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  1. If that''s true I was there all three times - in 1974, 1989 and 1993. Hard to believe that Forest would be Div 1 champs and then European Cup winners only 4 or so years later. I suppose you could say the same after we beat Leicester en route to promotion in 2011. Hoping for a good win tomorrow but would take a draw.
  2. The sale of Chris Martin has opened the way for EB to leave. PL''s strategy was based on there being a number of same name pairs to sow confusion in opposition ranks. By the time defenders had worked out who they should be marking at set-pieces the ball was in the back of the net. PL wishes to re-establish this scenario by linking EB with Joe Bennett. Thank god there''s only one Benteke although even his name is sufficiently similar to Bennett to be misheard with devastating consequences!
  3. For some totally obscure reason the JPT completely passed me by! I was forgetting about Blackburn so 29 league games then + 4 real cup competitions!
  4. I know this will put the mockers on tonight''s performance but has anyone else noticed that we''ve scored in every one of our last 32 away games (league and cups) - last four games of 2008-9, all of last season, both games this. I can''t remember City ever having a run like this, especially in the last few seasons where, with the exception of last year, our away form has been abysmal - at least we can now travel with the genuine expectation of scoring even if we lose!
  5. There was certainly a block of Sunderland fans to the bottom left as you were looking at the pitch as I somehow found myself in there before the game. They helped me to climb in amongst the City fans to avoid any potential aggro. As people say, they were top fans - no trouble and good chats with them after the game despite their disappointment.
  6. What a day that was - thousands of us ran the length of the pitch into the Watford end (the Rookery) scattering their fans in all directions and then took it over. For some obscure health & safety reasons you just couldn''t do that sort of thing these days ... it''s political correctness gone mad!!
  7. We had an outside toilet in those days ...
  8. I remember that one - I was staying with my partner at her sister''s just the other side of Uttoxeter and had to hitch to the game. Got a lift with a bloke from King''s Lynn (my home town), met my mate for a pint before the game, thoroughly enjoyed the game (was it our first away win of the season?). then spookily flagged down the same bloke on his way back to Uttoxeter!
  9. PS to my previous post - I think Norwich did give them a bit of stick in the return fixture - I recall several Millwall fans being stabbed! Seems like another world now.
  10. I''ve only been to Millwall once and that was the old Den in 1971 when we were unbeaten in 15(?) and top of the old Div2. It was a bumper crowd as Millwall were also challenging for promotion. I remember accidentally wandering into their end, leaving at a fair rate of knots, then being tripped repeatedly as I made my way down to the opposite end where there appeared to be some Norwich fans. As soon as I got there Millwall fans attacked from behind and there was complete mayhem. After it settled down I spent a very pleasant afternoon chatting with an older Millwall fan about the respective strengths and weaknesses of the two sides although we did get beat 2-1. After that much jolliment ensued as we were pursued to Liverpool Street and attacked on the platform while waiting to board the special. Happy days!
  11. It''s going to go right to the wire with Forest playing Southampton and Plymouth playing Barnsley on the last day - difficult to see any of those clubs being completely safe - could be our saving grace!
  12. I was there also and receiving the ball unmarked on the edge of the six-yard box constitutes a clear goal-scoring opportunity to me - he should have hit it first-time which a striker in form would have done.
  13. Generally speaking, building a team for a club like Norwich before the 1990s required the following ingredients: good youth policy; buying players from lower leagues or the same division; buying players from a higher division who had fallen out of favour, were at the end of their career, or were in their reserves; players from abroad. Now the wage gap and transfer fees between the Championship and Premier League are so great that that avenue is generally closed off apart from loans, we can only rely on the other channels - they all involve elements of risk but, watching Everton yesterday - they had four players who started in lower leagues and I think four players brought through their youth ranks were involved so can be done even at the highest level. Perhaps they should be our new model following the demise of Charlton!
  14. what I would like to see occasionally is that they swap wings and give defenders something fresh to think about - i''m sure Crofty could do some Hucks-style damage once in a while cutting in from the left.
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