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  1. Interesting post. The votes from the Twigge jury, based on value for money paid, are:- Ashton: 8 - Rapidly found his feet, doesn''t look out of place and a great investment. A genuine goalscorer who will get much better. Jonson: 4 - Not convinced. Neither am I sure where his best position is, if indeed there is one. This may well have been a panic buy, or bought unseen. Helveg: 6 - Difficult to really say but was a free. Has shown signs of quality that I believe will emerge given an extended run. Bentley: 5 - Still not convinced. Had a lot of games to adjust to the team and the division. I think he believes he''s better than he is. But, with maturity I believe he could become btter and I would keep him at the right price. Stuart: 6 - Come on. He was only bought as a short term stop gap when we needed experience and a cool head And at a time when few players were actually moving. Not here for the long haul but hasn''t done badly for me. Safri: 6 - Surprised he gasn''t been used more. Played really well away to Spurs. Yes, he''s better than Holt but is a little too vulnerable to getting booked and is hence a liability. Doherty: 6 - Like Stuart, he was a desperate purchase as the first window was shutting and was bought to help attack as well as defence. Turns out he''s not brilliant at either. Not a long term star but better than Fleming.
  2. Chicken - thats a very accurate summary of ol'' ''arry boy. No loyalty except to his own bank balance. Mandorich had enough of the silly money and didn''t see anything of broader developments such as a good acedemy infrastructure. Nope, - because you can''t buy that - it takes something more. Give me Worthy every time.
  3. I''m with the flow. The whole management team will now be considerably more experienced after their time in the Premiership than they were this time last year - and nobody then was moaning about them. Sure they''ve made mistakes but providing they learn from them and keep abreast of new development and ideas, why change them.
  4. Latest news following Worthy''s successful trial of his cloning machine. Team will be Green Fleming Fleming Fleming Fleming  Holt Holt  Holt Huckerby Leon   Ashton  
  5. I''m with you Zipper, as tough as it is to see the team losing too often, providing they give there all I still find a loss "acceptable" at this stage. Interestingly, I was listening to Talksport yesterday breakfast and the pundits remarked that for them this years relegation struggle is more exciting than the top positions. Well, what about that, we''re entertaining the nation.
  6. Ignoring the Fleming issue its got to be a good call - Charlton is a left side player and was awful when played on the right earlier this year. And Drury and Shacks have played well on the left side - and should stay put - thats entirely consistent with retaining the players in form and maintaining consistency. And Bolton are a big physical side. Having said all of that what about Fleming? He''s not the man in form. Neither is he physically large. And he isn''t the ideal person to bring Shackell on - far to prone to panicking and blaming others. Perhaps the Doc should be tried. With Charlton on the bench.  
  7. Hey Portsmouth dude - if you do fall through the trapdoor you won''t be coming back. Why. Good ol'' ''arry signed up a team of overpaid merceneries who have been bankrolled by the very dubious Mr Mandorich. Go down and your best players will be away faster than the speed of light leaving a pile of *rap behind them. On second thoughts - most appropriate.
  8. If we go down, then the ideal teams to fall down with us are those most likely to falter in the Championship and not compete strongly as we make our return, as we surely will. On that basis my vote would go to Palace and Portsmouth. Both run down clubs with crazy, unpredictable chairmen and a few stars who would quickly jump ship.
  9. At best - he''s additional back up. Attack isn''t our problem.
  10. Of course its possible - but difficult to believe given the last months results - our lack of it and our competitors real progress, West Brom, Palace and Saints. In all cases they''ve sured up their defences. Blackburn - well they''re more or less out of trouble now. I''d love to believe it - ask me again after the next two games.
  11. The galling thing to see is that all of the other strugglers at January have majored on getting their defences tightened - largely by using the same players but with more organisation and determination. Look at Blackburn, Palace, WBA and Saints. We on the other hand have been going backwards.Thats where the battles been lost.  
  12. Palace did spend more than us last summer - but not much more. However, they spent nothing in January when we shelled out £3m.
  13. Whilst I think Drury is now playing better, I wouldn''t for these remaining games reinstate him. Let him concentrate on his game. Me, I''d go for Stewart short term - steady, mature, aware of whats going on and in a good position on the pitch. With big, tough Bolton coming up away, no way can Fleming be continued with. Charlton is the obvious choice.
  14. Give me the name of just one manager who hasn''t bought the occaisional "dog"? Worthy''s record ain''t that bad. We''re talking a three year period. And it meant squeezing money out of a very a very limited bank account.
  15. Well said again Chicken. In a world of Championship Manager, its so easy to just shuffle your pack. And if it doesn''t come off, well, so what. But in the real world, its a different matter. Here''s a way of focussing on realism. Imagine you had to stake £50 on the best defensive combination we have to keep a clean sheet, ie you lose £50 if a goal goes in. Who would YOU pick? Now up the stake tenfold to £500. An amount you couldn''t afford to lose. Now who are you going to pick. Same guys - or not. Still want to put Shackell in there? I wonder. You''ll do what Worthy''s been doing. You''ll use your tried and tested players, warts and all. And in the real world the stakes are very, very, high.
  16. Is vision a skill or part of the basics because Arsenal have it in abundance. And its what we lack big-time. That for me has been the saddest part of this year. Lots of huff and puff - but visionless.
  17. Spot on Chicken. Last August when we were heading into the great unknown, this outcome was what many of us anticipated. I think you have clearly articulated that there are many reasons to be cheerful.
  18. No way would Delia sell out. She''s the majority shareholder. And in any case, she''d never allow yankee style ham burgers into the ground would she.
  19. You''ve got me on my favourite rant. I have always been amazed by this. Iwan''s book exposed it for me. Tough? Fit? Hardly. He seemed to spend much of the odd "half" day having a sauna and massage. Perhaps thats why Ashton has quickly got up to the teams high fitness levels. I guess a good number of us hold down a demanding job for at least 8 hours a day, if not longer, 5 days a week, manage our families and still manage to get to the Gym, play squash, football, circuit training etc for almost as many days of the week as the professionals do. I appreciate the reasons for not overtraining but why don''t they spend thinking time on tactics, analysis of self and opponents, personal development etc etc especially as they have so much time. Thats how it is on the continent.
  20. I can''t think the England midweek experience was too helpful either. Keeping the bench warm in a meaningless friendly and filling in as a left back on the training pitch - not ideal for focus before a crucial 6 pointer in atrocious conditions.
  21. SURVIVAL, as of today. I had hoped for a point on Saturday - lets face it we started brightly on Saturday and could so easily have got the lead. If only....... So MUST win against Man City. Fail to do that, then the R word starts looking likely.
  22. Oh I see your point. What a great defensive record West Ham have these days in the heady levels of Div 1. Sorry, Malky isn''t the saviour.
  23. And didn''t Hughes manage to get himself sent off last time he played at Carrow Road. Tut. Tut.
  24. Just Worthy applying his learning from people like Sir Alex. Make sure the ref, pundits, bystanders, media are all dragged into this - rattle Hughes (yes it has) - can only help.
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