about the result.
  7. Well done Adam Idah. A great shame you won't be in our squad at Elland road tomorrow
  8. One sliver of good news is that, as one of the 'professionally offended', I get a bonus payment now this story has resurfaced.
  9. The thing that pısses me off about it is that VAR essentially came about from pundits and managers moaning about referees' decisions ('this is a multi-million pound sport, we can't afford to get these decisions wrong' - even the blessed Daniel was doing this at the weekend) - and those very same pundits and managers are now complaining about VAR. Suck it up, sweeties. There's going to be mistakes. That's life, and sport.
  10. Wow, shocking story, thanks for sharing.
  11. Partially, sure, but only partially. IIRC you're a qualified ref, so correct me if I'm wrong, but even if you make the laws as simple as possible, you as the ref still have to do a lot of interpreting, don't you? Was that handball deliberate? Was that a clear goal-scoring opportunity? Was that a mis-timed tackle or a professional foul? Etc. VAR doesn't take these interpretations away, it just outsources them to a guy in a van. So, as we've seen, there's no real prospect of VAR taking controversy away, because so many refereeing decisions just aren't black and white Cricket is the other sport I take seriously, and the DRS (VAR equivalent, 'decision review system') works much better since so many of the decisions are black-and-white ones which the technology can assist with (did the batter hit the ball? Did the ball carry to the fielder? Was it bat or pad first? etc) and where there's doubt or a matter of interpretation, they go with the on-field umpire's decision. And the natural break in play after every ball means using the technology doesn't disrupt the game. Finally, the DRS decision-making process is crystal-clear and broadcast to the fans on TV and in the ground, with the TV umpire miked up. So everyone knows where they stand. I'm still not a massive fan of it, personally, and would be fine with them getting rid of it, but there's no question that it works and does what it was designed to do. Surely no one, even if they like the idea, could claim that about VAR.
  12. Have a guess which. Great post by the way. Personally, I'd scrap it yesterday. It makes no sense in football (except for goal-line technology) - there's just far too much interpretation necessary. Let the on-pitch ref decide. Football would be better all round if people would remember that it is a sport, and that mistakes, bad luck and injustice is part of sport, even if there's squillions of pounds sloshing about.
  13. People should not listen to Talksport in the same way that they should not read the Sun. They're not on our side, people.
  14. For the best club in the world, they spend a remarkable amount of time being shıt.
  15. The problem for me is that he drives a coach and horses through the 'no dıckhead' policy, though I accept that some of our recent signings suggest that policy may have been dropped. Add to that the baggage that comes from being part of probably the most depressing season in our history and he would have to be seriously, seriously good to overcome those negatives. He did look good in the first few games, but I'm not sure good enough.
  16. I've decided I'm going to happily have it both ways. Will laugh my head off if they fail (McKenna to ManU, finishing bottom, breaking Derby's record) - and will just choose to see it as an example to us if they succeed. If it's the latter, we'll see how successful I am - but that's the plan.
  17. I had this exact thought this morning on seeing the McKenna to ManU news. My first instinct was to hope that he goes and ruins Ipswich's momentum - it'd be like us selling Emi but on steroids. But almost as soon as I had that thought, I realised how pointless it is just to hope that your rivals are going to crash and burn. As you say, if they make a decent fist of it in the Prem, that's a good sign to us that we could do likewise if we get our act together. They'll always be our rivals, but if we treat them as an enemy, then we lose sight of the fact that our real enemies should be the corrupt, billionaire, petrostate clubs that have absolutely destroyed what used to pass for a level playing field in the top division. So my new season's resolution is to stop caring about Ipswich (other than on derby days) and concentrate my ire where it is more deserved.
  18. Really well said. Very depressing people still think otherwise. Kelvin MacKenzie has a lot to answer for
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