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  1. My first game was 16th April 1983 - City v Sunderland so 33 years to the day I am predicting the same score line - 2-0 to City!
  2. Of course I meant Loza, Jamar, Jamar Loza, Jamar, Jamar, Loza!
  3. Someone may have already come up with this, apologies if they have....anyway, song for Jamar! To the tune of the Kinks ''Lola''.. Lola, Jamar, Jamar Lola, Jamar, Jamar, Lola.. Lets hope he plays tomorrow so the 3,000 city fans can sing it!
  4. Hi - I would like to go to the game on 22nd Dec but tickets have sold out - if anyone cannot go and would like to sell their tickets please let me know. 1 adult and 1 junior ticket required although 2 adults would be fine. Thanks
  5. I''ve always thought there is little point in keeping anyone at the club if they want to be elsewhere. Lambert done superbly for us and when he comes back with Villa should get a great reception - anyone who chooses to boo him isn''t a real city fan.
  6. I thought it was great to see the Rochdale fans invade the pitch - fans pay their money, they should be able to! Its not as if it happens every week. I was on the pitch versus Stoke in the 85/86 season when we won the old division 2 and I was 12 years old! Great days!  
  7. If a player is being bought for £250,000 is he any good these days? Its hardly a big sum is it.
  8. Firstly let me say I am a Norwich fan and not an Ipswich fan winding you all up! What must Glenn Roeder think of Norwich fans? The knives appear to be out for him as he has sold Huckerby but lets give the bloke a chance, as lets face it without GR we could have been in league 1 next season. About the Huckerby debacle, it wasn''t handled particularly well and he was worthy of a send-off similar to what Dublin got.  Good luck to Hucks but when the chips were down he didn''t help. Look at his attitude towards Grant, saying it was the worst city side ever. He was a good championship player, but thats all really. Defenders knew exactly what to expect from him. To be fair to Roeder , he''s said Huckerby wouldn''t be first choice next season and I can''t imagine him sticking it off in the reserves for long so best for all parties.
  9. All this talk about who is going to manage Norwich next is laughable. As if Paul Jewell will come here, all he will do is hang around until the new year until someone gets sacked from a Premiership job & go into that one, if he doesn''t get the Bolton gig. Why would any decent bright manager i.e. Ince, Geraint Williams, Tilson plus many more already named, come here - no money and if it goes wrong their reputation goes down the pan - just like Grant. I can''t see how Norwich fans can start dismissing the likes of Peter Reid, when in fairness if we got him it would be a decent coup for the club. If someone mentioned Mourinho, you could be sure some Norwich fans wouldn''t want him. Norwich fans need to be realistic - you know what will happen. Jim Duffy wins the next two games and he''s got the job!  
  10. I read a very good letter in the evening news recently basically saying that Delia fell for Grant''s smooth talk, absolutely right. He had no experience and wasn''t right for the job, now we have players a new manager might not even rate so therefore no further forward than we were a year ago. Having said that the players need to take a long hard look at themselves, and the fans deserve better. When we get a new manager in, he must be established and someone who can work without money. We need to give him time - forget about the premiership, we are not good enough and although we have the fan base, just consolidate in the championship for the next few years. We would not survive in the Premiership  The board should take their time in finding a new manager. I would like to whoever it is look at the youth set up, we used to have some blinding youth players!! What happened? We''ll be back
  11. You all need to take a leaf out of Nigel Worthington''s book & be more positive by focusing on next season! Norwich were awful yesterday, but Fulham had six chances & scored. If Ashton''s ooal was allowed & we were given one of the two "penalties" it could have been a completely different game. You can''t really expect to stay up by conceding 77 goals & not winning away all season - it''s only because Palace / Southampton / WBA were as bad that we had a chance. It''s a shame when supporters have to make players scapegoats. OK, some were below par but the players know that themselves. They would have been gutted I''m sure. I can''t believe people get wound up by Damian Francis having a laugh and a joke - grow up! Just remember 1 year ago - City were the greatest team in the world (they still are). Football is like life i.e you get ups and downs - apologies if that sounds patronising! You;ll all be back next season - does anyone know the way to Kenilworth Road?   
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