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  1. I might be able to find a couple of tickets from the Cardiff game back in October. I went with a few people and know the ticket stubs are around the house somewhere. I can''t guarantee I''ll be able to find them but if no one else can help then send me an email - rchws4444@hotmail.com and I''ll see what I can do.
  2. [quote user="Stranger44"]I''ve got 2 adult tickets to the Leeds game but can no longer go due to chicken pox :-( If anyone wants to go, doesn''t have tickets and is interested then please email me: rchws4444@hotmail.com[/quote] Just in case anyone else is interested, someone has taken the tickets off me so they are no longer available
  3. I''ve got 2 adult tickets to the Leeds game but can no longer go due to chicken pox :-( If anyone wants to go, doesn''t have tickets and is interested then please email me: rchws4444@hotmail.com
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I was wondering if anyone knew the dates for the play-offs this year? I have searched the internet but haven''t managed to find an answer. They were slightly different to normal last year as far as I remember so I wasn''t sure what was happening this year. I''m getting married abroad and am trying to fix a date but would hate to be away for the play offs just in case we are involved!
  5. Well that''s better than Leeds who got whipped by Bury 4-0 :-)
  6. I watched him play for Bury last Saturday in a friendly against Burnley. He had one good moment but other than that was rubbish. He looks very out of condition. It didn''t help he was being played out of position but thats no excuse. The Bury fans were pleased to see him back there as he had been good for them in the past and all seemed to be hoping for him to do well but were left disappointed. He''s not been signed up by them and is no longer on trial there. Given how few decent players they have there at the moment I think that says a lot.
  7. [quote user="HuckerbysMullet"]http://ax.itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/we-cant-dance/id369712315 Cant beleive he''s been released, gutted. These guys wrote a song about him which if 3000 people buy it before monday it will chart, what better way to show the club he deserved at least another season...[/quote] I thought this was a great idea until I heard the song. It''s really not great and I won''t be buying it because I''d actually be slightly embarrassed for it to be in the charts and linked to our great football club. I love the idea.....if only the song matched up! Sorry if that sounds harsh but I''m not sure I could face listening to the song again....
  8. [quote user="The Black Panther"]Lets just wait and see what happens. Lambert may have a player lined up who is better than doherty and therefore making all these comments look stupid. Lets just wait and see what happens and keep all this disgrace nonsense under wraps until we know what the full outcome will be.[/quote] Well lets hope he has more than ''a'' player lined up to play in defence as I''m not sure either Nelson or Askou will cut it at Championship level and Whitbread is constantly injured and when he isn''t, he hasn''t looked that great! The Doc was our most consistent talented central defender this season. Nelson was great in the air but is slow and his distribution is woeful just as Askou''s is.
  9. [quote user="Glenn Foy"]I think the decision to release the Doc is an absolute disgrace. An absolute disgrace. He''s came 3rd in our POTS vote for christs sake!! In a promotion winning season. I really am fuming. He is one of the first names on the team sheet for next season, along with Holt. He''s our best central defender FFS! I remember his first game away at Man Utd when he came on as a sub, and caused havoc in the air for the last 20 mins and then scored a few days later away at Newcastle. He has been a legend in my eyes ever since. His commitment to the club, his desire, his determination to the club, his mental strength is second to no-one. People were laughing earlier in the season when it looked like he was being let go, and he showed every single one of you who was laughing up as a complete mug by being our best defender this season. For me, as my favourite player, this decision is worse than Huckerby being released. A truly sad day for NCFC. Such a shame after yesterdays celebrations. There''s only one Gary Doherty. [/quote] I fully agree and am absolutely gutted.
  10. [quote user="Largey"]Was he also the guy who said we were rubbish when Holt was out and used the example that we never scored at Milwall. he then corrected himself to Neil Adams amusement![/quote] He was indeed -  he said we''d not scored when Holt was suspended and then corrected himself. I think he just wanted to be on the show and couldn''t decide what to talk about so decided to argue with himself.
  11. [quote user="Kent Canary"]He started off by stating that Grant Holt would not cut it in the Championship, then he had a pop at Chris Martin (along the linesof he doesn''t do anything), then he had a shot at Grant Holt''s support not being good enough and signed off by explaining that Grant would be a 20 goal a season striker in the Prem if only he had enough support! Where do they find these idiots and exactly who is dialling the number for them, he cannot have operated that phone on his own! He clearaly does not actually watch Norwich/Football/Sport/any thing outside of his own head! [/quote] He was an absolute joke. I couldn''t make out what he was getting at - Holt can''t both fail in the championship and be a definite 20 goal a season stirker! I actually felt compelled to ring up and ask how Neil Adams copes with those types of calls and yet doesn''t laugh at them...but I resisted the urge as Canary call doesn''t actually seem to be for normal people.
  12. [quote user="Harry"]Norwich are the only English club to beat Bayern at the Olympic Stadium, this can''t change as they now play at the Allianz Arena. [/quote] That can''t change, you''re right, but it''s also quite cool that Norwich are still the only club to beat Bayern Munich in Germany - I''d like this record to continue and love the fact that it always gets talked about whenever an English club is drawn to play Bayern.
  13. [quote user="Championship Dogger "]Mcveigh for me[/quote] Now now dogger, not taking it seriously is what happened last year and Croft ended up with the trophy - I mean surely that was a joke wasn''t it?! I''ve not actually met anyone who voted for Croft last year but there have got to be a lot of comedians out there......
  14. [quote user="CambridgeCanary"] Speaking for myself only, it is a Manchester United thing.  The dominance it has over English football and they way it has exercised that dominance to accrue more wealth to itself has been very damaging to football.   That plus the repellant nature of the manager and many of the fans leads me to an invincible repugnance against Man Utd winning anywhere ever.   I just want the schadenfraude of their failure whether at Bayern or in a preseason friendly here. I have no problem watching Arsenal succeed though I am indifferent to Chelsea''s performance I do not think that being English compells me to support Englishness come what may.  Until recently, European sides had much better skill levels and deserved to win.  The gap has narrowed due to the foreign players in English teams as the average skill of English players is still less than many other nations. Why shouldn''t Barcelona or Bayern win if they are the best team?   Would I rather see a poor physical English side beat a more skilled European side?  No.   Would I have wanted to miss the great Ajax or Milan teams?  No.   Great teams and great players showing skill and imagination are good for football.  Where ever they come from. Also, a failure at European level of Man Utd. amy lead to a more realsistic assessment of England''s world cup propspects and therefore less hysteria before hand and less anguish when the wheels come off against a half decent country whose players can kick with both feet and pass to each other (two skills apparently optional amongst English players eevn at international level).  Somehow though, I doubt it. [/quote] I with you on this one. I''m not going to support a club just because they are English. I can''t stand Man Utd nor can I stand Chelsea. Arsenal however is a different matter as I love the football they play.
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