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  1. i would take my shirt of like leon against man utd well we have to do our part to keep them women nice and hot over that cold time of year lol   or blow a kiss to delia  
  2. what young players can u see breaking into the team this season well apart from shacks
  3. he had already made his mind up about going to utd
  4. nah i am going to put money on him to score the winner against fulham and to keep us up
  5. i love phil mulryne and i am very sad to see him go but i think he has wanted to go sense damo has came to be ture
  6. i think hendo needs to go out on loan as well maybe to the U''s with iwan as hendo and jarvis both seemed to look up to him a lot in iwan''s book also would help get hendo abit happeir and away from the boo boys
  7. and mcveigh needs to play in his ture postion up front
  8. does not like playing against chealsa does he
  9. so people have gone from saying how well he played last weekend that he was become a class player for us which i still think is ture to saying he is rubbish and that we should get rid of him come on guys please less of the jumping the gun
  10. yes of course you leave hucks on for the whole 90mins
  11. [quote]Bit of a double-edged sword. But if Bentley can play like he did every week we are looking at a quality player. Obviously though, if he does continue in this vein he will be more difficult to hold ont...[/quote] PS. Bents, be a big fish in a small pond like Hucks, you can be a legend like him too. Be adored by 25,000, or liked by 45,000. The choice is yours. i love that hope green will belive the same thing when arsenal come knocking
  12. its because other teams can risk trying youngest plus when plays hendo alot of people just boo him anyway
  13. i would like eye of tiger to be played
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