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  1. The "sacking" clubs invariably have a chairman/board problem - rather than a manager problem. Look at those departures this year. Megson - poor relationship with chairman. Can''t see Robson being an inspired choice. Harry - ditto. Rupert Lowe is remowned for his idiocy. Its got flop written all over it. Newcastle. Again, Freddie Shepherd and the board have a lot to answer for. And so it goes on. Boardroom attitudes. The contrast with Norwich and Charlton is that the manager and the board are an effective unit. Not sure about Palace - Jordan and Dowie. I expect trouble after the end of the season.
  2. How about converting the loan with Arsenal to a permanent deal (at the right price) conditional on having a further loanee (Pennant perhaps) for remainder of the season. Win - win
  3. Lackoffaith disease perhaps. An even more common ailment often suffered by posters is Ficklefobia. The latter disease is usually brought on by a gutless team display, purchase of a new player, materialisation of unknown funds, new scandanavian players, and many, many other irritants. Easily cured by taking blindfaith pills three times a day, immediately after reading the message board.
  4. Heartbeat is a good word. And Dama does need a good partner. Everything goes through Quasie - but I rather think he can delay advancement because he has to be personally involved in almost every move. Personally, with Tonge and Kumas being talked up, I know where I''d prefer to spend precious funds. And I am quirte a Cooper fan.
  5. I usually keep an eye on the web on Palace as a near rival. Interesting to note todays THREE  rumours:- Kiraly, their goalie being watched by Arsenal, and others Routledge, rejected their offer and keen interest from Spurs Dowie - interest from Leed''s latest consortium Here''s hoping January brings more surprises in our favour.
  6. Wiz, Andy Johnson - you cannot be serious!!
  7. Sorry guys but you can''t read too much into anything Worthy says. He will not show his hand to anyone - to do so would undermine his negotiating position - which we will never know about until after the event. Patience - and faith required, I''m afraid. If you want to know exactly whats going on, how much can be afforded, how many players are needed etc then go and listen to Harry Redknapp instead.
  8. The current injury crisis just underlines how important it is to have all positions coverered. To have Drury, Charlton and Brennan covering that area is great. Charlton can also shadow central defence. Don''t see Drury personally as a midfielder, but nothing like competition and the removal of the captaincy responsibility to help him focus on winning back his position. Makes us a stronger team.
  9. Excellent, committed player in a position where we''re weak. Hope the deal can be done.  
  10. Agree with you - Leon does make things happen. Licking my lips!!
  11. Hear, hear Yankee and Tumbleweed. What we''re seeing is the Board demonstrating that all along they have planned for alternative outcomes. This far into the season they can now see that staying up is realistically achievable - just like lasts years Christmas push was a calculated risk. Even now people are saying, why didn''t they spend more in the summer and we''d not be where we now are. Easy to say with hindsight but impossible back in August. Who would have known then that 32 points could well spell safety this year. I think we can say, given our resources, the board are doing a great job.  
  12. Chunky We''ll never know. Remember, back in August the Premiership was a complete unknown to us. We could have blown £millions and still found ourself adrift. Better to do what we''ve done, assess the situation mid term and invest if appropriate.  
  13. Welcome back Jim. Would be nice but whatever the kitty I rather think Reid sees himself with Spurs rather than us.
  14. Right player, right time for us. Certainly better than Johanssen/Euell. Better than Harewood too - but is he part of the package? Can''t help thinking there''ll be a pair of strikers to bang ''em in. Now, who do we get in the middle?
  15. All bluff and counter bluff if you ask me. Both managers doing their jobs well. Pardew talking up the value. Worthy, well - I wonder if he''s looking elsewhere and this is a smokescreen. Just don''t believe a word you read until its certain.
  16. Re pretending to be a wizard. Do I like it - er, No Do I hate it - er, No, too. Am I bored by it - Yup. Bit sad too. I can see why it appeals to new posters- but would prefer to see a bit less of it. Doesn''t mean to say I don''t enjoy Wiz''s comments on all subjects football - usually provocative, often extreme but always likekly to cause much comment.
  17. This is where we differ so much from West Brom. There clearly isn''t a well thought through plan in place, bearing in mind their purchases back in the summer too. Its beginning to look desperate and panicky. End result could be relegation with a hole in the account to boot. Contrast this with us, we''ve clearly got a sensible strategy in place and are prepared invest when and if the time is right. Sorry guys, but there were a lot of posters, you know who you were, who were ranting about " The Doomcaster", the board et al , having no ambition. Think its clear we have. And WBA will show what happens if you shoot from the hip..  
  18. I think the funds were always there for release if we were deemed to be in a reasonable position come January. Remember, Mumby talked about having a number of scenarios covered off before the season kicked off. Wouldn''t it have been reckless if we''d spent heavily before the season commenced only to find we were still way out of our depth - a la West Brom. Would have been money down the drain. Equally, were we dead in the water come January, again why spend heavily for no good reason. But were we to be safe''ish or nearly safe, then realistic investments in January would make good business sense. Well we''re in January now, we''ve had a good look at the Premiership and it isn''t so scary. We''re still in touch. £5 or $6 million now doesn''t seem reckless to me - and we''ve got collateral in Green - and even Ashton - if it still went very wrong. To do any less than what I suggest would be the most reckless course of action now.
  19. I suspect Jim''s got an injury and will be fit to post again shortly. Rumour has it the injury is a rather serious modem tweak but others are saying that he''s got a hard disk problem. I''ve even heard that he was so shocked by the outburts it has led to a temporary memory loss of his Pinkun login in password. Come on Jim, pop down the library and log on there. We miss your cheery contributions.
  20. I regard this as a great compliment to us. And no, he isn''t leaving. We''re actually building a squad.
  21. This guy is the fan''s choice. He''s been mentioned on this board for the last year. Sure, there''ll be high expectations but I don''t perceive anyone will be on his back if he has a barren spell. Like Hux, we want him badly. All the others mentioned were surprise acquisitions - so its not unexpected to hear some moans if they don''t perform. And Doherty and Safri, bless them, well when it appeared they were coming there was a lot of anti feeling ahead of the actual purchase. The great thing about this signing is that it demonstrates to City fans that the club are ambitious within our limits. Lets hope there are a few more surprises in midfield and defence. Now, who else do we want?
  22. Just goes to show that you shouldn''t believe everything you see in the media. Whilst Nigel is still developing his football tactical nous, he''s always played a shrewd game with the media - using it when it suits and keeping stumm when necesary. Contrast him to that idiot Redknapp. Looks like he pays well over the odds to agents and on wages beause he can''t keep his gob shut. That''s why Milan kicked him out.
  23. Oh dear Wiz. And for those of us with a slightly longer memory, - you were guaranteeing that Harewood would be here come January - because you''d cast an infallible spell. Seems like you need to sort out the old magic filing cabinet.
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