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  1. [quote user="West_London_Canary"]  lets be honest Ricky has been fighting people who were past their sell by date throughout most of his career [/quote] I''m sorry mate but that''s complete rubbish. He''s the only British fighter in the last 10/15 years who hasn''t spent his whole career dodging the elite fighters. I''m absolutely gutted this morning but I''m not suddenly going to forget Hatton going to war throughout his career, most notably with Tszyu. And for me, he was in touch in the Mayweather fight but for an absolutely outrageous performance from the ref. I''m not saying he would have won, but if Mayweather had been made to fight , things could have been very different. Pacman obviously demolished Hatton last night but at least he can look back at his career and know that he fought the very best, albeit he didn''t quite have what it took, but there''s no shame in that.    
  2. [quote user="TIL 1010"] For those of you who were at the last NCISA forum with The Chief Executive and The Chairman if you recall Gunny turned up towards the end of the meeting and an invitation was extended to him to speak to the fans at the end of the season no matter the outcome.He said he would and true to his word i can announce the following details........................... Venue.    The Business,The Jarrold Stand. Date and Time.    Wednesday 6th May 2009 at 7pm. This event is open to all NCISA members but anyone who is not currently a member can join on the night for £2 in order to attend.This membership will expire on 31st August 2010. I am told that in all probability Gunny will be joined by both Ian Butterworth and Ian Crook. [/quote] What an absolute disgrace. The club in complete turmoil. The board demonstrating a complete dereliction of duties over the last 4 seasons. And what happens? Gunny and Co are wheeled out to face the NCISA and not a board member in sight.
  3. [quote user="Melissa J Gunn"]  Wow. I can''t believe this is an actual discussion, and I am very much saddened to read what you had to say. How can you make a judgement about my dad and call him undignified because of somthing I did? I would like to clarify to everyone, that a) my dad had no idea about the facebook group 2) when started it was a bit of banter between friends, and I couldnt believe how quickly it grew and 3) the facebook group had nothing to do with my dad getting the job, because that is ridiculous even I will admitt.   He got the job because of his great attributes and not because of a silly group on facebook. So no, my dad is not undignified, and I am sorry if you found the ''facebook stunt'' embarrassing.. but I did not mean for so many people to see it, that is the think with the internet, once you put somthing out there then it is the property of the world.. and when the media got hold of what was happening and wanted to make a story out of it, I was actually worried because I thought it would have a damaging effect, but as I was told by the journalist at the Evening News, the story is going to run whether you consent to it or not, as facebook is public domain, so there was nothing I could do, it just happened and that''s it, not a big deal, not a conspiricy, just a small thing which grew uncontrolably, and that is the truth.   I would also like to say that I am so proud of my dad and what he has achieved, and I believe Norwich will stay up this season and beat Ipswich on Sunday for sure! I love my dad and I am glad he has got the job because he is dedicated and passionate about the club, so it has fufillled a lot of his dreams, and he loves it. Once again, in no way is my dad ''undignified'' he is a man of integrity and is a massive inspiration to me, and so many others. Melissa J Gunn x   [/quote] Great post Melissa - he must be very proud of you too.  We all love yr dad too
  4. [quote user="STAR IN THE HOOD"]If you made it a big sort of 5-a-side tournament you may get more involved and raise more money etc. Juts a thought. The Carrow Road idea is sensible though - and Gunny''s leukemia charity seems the obvious choice.[/quote] I like this idea - also, why not invite/compete against teams from WOTB/other fan sites etc?  This would increase likely participants and potential spectators.
  5. I live in Kingston Upon Thames.  I should probably update my user name!
  6. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]i don''t like the idea too much, i idolised Hucks whilst he was here but come on, if he''s coming back in January he''s going to be nearly 34 and well, well past his best.[/quote] Something we''ve lacked for large chunks of this season is committment and someone to lead by example. For the feel-good factor alone, I''d welcome him back.  Even if he''s only an impact player who comes on with 20mins to go to run at players, I''m in. 
  7. [quote user="AndyJR"] Sorry but Tim Lovejoy is utterly obsessed with himself. Dreadful presenter. [/quote] Completely agree - that said, the format needs freshening up.  Not a compelte overhaul, but the predictability I used to love is getting tired.
  8. They''re awesome - the best yet! Has this been televised presumably?  If so, I missed it.
  9. Yes, that Aidy Boothroyd. The guy who kept Watford in the Championship after joining the club part way through a disastrous season, got them promoted the following season, had a good crack at the Premiership and then got them in the play-offs the following season. Not to mention a good FA Cup run. I also remember things a little differently in terms of player acquisition and disposal.  He brought in Daius Henderson, Marlon King, a certain Malkay Mackay to name a few.... a few signings didn''t work out... but the reason for the ''fire sale'' of players was (as I remember it) exactly that, a fire sale due to Watford almost going bust. I''m the first to admit how little I really know about football, equally, I don''t speak emotional garbage as though I''m some sort of authority on the subject.
  10. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] if Gunny keeps us up or we go down fighting on the lasst day then why not keep him on? we could do a hell of a lot worse.... for all those bleating about Adie Boothroyd consider this... many teams have fired their manager this season... not just us.. none of those clubs have hired Adie Boothroyd as manager..... i''ll leave others to think as to why that might be.. but it could have something to do with him being a 1 season wonder and onee of the most over rated managers in English football. jas :) [/quote] Yet again Jas, you show that what you know about football and management you could write on the back of a postage stamp.  Boothroyd''s a class act and has a lot more to offer and I''ll wager you he''s much more than a one season wonder.  More to the point, Watford was Boothroyd''s first management job.  Didn''t do a bad job in most people''s opinion and has since come out and said he learned loads from his time at Watford but that he wants some time out in order to address what he describes as his own short comings in his Premiership season. Under different circumstances, I''d be very happy to see Boothroyd at Norwich - as it is, I''ll stick with Gunn, Crook and Butterworth until at least Christmas next season, whichever division we''re in.
  11. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="LeedsYellow"] [quote user="wecandoit"][quote user="ITFC or NCFC......NCFC"]Barnsley 0-1 Blackpool![/quote]  is that gd or not[/quote] I''d rather a draw.... Live table link here:  http://www.sportinglife.com/football/live/tables/cc_champ.html [/quote] Surely it''d be better for Blackpool to win, as Barnsley have games in hand. Hard games albeit, but still. [/quote] Guess you can argue either way, but I''d prefer Blackpool drop 2 points rather than them gaining 3
  12. [quote user="wecandoit"][quote user="ITFC or NCFC......NCFC"]Barnsley 0-1 Blackpool![/quote]  is that gd or not[/quote] I''d rather a draw.... Live table link here:  http://www.sportinglife.com/football/live/tables/cc_champ.html
  13. [quote user="Cayra"] always on here first   I''m on WOB as well   Rant mode  :  It really is annoying that I can''t listen to the radio as it''s blocked so that teams can make more cash....REALLY ANNOYING.... I went to Carrow road a lot when I lived in England It''s even more annoying I can''t join as the payment page isn''t working... and there''s no Paypal''  rant off [/quote] I know what you mean mate but it''s actually the Football League who own/sold the rights which prevent the Beeb broadcasting the match on the web.  Dead annoying though.  Canaries World is a joke.  I''ve paid but don''t even bother trying to listen to the commentary anymore. I would save yourself further frustration and avoid CW at all costs!!!!
  14. Saint Canary & Superflash - two excellent and well considered posts.  I couldn''t agree with you more.  I hope people take the trouble to read your posts and ''see the wood for the trees.''
  15. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="LeedsYellow"][quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="LeedsYellow"][quote user="First Wizard"] No one else has, and watch him get the managers job next season too. Only at Norwich is failure rewarded![:S] [/quote] FFS Wiz - however, bad things are, it''s not Gunn''s fault.  Taking on the manager''s role when he did was a completely poisonous chalice but he took it anyway coz he loves the club.   He''s doing his best. It might not be good enough but don''t start slatting a legend. [/quote] Don''t fob or dodge the question Leeds, answer the question, City have quite a few legends, so why don''t we employ them all?   [/quote]   I''m not dodging the question.  I''m blatantly not answering it. I can''t take it seriously as it''s one of your latest violent swings of opinion from one extreme to another. [/quote] Cobblers! what violent swing? This is about a job for life Gunn,, not his manager ability.............try reading properly next time! [/quote] The violent swing that Yankee has clearly set-out.  Do try and keep up.
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