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  1. Long shot but I'm going to be in Hong Kong for the Ipswich game. Any HK-based Canaries know of any places that will be showing the game? Where would be the best place to head? I'm going to be staying in New Territories but will travel if needed.
  2. [quote user="Wings of a Sparrow"]Piano player in a brothel.[/quote] You work on the rigs then?
  3. Completely agree with Willmeister. At 3-1 you have to keep things tight, not give the crowd anything to cling to. If we kept it at that score for 5-10 mins then things would calm down and you''d fancy even Norwich to close it out. The emotions are raw right now but I''m majorly frustrated with this result. I can''t take any +ves from it at the moment. What is it with our inability to close a game out comfortably?!
  4. [quote user="Nuff Said"][quote user="Rustic"]OP raises some good points but the reality is there is not likely to be any other outside investment imminent. We are stuck with what we''ve got.[/quote]Thanks for flagging up that I don''t need to read your post any further.[/quote] Don''t then buddy, I couldn''t really care less.
  5. OP raises some good points but the reality is there is not likely to be any other outside investment imminent. We are stuck with what we''ve got.
  6. Looked useful when he first burst onto the scene. Not sure he would want to come here and/or Utd would want to let him. Could be a useful addition to add some creativity in the final third. Unproven though and that''s a risk in our position. Granted it costs £££ to get proven Premier League talent in but I''m not sure that the likes of Januzaj are the answer to our current situation.
  7. Hope this doesn''t mean Martin returning to CB any time soon. He is not up to playing there in the Prem and looks a bit of a liability in my opinion. If Pinto is any good then it would mean we have some excellent balance to our side with two attack-minded fullbacks in him and Brady (his best position at the moment it would seem).
  8. £8m? Let him go. Behind DM and CJ anyway and it''s an area we are likely to strengthen further in this window. If they have actually offered that much then it''s crazy money for a player who has shown precious little for us thus far. Granted Bournemouth are direct rivals but he has done nothing to suggest that he would be an asset for them anyway.
  9. Seemed like a top pro. Not sure he was up to Premier League standard, although he might yet prove me wrong if given a chance elsewhere in the future. Best of luck to him though, always came across as a very likeable bloke.
  10. Hello all I''ve recently moved to Singapore for work reasons. Just wondering if there are any other Canaries out here? Going to be wearing the yellow and green with pride.
  11. BBC has been reliable/right in the past. Got me excited now! I''m going to guess....Fer and Olsson.
  12. Can i just ask that wherever WLY starts the game on Sunday give him a massive cheer.  He needs to know how much we need him and love him.  Worthy might not like him but we all know just exactly what he can do.  By cheering as loud as possible when his name is read out or when he warms up etc we can crank up the pressure on Worthy to sign him up to a longer deal.
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