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  1. Must admit been on a high with all the transfer speculation but realism has now kicked in and even i cant see no signings before transfer deadline. Never mind lets get behind the lads and have faith. OTBC!
  2. Like a fool i had a look on the ipswich twtd site and could not believe the rubbish they come out with. According to them we are all inbreds and Nigel Worthington and Delia Smith are a joke. Well Joe Royle has done a good job but I think we all would rather have Delia than Sheepshanks. Im more prouder than ever of being a city fan and hearing that lot has just made my support even stronger! ON THE BALL CITY THE PRIDE OF ANGLIA !
  3. i know how everyone feels and yes i want hucks here as soon as possible but we are powerless to do anything. Lets just sit tight enjoy the derby and maybe never know we might have a new hero come sunday eve. This message board could be full of thank god we got Mkenzie and svennson comments. So lets all put you know who to the back of minds till after derby at least.
  4. I will agree think we all want Hucks but now Worthy has gone to the board and asked for backing at least if we dont get Hucks then he knows that if someone else comes along he wants and we are still near the top then he must be a bit more confident he can get the board to loosen the purse strings a little.
  5. Everyone please just pray and pray and ask god to give us Hucks. Sounds a bit over the top but some of us feel that strong.
  6. You are both spot on i also feel angry and upset that we have let one of the most exiting players i seen in a city shirt go back to Manchester. Guess we will see him play against us and destroy us like he did for Forest. Anyway board lovely stand when the football is rubbish we can look at that!
  7. I was told yesterday on radio norfolk that the club were going to make an anouncement on monday. Is it true and any idea whats it about please
  8. AJ i agree with you, i dont think Abbey is the answer. I am concerned about our strikeforce but really hope Mkenzie comes off. Would be a disaster to throw it all away now. .
  9. I felt it a great honour to see in 25 years as a City fan in my opinion the best performance by a player in a city shirt. I am not ashamed to admit tears were in my eyes after the game. Never thought i would feel as gutted about a player going but all you can say we had Hucks for 3 months and he left us with some great memories. It might have been easier for us fans if he had a bad game but he was 1st class on the day and ill never forget it. Like a fool till he moves to another club i will keep a little hope alive he may return but in reality that is very slim. So now Hucks has gone i do so hope Mckenzie and who ever will partner him can sustain our position at the top. On yesterdays performance must admit Hucks looked like a gamble worth taking but not to be so i bet the board must now be sweatting and praying that who ever we have left gets us to where we want to be because it could be very costly if we dont get there. ON THE BALL CITY!
  10. Lot of people are not going to agree with me but i cant help feeling that history is repeating itself. Buildings not team strenghening seem to be the main aim again. We sit 2nd in league but in all honesty now losing the loan players can anyone honestly see us mounting a challenge for promotion. We may get some more loan players in but really don''t think they will be of the quality of the ones we had. I will agree the south stand was a mess and the ground will look great with the new stand but what''s the point if your not going to fill it. I see in the paper today the 8 match season ticket is selling well for the stand but these supporters are not going to come another season if what they see is mid table football. I really hope im wrong and the team can sustain their position in the league but sadly we saw early in the season before the loan players had arrived that we were a mid table side. I realise running a football clubs finances must be terrible these days but being a fan like thousands of others it is just so demoralising that we are so close to the premier yet so far. Please board don''t let this season fade. The stand will be great but it''s the team the supporters come to see.
  11. I think you guys are spot on. We have got to take a chance one day and why not now. with what we have at the moment we can beat anyone in this league. If we did let the loan players all go back then why did we get them in just to get enough points in the bag before christmas?. With the new stand the only way to fill it is with players like hucks who exite. With such a great start it would be a shame in december when the loan players are due to go back to see the season just fizzle out with mid table finish. Look what charlton have achieved and the dream seems possible. on the ball city!!!!!!!!!
  12. No im not getting carried away with this rumour. If im honest i think he will impress for us and another club will come in for him. Its sad but when all 3 loan players go back we will be left with a mid table squad unless the board can find some money from somewhere.
  13. i agree with you guys. i really hope something can be sorted out. as someone said on the radio he would put 2,000 on the gate alone.
  14. Maybe reding have money and a nice stadium but support is not as good as ours and remember when south stand is done ours will be a good stadium too. Sorry but dont think Reading would be a step up.
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