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  1. OEA Agree with your last sentence 100% - and thats the reason for steering clear of some situations. If football is all about confidence, then the barrackers and moaners will quickly see to it that any spark is quickly extinguished. Good for Helveg, Doherty and Bentley too who have taken a lot of stick this year for coming through it. But equally we remember Easton and Rivers who never really managed it. An ex Binner will have to have the skin of a rhinocerous to cope with the flak that would head their way. Trouble is, it affects more than the targetted player. So, be selective.
  2. Its hardly a gamble. We''ve got collateral in Green. And any reasonable player purchased now can be resold if the worst should happen. Hell, they may even appreciate in value. That means the worst case scenario would only be some loss on wages - may only be the difference between a quality player and an average players take. All compensated for by selling off Green and reselling the new player(s). Why are we dithering??
  3. Personally, I''ve always admired Scowcroft''s general hold up play and temperament and would see him as a reasonable acquisition at say £300. But it can''t happen. The sheer animosity witnessed on this board to someone who has strong Ipswich connections makes it untennable. The smallest mistake would generate massive anti- feeling which would affect him and the whole team. Sorry, but rule it out.
  4. And when you go out to buy your dvd you tell anyone who wants to listen that you''ve got a tight budget, may have to buy a couple of old videos anyway in the hope that the dvd seller will reduce his price. I''ve got a warm feeling about this one. Spurs and Villa haven''t exactly crashed in yet - could be a good outcome yet. We can offer quite a lot to Ashton where he would be a big fish immediately rather than a small fish elsewhere. If only we convince him that we''ll be Premiership next year too.
  5. Typical Redcrap (the elder) move. Free, high wages and ex Hammers. We''ve got to be happy - one of his loan options used up probably on someone who will have difficulty linking into this Saints team and with a higher than usual probability of injuries. Seriously, I can see Harry coming unstuck this year. Too late to throw together a rag bag of mercenaries and expect them to gel together with the existing team. Not a long term strategy either - money down the drain. Anyone who Nigel buys will be seen as part of a longer term strategy.
  6. My comment isn''t about our team - its about West Ham. Interesting to see first hand how Harewood shapes up. And of course, Malky in his new club. Is he still as slow as we remember him - or is he an absolute brick outhouse that we can''t pass? Personally, the one West Ham player I''d love us to sign is Etherington. Too good for Worst Ham - and we need another midfielder.
  7. Hmmmm, all away. But big six pointers. Having already seen them, then they''re all winable.
  8. Having a wretched time but won''t go down. Got to hope they don''t give up points to our fellow strugglers.
  9. My question isn''t who will we buy but when will we buy. We''ve had a good three months to be looking at options. We knew when the last windo closed we were short on quality and we had some money. Lets hope that we move quickly and capitalise on new players sooner rather than later. I hope we don''t see the silly scramble we saw back in August.  
  10. ZPL Only help I can give you is moral support. I concur with your views about the short term best back 4. I think its time Fleming had a little break as Worthy would say, and believe Charlton and Shackell - experience and youth, physically short and tall but both mobile, could work out. Would also prefer to see Helveg in his more customary position. Would tighten the defence and make way for someone else in midfield. Agree middle defence is a January priority but can''t say who. Suspect Bramble is being considered - but please no, not because he''s ex-Tahn but simply because he''s a lumbering carthorse. No better than Doc.
  11. When was the last time a Nationwide South player made it to the Premiership via a short stay in Div 3?
  12. Prooves that spending lots of money (relative to us) doesn''t guarantee success.
  13. No choice but 4-5-1 for Chelsea. Me I''d play last week''s team but swap Svenson for MacKenzie. Matty played really well last week, but that was against Bolton - this week its Chelsea. Last week we were the attacking team and Matty''s hold up play was perfect. Not to mention his strikes. Different ball game this week. For me, Leon''s willingness and energy will see him tracking back more to help a hard pressed midfield. And he''s able to break quickly and generally be a nuisance. OK his final shot is often lacking, but one of these days...... 
  14. Dowies going to make the news more than Worthy because he stands out (not just his mad look) and he''s a huge self publicist. I didn''t say he was any good - but he has craftily marketed himselef - his engineering degree, his brother, his quirky training regime, his motivation techniques etc  .....yawn, yawn. When Palace crash, as I believe they will - they are a two man team after all - he''ll be drowned in a chorus of silence - who''ll want to know him. Worthy - the quiet man, know what I mean, will eventually prevail. In any case, we''ve had our share of hype. Palace supporters and the rest must be bored rigid by the Norwich - Delia bandwagon - but long may it roll on.
  15. Chicken Here, here. I think you speak for the silent majority.
  16. Sorry to disagree. I think we found the team to beat Bolton but lets face it, injuries forced the choice. But that team won''t always work for different opponents. But we did find the spirit. The same spirit that was burning in our entry games but seems to have dissappeared of late. If we can bottle that and keep it - and select appropriate teams and formations - we''ll prevail. PS like 4-5-1.
  17. I look forward to reading the Man''s page everyweek. There''s an air of mystery and intrigue attached to his anonymity whilst his comment always gets right to the heart of the issue, occaisionally poking fun but always full of incite. And a fair dollop of Ipsich bashing for good measure. Last weeks column was spot on. Absolutely. Who could be upset by that - only a moron or madman. Any of those on this board?  
  18. Seem to recall similar views ahead of our visit to Manure - and we nearly nicked it.
  19. So you''re saying any young talent shouldn''t be tried. Exit Mr Rooney et al. Shackell has demonstrated in his limited first team appearances a calm assurance that I for one don''t think would be out of place in the Premiership. He can count on excellent support from those around him to help give him what he lacks - experience to read the game. But he does have height, strength and mobility - which can''t be said for any of the others (all three that is). Ideally, he should be on the bench ready to come in and play. Personally I would play him now, including v Chelski, in place of the Doc - and have Doc standing by just in case.
  20. You''ve got the right three but I believe consistency hangs heavy. Charlton is my no 1 - has been invaluable with his consistency, aggression and overall nous. Its not entirely his fault he is paired with another "shortie" in the centre of defence. Have to say, that left back looks like an even better position. Greeno my no 2 - how many points has he earned us - most of the drawn games for starters. And Mr Consistency. Francis - fantastic - but have been a few games when he has been quiet - so not so consistent overall.  
  21. ZPL - I like the look of your formation. I''d like to see Leon as a lone striker and defensive minded midfielders in front of the defence a la'' Everton. But prefer to see Mcveigh play ahead of Bentley. Having said that - with so much change, could this team gel together in time?
  22. He was fired earlier this year after a series of similar incidents - but wormed his way back and was reinstated. Could be the final straw this time.
  23. [quote]...it all fits except for the fact that Dumble''s a bloke![/quote] Thats just a front. That macho - I''m at uni line. Examine his posts. They''re full of subtle foodie references. Its Delia I tell you.
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