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  1. Wasn''t the famous quote by Sherwood "I didn''t exactly HATE my time at Norwich, but.." He certainly stirred things up AND unsettled John Polston as I remember.
  2. Quite agree, susie b - good sense as always. I second that wholeheartedly. It would be good to see Cooper kept on as I think he could do a good job for us and seems to be a player in the Worthington mould. So if it''s not to be, thanks Kevin, you have made a real contribution and been a pleasure to watch.
  3. Really, really sorry to hear this. Robbo more than anyone has kept us in contention over the past few seasons and saved us from even worse during the dark years. All the very best and maybe we will see him back at the club in some capacity soon.
  4. Well said, Hayden, couldn''t agree more. And I don''t think that this board/manager will make those kinds of flashy mistakes. Every team will have problems dealing with the top three/four but I certainly don''t think we need to fear those Prem teams you list. Besides, we''ve proved with big teams before (Bayern) that we can play them off the park and I remember 3 nils against Liverpool during our last premiership stay. Mickey Adams has his own reasons for claiming that ex-Div 1 teams will fail without massive investment...
  5. Thanks susie b, I hadn''t heard that Pardew had effectively stopped shouting the odds on automatic promotion. All the more interesting then, the change in position-taking over this weekend. With Worthy breaking silence on City''s chances it appears to mark a new phase in the final stages of the race. With some of the louder odds-shouters having a poor week and only Sunderland showing any consistency, it all starts to look tantalisingly real.
  6. Alan Pardew is reported to reckon that "the race for the First Division play-offs will go right down to the wire''. Umm, so not putting pressure on the top two anymore then?
  7. Fleming told the Eastern Daily Press: "It''s good to have a two-week break before the next game because it''s been a busy period. Hmm, is it just me that''s worried as we traditionally seem to have difficulties getting back into our stride after "rests" and this one against Sheffield United''s a BIG game.
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