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  1. And there''s another category - opto-realist. That''s where I''m at.
  2. Who wants a plastic, sanitised, no smiling please, type of commentary. Not me. Uncle Roy, his blanket, news of his journey to the ground, cup of tea at half time, rambling eccentricity, Yes please. Goreham''s great for news bulletins and Thursday night''s Scrimmage radio show - but no, no, no.
  3. Just to add to this - I suspect that Hux in particular generates a fair number of up-field throw ins. Can any Stato''s quantify how many throw-ins we get in the course of a game. I would imagine it must be around 10 or so. Blimey, 10 extra "corners" would certainly add to the threat.
  4. This is another ineteresting perspective on things. If it were that predictable, then it''d be possible to win the pools every week. BUT the real message shining through from this and other views on the bottom 4 is that we''ve got a very realistic chance of staying up.
  5. The point was made earlier in this thread, wages account for as much again as transfer fees. Then there''s the overhead from running a sizeable organisation - buildings, fixtures, other staff, marketing etc etc So perhaps a transfer kitty of £6/7m is sustainable given income is believed to be £20m+ per season. I suppose we must have spent at least £4m this year - Ashton, Jonson. That seems to live with the level of investment seen from the more rational players (ie those without a millionaire chairman). That would be new money on top of any transfer receipts.
  6. Good point Nolegs. And it should be Hux - his attacking threat far outweighs his defensive capability - I would expect the defending team to stand 3 men down given his reputation.
  7. I couldn''t resist adding my forecast in and have included Blackburn too. WBASaintsPalaceNorwichBlackburnSaints h 1WBA a 1Arsenal a 0B/Burn a 1Norwich h 1Chelsea a 0 
  8. Great bit of analysis BEB - and using your numbers, if it all pans out as you forecast, except that City hold Saints away, then we''ll be home and dry.
  9. I hear what you say but its still 90% likely to be a gunners victory.    
  10. Palace WILL lose this weekend. At home to the gunners - what other result? And a win at Blackburn takes us out of the immediate dangerzone. Good for confidence and it means that Blackburn are then very catchable.  Roll on Saturday.
  11. Sheepshanks cunning plan to raise funds following failed share sale.
  12. I''ll start by confirming Nigel is doing a good job. But neither Robson or Harry have taken outrageous gambles with their recent signings. Grrrrrrr! Harry is merely recycling his Beattie money. He made that clear when he arrived that he was going to do this. And he''s offloading some players. How I wish we could have attracted someone of Reid''s standard. Robson is taking short term loanees - whats wrong with that?
  13. Come Saturday at 5.00 it could be a whole lot better if the next two results go for us. And a desperate position if not? What is the ideal outcome from our point of view for the WBA v Palace match this midweek?
  14. Worthy works in mysterious ways. Has done it before. I doubt we''ll ever know exactly who he may be talking with. Don''t rule anything out. Or in.
  15. Having yawned through all the ridiculous rubbish questioning fan loyalty - and even today, that of a viewing player, without comment, something occurs to me. However people felt as the 3rd and 4th goals went in against us - I did not hear one boo. Perhaps a groan or two, but no boo''s. Which was then followed by singing. That speaks volumes for the overwhelming loyal support here. Even the early departers weren''t booing. Now where else could that be said. I''ve heard a fair amount of booing on MotD for inept performances at other grounds. Just because a small proportion left early, we nevertheless have a fantastically loyal fan base.
  16. At this late stage we won''t be getting anyone new. I''m with Helveg and Charlton right and left when they''re fit. They have the extra class that matters. Centre is more awkward. Fleming has played bravely and with commitment but hasn''t proved to be the solution. Has been found out of position on occaisions - remember the spat with Charlton. I would pair Shackell and Doherty - because I think this is our last throw of the dice and this pairing is worth a try. Shackell is no younger than many others in the Premiership and shouldn''t be seen as a handicap. Organisation is the key - getting the defence far more together. The coaching team have the biggest rolke to play to really work on that.
  17. .....I was mega-impressed by Ashton on saturday. Looks like a great buy - for someone coming into a new team and into the Premiership, he took it easily within his stride. Whats all this about greater fitness and the step up - he worked tirelessly all afternoon. Seems to have it all for me - head, great shot in both feet, good hold up play and an eye for goal. Will turn out to be our best buy for years.
  18. Fatman Fat You are spot on in your view - both Blackburn and now West Brom have attended to their defences - getting them playing together as a unit - with remarkable results. I doubt we''ll see another player in here now, but there is time to get the tactics right. But must get it sorted pronto. Individually, the players have done well, except perhaps Drury. But as a unit. No. Even in some of the early season backs-to-the-wall performances, I think good fortune assisted some pretty desperate defending. With Helveg, Charlton, Fleming, Doherty, Shackell, Drury and Brennan to select from, we''re not so badly off. But are they playing together as a unit - no way? Last years team, with Malky, was settled and therefore operated as a more cohesive unit in the less demanding world of the championship. And Malky did lead that unit whatever his own shortcomings. Our attack is not bad and with Holt and Safri on their way back - midfield will soon be stronger. For me, we really are at the last chance saloon and must make the defence far more effective.
  19. Versatile yes but just a jack of all trades master of none I''m afraid. Woud opposition defenders rate him as a real attacking threat? - I doubt it. Would opposition midfielders expect him to boss the midfield? - I doubt it. Would opposition attackers - especially wide on the left, expect him to be strong defensively? - I doubt it. So there you have it - a player who isn''t really up to the grade in any area. An ok utility man for the bench perhaps, but in my view, not up to scratch for the Premiership.
  20. I will second that ZPL. Frankly, I expected a draw although hoped for a win. The day was worsened by all of our immediate competitors making up 2 points on us. Spurs, Liverpool, Man City - you let us down!! But, there are positives. Thought the strike force played very well for a new partnership. And there''s a break until the next match when hopefully we can work on tactics as well as injuries healing. But we must sort out midfield and defence. We''ve little room left for error going forward.
  21. If there was such an instrument as an "energy expenditure meter" and you strapped it onto Hux, I am aure you''d get a high reading. The guy works incredibly hard. He often looks tired out before the end of the game because of the effort that he puts in. But if the question is - could he be used more effecively, then I think the answer is yes. Bring him inside more. Use his energy and skills to greater advantage. Playing off Ashton could be the key. After all, AJ doesn''t spend all of his time out on the flanks.
  22. We''re battling with an injury crisis, and so are the Saints. Website info says "Southampton have suffered a blow with the news that Kevin Phillips faces three weeks on the sidelines." Further Saints website soundbite for you commenting on reinforcements:- "The Saints boss has added Jamie Redknapp, Calum Davenport and £2.1million Nigel Quashie to his squad during the January transfer window, and he believes more players need to be added. ''''The chairman has to realise drastic measures are needed,'''' pleaded Redknapp. ''''It''s no good him saying: ''We can''t do this for financial reasons''. He''s got to do something. At the moment we''re odds on to go down.'''' Southampton received £6million from the sale of James Beattie to Everton, yet only £4million of that has been given to Redknapp – of which over half was spent on Quashie." This tells me we''re not alone - but whoever gets their act together soonest can pull away from danger
  23. The window''s practicaklly two thirds shut already. No panic moves please. Can''t see why Greens value would be less in the summer anyway. Lets keep him here and borrow against that collateral now - it could keep us up. We can square the books later by selling Green - and if we stay up, next years revenue is justification enough. Its a no lose strategy.
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