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  1. Would largely agree but would swap your ratings for the Doc and Safri.

    Doc 9 - faultless on the floor, in the air, distribution and overall positioning good.

    Safri 8 - largely agree but some wayward passes at times not finding their targets and losing the initiative - but still good overall


    Doherty is playing incredibly well - and Davenport ain''t bad either. And Shacks in the wings.The defence has lost that panicky, shaky, headless attitude its had since Malky left us.

    Clean sheets aplenty from now on in.

    Was I dreaming or did we really have Fleming and Charlton together as our major duo last year in the first leg of our Premier campaign? Surely not!!

  3. The fans think that Worthy should be sacked.

    Can''t agree. As far as I''m concerned its a minority - many so fickle that they change their minds as frequently as the weather. We have a fan base attending matches of well over 20,000 and many, many more just as passionate who don''t or can''t get to matches. I''m not at all sure that so many are calling for his head.

    Frustrated yes.

    I''m frustrated. You''re frustrated. The Board are frustrated. But lets consider what is going well.

    We have retained Ashton, Huckerby and Green.

    We have three excellent loan signings. Worthy bought in Lisbie immediately he lost two of his three key forwards. He has bought in Davenport for 3 months to sure up a wobbly defence - a key move that already looks shrewd. On top of Marnie for a season.

    I''ve not heard anyone crticise those signings. Hughes now looks like he''s settling in to his role.

    And he''s brought Doherty, McVeigh and Brennan back in - and all three are playing well. And Fleming is now out.

    What more can he do.

    Sure, they aren''t playing as a team and clearly Ashton and Hux are not at the top of their games. But what more can he do. He''s got the right personnel.

    Now they need to gel better. I saw a match on saturday where they played better than Reading, didn''t perhaps create quite enough and had a forward on who clearly wasn''t right.

    In hindsight easy to see but I wonder how many of these critics if in the same hot seat would have taken Ashton off.

  4. In exasperation Twigge has risen from his slumber.

    Had Ashton had scored, there''d be none of this you can be sure.The posters here clearly want Worthy''s blood and will use any excuse to try and pin it on him.

    Unfortunately the penalty was missed - it happens.

    But why was it Worthy''s fault? He''s not on the pitch. He can''t intervene. Where was the captain. If he''s not there to lead the team and assess who should and shouldn''t take the penalty, then what is he there for?

    If there has to be a fault then direct your venom to Hughes.

    By the way, Doherty played a blinder. Excellent Worthy decision to play him - now its reaping rewards.

  5. I wonder what the sticking point is with Wigan?

    Possibly - " I want .....

    lots of money,

    freedom to jump ship whenever I desire,

    no criticism if I fail to make any impression in 50% of my matches,

    my agent to be taken seriously,

    the opportunity to go completely missing in key matches should I so wish,

    and if you don''t agree I shall scrream and scrream and make myself sick. So there. ..."




  6. Most of last years signings just didn''t cut it for the premiership; Bentley was vastly overrated and arrogant to boot, Helveg, sadly didn''t do it and appears more of a mercenary and Jonson just couldn''t adjust. Big names but no delivery.

    I have a good feeling about these latest recruits - it isn''t the premiership, I know, but I''m sure we''ll see maximum effort and realistic quality given the level, not a no show like last year.

  7. I''m a neutral on this issue but see West Brom consolidating their position and moving up a few places (could have been us!). They had a good final few months and have started to gel into a reasonable team, and of course now have further access to funds.

    I think it''ll be a little like last year with all three promoted clubs down at the biottom with Portsmouth.

    Portsmouth, for me, are relegation certs. Crazy chairman, odd manager with many of ''arry''s old mercenaries jumping ship. Green would be equally crazy if he were to seriously consider moving there.

    Who else - Wigan, sadly, with West Ham to be hammered. Sunderland to make it by a whisker.

  8. Nigel will be looking beyond the next season, and if we''re going to return to the Premiership we have to improve our firepower. Anyone notice that we were nearer the bottom of the scorers last year.

    I accept however, that we need to stop leaking goals at the other end.

    But Worthy has said he''s after at least 5 - so there''s room for another striker.

  9. We already have something akin to the suggestion - we have Worthy plus two others. I see no reason why this set up shouldn''t deliver providing there is clear leadership - there is - and good coaching - ?.

    Remember, Worthy was a novice last year but visibly grew through the season - he will be better for the experience. But I''m not so sure about his advisors - are they up to it - are they influencing the generous loyalty to certain players we''re always debating, alternatively why aren''t they strenuously arguing against it.

    Keep Worthy - but question the back room team. 

  10. Its a good deal for all concerned. And remember, its no surprise, it was drafted into his contract at the outset. The probability was always there.

    Frankly, he''s no more than 3 rd choice here - why not go back to Sweden and be closer to home and more likely to play. And he''s an ageng player and he''s getting slower.

    Take the money and reduce the wage bill and spend it on a rising star, I say.

  11. Patience. Without being complacent, I expect worthy to do a good job. When he reeally identifies a target he really wants he''ll move heaven and earth to get them eg Ashton and Hux. And when they are good prospects he doesn''t do a bad job - Francis/Mckenzie/Svensson/Charlton. All well spotted and purchased for sensible money.

    He''s worst when rushed - Doherty springs to mind and probably Jonson too.

    There are numerous examples of previous alledged targets who went elsewhere and failed.

  12. No doubt about his talent - all about the application.

    I can''t help thinking that his problem is inconsistency and possibly bottle, rather than blatant disinterest as is often suggested.

    I''d rather Worthy fixed the problem instead of selling him. Nothing like a season in the championship for him to rediscover himself.

  13. My view is that the defence will not come under the relentless pressure it has experienced within the Prem. Therefore, the current defensive pool is practically there with Brennan, Charlton, Doc, Edworthy to supplement the incumbants - whilst we look out for a really solid, mobile centre back and right back for the future.

    With a great attack the challenge for City is to find the appropriate mix for midfield to create and feed the forwards and support the defence. Other than Hux (not a real midfielder anyway) we are way short - I have become uncertain about Francis in recent times. Jonson I don''t think has anything of much value and Bentley - well, not convinced he can graft.

    In the championship, this engine room is where the action needs to be.

  14. Ashton is a classic centre forward whereas Crouch is a lanky focal point. I can''t see England building a forward line around the beanpole because it really is just a one trick option  - and if it is ineffective then thats everyting nullified. Ashton on the other hand gives you several play options.

    And he is more effective at tackling back than the thin one.

    Ashton ahead of Crouch for me.

    Crouch useful to throw on from the bench atr this level as a shock tactic.

  15. Where''s this huge difference in class Brucy?

    The table says there are only a few points in it. Not really such a good return on all the money poured in by way of transfers and wages. And Sullivan the chairman aka Mr porn king is looking for out anyway - wants to get back to London and own a BIG team.

    We didn''t play well but there again who has the better goalkeeper? Centre forward? Manager? Team spirit? Fans?

    Case dismissed.

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