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  1. Well it would be difficult to suggest he had Knapper's support... As others have said, this is a very well judged statement. Not sure I can remember such a unified response across the fanbase: pretty much everyone thinks what @canarydan23 said:
  2. Seems to me we clearly need a re-build and change of direction. If that means a mid-table finish next season, I'm fine with that, as long as there's a sense that the new team (Knapper/new head coach) are building something. I accept that others won't be, though. Think it's important that someone at the club gives the fans a sense of what the new project is.
  3. Good post, agree entirely. Reminded me a bit of the sacking of Hughton, which outsiders thought was harsh. Gary Lineker was particularly scathing. But in fact that only thing wrong with that decision was that it came too late.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberto_López_Ufarte
  5. Not watching this one, but the gap between the top four and the rest was always pretty clear. Leeds-So'ton final makes sense.
  6. I thought your explanation of that decision was spot-on, and I can see what Wagner was thinking but (and yes, with the benefit of hindsight) Sainz really showed what we'd been missing when he came on. We really needed his combative presence in that atmosphere. Obviously he might have been sent off, but we were so limp without him. Anyway, we were so far short of them that talking about decisions like that is nit-picking, really.
  7. Yeah, I had that thought too. They seemed to have mastered the art of rotational fouling, too, which I absolutely hate *and* wish we did better.
  8. Yeah, exactly. He wouldn't be the first player to be too good for the Championship but not good enough for the Prem. Hell, sometimes it happens to whole clubs 😉
  9. Well I'm pleased for him and I hope they win the final. Be good to see what he could do in the PL with a bit of backing.
  10. Last week I would have agreed with you on this 100%, but you have to say he was totally anonymous in the two games against Leeds. Obviously teams' scouting is not just based on a couple of games, but it didn't exactly augur well for him making the step up.
  11. Fair play for rethinking this @cambridgeshire canary
  12. Totally agree with this. Probably the only silver lining of a really dreadful night.
  13. Equally, @TheGunnShow, if we now mount an astonishing comeback...
  14. Yeah. I have sat in my own stocks and rigged up my fruit-throwing machine. Happy to take the blame.
  15. I expected us not to wilt so pathetically tonight. Agree with the rest and think Leeds have been superb. But the despair is pretty justified, I'd say.
  16. Agree with this too. It's kind of like the reverse of the Brentford game. The camera is going to cut to Knapper in the stands looking oddly thrilled.
  17. He chose a bad night to have a shocker.
  18. Yeah, this. Leeds have been great, to be fair. But we've just completely gone missing. Not sure anyone has risen to the occasion.
  19. Didn't have this down for 'before the game' but there we are.
  20. I'm sure everyone is expecting us to be very defensive in the first half. I'd love it if we came out all guns blazing (though rationally I'm not sure it's the best tactic) - would certainly be a surprise.
  21. Joking aside, though, I'm determined to enjoy it. Let's face it, how many of us really thought we'd even be playing in this game when we were 17th and going nowhere. Just MWJ and @nutty nigel, would be my guess. It's not the end of the world if we lose, most of us prefer the Champs anyway. There's a huge amount of pressure on Leeds, almost none on us. David Wagner will at some point make a really odd coaching decision which will confuse us, but also Leeds. It could be fun.
  22. Not all heroes carry inflatable canaries
  23. 0-0 aet, 0-0 on penalties. Soton/WBrom game tomorrow night to be declared the de facto final.
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