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  1. ''All men wanna be rich, rich men wanna be king, and the king aint satisfied, til he rules everything'' Cannot slate the guy for wanting to reach for the highest he possibly can. Anybody who does take umbridge at his words must surely be content with mediocrity in their own lives??  
  2.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNxtNi54NZo  Well it has made youtube already! Brilliant Hopefully it will be on Soccer AM next Saturday.
  3. I had the following in my inbox this morning: Hiya Spoke to my uncle last night and the word in the VIP box is Delia will go for Curbishly as they are already pretty friendly! He has been up to a few games recently apparently! He saw him there! Case of wait and see though hey! should explain that this girl''s uncle is a steward in that area at NCFC. Something I have been thinking is do you think the new manager whoever it is will have the same stance on Chris Sutton? I should imagine he is watching very closely.
  4. I think you are right: The start we had provided false hope and it now appears that the adrenalin rush has subsided and we are back to where we were last season. I truly hope that the board have given worthy the 10 game challenge this time around and they will act upon it. There ARE managers out there who are available who could do a better job than Worthington. Lets push the boat out and go for Curbishley. The board have always said Charlton are the club we strive to be... what better way to try and emulate them than approach the man who was responsible for their successes over the past 15 years. Finally, Ramrod; where does your name come from? Are you a Springsteen fan???
  5. Dion Dublin was also working out at Splash here in Sheringham a couple of weeks ago....Maybe he is mulling over a move to the Shannocks also!!
  6. Am i right in believing Dickson Etuhu has won each of the polls this season for this websites MOM poll? gotta be a first if so. I have not renewed my season ticket this year for various reasons but having seen him last year I am not surprised he is now beginning to look a snip at £450k I just would like to know whether people that have seen this years performances would agree that he has warrented the MOM each time?
  7. How about cheering on the team you allegedly support? If it is clear that after several games we have made no improvement on last season then I am sure the board will be left with no choice but to give him his marching orders.
  8. I was firmly wanting him to go last season but it is clear he has been given the boards backing for this season so we must support him and the team completely and give them a chance of redemption and see if they can come up with the goods! If we are struggling after 10 games again this season then it will have to be adios from me I am afraid.
  9. Excellent post. Hope you enjoy your season ticket Herb. I have not renewed this season, for many reasons but they do include the poor performance last year... I hope I am proved wrong! I must admit to being a little aprehensive and not as ''up'' for this campaign as other past seasons but I guess that is a common feeling due to the current atmosphere surrounding the club. However I watched the dvd of the Championchip winning season the other day and seeing the flowing football and the passionate support left me believing what we as a team are capable of when all pulling in the same direction. We must be united... give ALL players AND management full support right now and lets see how they respond. If we can get a good start and remain injury free then whose to say we cannot expect more scenes like those seen at City Hall just 2 years ago. Lets start positive guys! Kick It Off
  10. This was taken from Skysports.com on Jan 8 this year: Worthington also admitted that he would like to bring Sutton back to Carrow Road. The former Celtic marksman left Parkhead to join Birmingham on a free transfer, but has only signed until the summer, and Worthington could move for him then. "It''s a situation where we''ll just have to wait and see," said Worthington. "It''s very early. Chris is an excellent player, he might be a little too expensive for ourselves at this moment in time, ie personal terms and so on, but we''ll let the next few months fly past. "We''ll see where we''re at then and see where he is and go from there." Seems a bit of a big turnaround from being interested to dismissing it completley without an explanaition.
  11. Wasn''t the title of this thread supposed to be most under weighted player! no seriously I think the lad could be a good player but please do some extra weight sessions man!
  12. Cambridge Canary has got it spot on. I said a similar thing in a thread regarding the England captaincy but here at Norwich we do not have the same criteria of leaders as Sven had at his disposal(and still he managed to balls it up) If someone has to have the armband I would say give it to Shackell. He is the closest thing we have on the pitch to a John Terry/Tony Adams personality. The argument against is obviously his age and experience which is a fair point but I say If he is good enough he is old enough. Also around him he has people like Flem. The Doc and Drury who I am sure would back him up. Elsewhere on the pitch leaders are few and far between with only Andy Hughes being the candidate but unfortunatily his ability does not come close to his enthusiasm. I wonder if Gunny would consider coming out of retirement!
  13. I think he will prove to be a good signing for the club if he gets a good run in the team and can stay injury free, although I still have not forgiven him for not delivering on his promise to his brother who I was working with at the same summer camp in the USA in 2004 that he would sort us out with some tickets to see United in New Jersey while they were on their summer tour! he will be forgiven if he scores and provides plenty in the coming season should we land him!
  14. Nothing has happend as yet to make me feel that next season will be any different from last. We still have an inept manager who believes all business in the transfer market is done in the few weeks leading up to the new season.
  15. The Three Lions are in there!   Need to think of a more original name though! Rob
  16. First Game: Norwich Vs Southampton, September 1988, I had just turned 6 years old. I remember being perched on thos rails in the River End being quite scared and at the same time embarrassed by my dads singing. The game finished 1-1 with Fleck getting the city goal and I believe Danny Wallace scored for Saints. What I remember most is that Andy Townsend swallowed his tongue and I believe it was his debut having signed from the saints! Have been a season ticket holder ever since but I guess I am still not a true fan according to our beloved manager! Best Season: Has to be Mike Walkers first season: What it would be to watch that kind of football again. The fact that it was the first season sky were involved and all the razzmataz they injected made it even more special. Opinion of Worthy: Never been a good manager, simply a lucky one. Hope and pray he is not here come August but I just know he will be. As I have said before, I have had a season ticket ever since the 1989-90 season but this time I have not renewed.
  17.  I read somewhere that it was Clive Woodwards idea but that is by the by... At the end of the day, you are spot on - i cant imagine Worthington or band of merry men coming up with anything like that...Hell, when we were in the play-offs he admitted he didnt even practice penalties in training!
  18. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] i have never booed anyone.. i will however lambast a player if he fails to pull his weight, goes walkies, or just generally acts a pleb...  I thought Hughes was better than Both Robinson and Etuhu yesterday....  I think arl Robinson is one of the worst players i have ever seen in a Norwich shirt yet he doesnt get ripped to shreds like Andy hughes... jas :) [/quote] I cant say that I think much of any of them either but I would certainly say that Robinson is the worst of the 3 of them. I dont like the way he always looks to pass off the blame to someone else for his own mistakes... I noticed he even lambasted poor Spillane yesterday for his only misplaced pass of the game which was very low. Been very annoyed with Etuhu but I am not giving up hope on him just yet. Was delighted when we signed him as I have seen him play very well for Preston. I think there will be more from him.  
  19. I cant say that I noticed this at the time but i read a report that Andy Hughes put the cross in for our first goal yesterday?
  20. [quote user="Kolin Kob"] i am frankly appalled by what happened today at qpr. booing our own players, cheering opposition goals etc etc. and all this when impressionable young players are on the pitch trying to do their best. Do you people think the likes of huckerby will want to stay loyal to the club anymore if such outrages continue? Do you think this is the great welcome the youth players need to the set up? Do you think the likes of Halford and other players we hope to sign in clese season will want to come to a club where they get booed by their own supporters? Worthy''s poor decisions have been a factor in our poor form this season, but even more so, in my opinion, has been the loss of the twelfth man (the fans) which has served us so well in past seasons. The fans must take equal, if not more blame than worthy if such behaviour continues. I am, like many others, ashamed to be a Norwich City fan today. Cue the barrage of insults. [/quote]   No insults from me Kolin as you will see from my post on Andy Hughes. I too am very livid that Worthington is still in employment at this club and cannot wait for the day he resigns/get sacked but for so called Norwich fans to celebrate an opposing sides goal and to abuse Andy Hughes in that way was simply appalling and as a result yesterday has to be up there as one of the worst afternoons i have spent at FCR and there have been many of them!
  21. First of all I would like to say that I have been far from happy with Andy Hughes'' performances this season given the amount of money spent on him and the amount of time he has spent on the pitch but I was absolutley appalled at the way he was booed everytime he received the ball in the second half and the almighty cheer when his number was put up for his substitution. I know he takes home a lot of money for what he does and we are right to expect more but for him to be subjected to that kind of abuse from our own so called supporters made me feel sick. It is clear he doesnt have much skill but his dedication is plain to see unlike Carl Robinson who is also rubbish but does not have the commitment or the price tag. So while I would like to see Hughes given a break and a run in the reserves to get some confidence, if he is selected again in the remaining 2 fixtures I hope the would hope he is not put through that shocking abuse he received today. Worthy Out! OTBC
  22. You gotta get the Sony Ericsson W800i! Had mine for 3 weeks and it is simply the best phone i ever owned!! The camera is as good as my digital camera and the mp3 player is a must for when im walking the dogs! I got mine from http://www.e2save.com/?money4me3346556  The phone is free on an Orange contract. You pay the line rental of £20 per month for the Off Peak 1000 tariff and then they credit you if you send them your 4th, 8th and 12th monthly bills... It works out that you pay line rental of £3 per month!!!!! Anyways give their website a look, I am sure you will be impressed. Rob
  23. [quote user="BennyLongLegs"] Surely this can be cheated just as easily as any internet poll.  i.e. I can print off a copy of your petition have everyone at my workplace sign it saying "worthy out" and send it in, whether they support Norwich or not. The only way the petition can really work is an by way of an entry or exit poll - at least that way a significant majority of those going in or coming out are actually Norwich fans. I think you may have seriously undermined your petition. [/quote] Yeah I agree, By all means count whatever response you get through the post but also release figures gained on the day at the match. I really cannot believe that there will be many votes for Worthy...unless Peter Wolsey happens to walk by in various guises!!!  
  24. because Carl Robinson can confirm we are going to get promotion! I wonder if he has developed some sort of special gift.... maybe he could help me with next weeks lottery numbers...maybe just maybe!
  25. left after a falling out with a manager similar to the joke we have in charge now. think he made something like 399 appearances
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