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  1. Keelan Culverhouse Watson Polston Bowen Suggett Peters Paddon Huckerby Fleck Drinkell subs Woods Bruce Drury Hoolahan Crook MacDougall Boyer
  2. HiDoes anyone know the dates for the play-off semis next May...just in case....
  3. Living in Braintree I''ll just wander down Flitch Way.Will make a nice change from the A120/A12/A14/A140 route i have endured for years.Will be nice to get home from a midweek NCFC match before midnight!
  4. My over-65 father (season ticket £310) can''t go to the match today so i suggested my 17 year old son (season ticket £201) he invite his 17 year old friend along. Considering the season ticket is 50%+ more expensive for over 65 compared with under 17 I figured there wouldn''t be any charge but thought i''d check with the ticket office so as not to compromise my father''s ticket. I couldn''t believe it when i was quoted £34!Because they won''t sell match day u21 tickets (even with photo id) they charge full adult A grade matchday price and deduct the average price of the over 65 price. So the ingeniously turn a downgrade into an upgrade to milk the loyal fan.Having held season tickets for about 10 years, travelling to matches from Essex, travelling to 10+ away matches a season etc i must have spent a fortune on ncfc but this really rankles.I realise ncfc seek to maximise revenue but contriving the rules to immorally fleece the fans this way is abhorable. Shame on McNally & co.
  5. ruddy 8martin 6whitbread 7barnett 6drury 6lansbury 5fox 5crofts 7hoolahan 6holt 6martin 7
  6. unbelievable. seems like chris has become the whipping boy up front. can''t believe many of the contributors to this thread were at sheff utd and palace. who was given a start at sheffield and made no contribution whatsoever? - jackson . who missed the sitter yesterday? - holt. who contributed most to both games - martin. he was taken off yesterday to try other options and guess what...jackson did **** all.
  7. green martin   fleming   mackay   drury huckerby francis holt hoolahan holt martin  
  8. maybe the season ticket holders were taking this match as seriously as the players did? Half of them didn''t turn up either! as for reasons for not going i decided not to shell out another £50+ for match tickets and travel and spend the day with my family especially and use the money towards my sheff utd tickets and travel instead. i''ve shelled out loads for  season tickets for myself and sons and tickets for many away games etc etc and don''t need to justify to some ****er why i didn''t choose to go to a match that as the team selection and performance proved was perhaps beneath the club too. I have no regrets.   is that ok with you ?
  9. Thanks for the report. Wish i was there. A great result considering we were missing crofts, barnett and drury.I''ve had some happy days at Coventry. At Highfield Road in the promotion season when brennan and gary holt scored and the 2-2 draw at Ricoh when my son was mascot.
  10. my main gripe was the substitutions were far too late Jackson doesn''t impress me at all and Oli deserved more match time. If Oli and McNamee had been brought on much earlier we could have put them on the backfoot. As for Korey he''s a grafter but was hardly going to change the game. I thought Russell Martin''s crossing was poor and if only we could score from a corner! As for MotM had to be Chris Martin for me.
  11. the tv footage on bcc didn''t show a push but it wouldn''t surprise me Russell did get ripped by Gradel (much like Ads vs Swansea). Thought Crofts was off the pace but maybe concious of getting that yellow that would have kept him out of the scum game.   the situation re Wes and McNamee was the reverse of the Burnely fiture when a poor Wes was replaced and McNamee changed the game
  12. [quote user="Crofts Number 1 Fan"]How can you give Ruddy only a 6? The way I saw it he kept us in the game.[/quote]Agreed.ruddy 7martin 5ward 8barnett 7lappin 6smith 5fox 7hoolahan 5mcnamme 4holt 5martin 6
  13. just got my copy must say the picture quality is appalling. would have been better compiling my own from the football league showfor £15 quid i would have expected far better and a 2nd disc as some memorable moments have been omitted to fit on onei will take it back and hope i''ve just got mine from a bad batch
  14. so... don''t buy a programme (same old regurgitated crap anyway) and don''t buy refreshments in the ground. that''ll save you £10.the booking fee is a scam which hits exiled fans particularly but how else are they supposed to finance Roeder''s pension?p.s. how come you have to pay parking on a train?
  15. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"][quote user="FilletTheFishWife ."][quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"] The Scunthorpe away tickets are on sale NOW. £24 each. [/quote] + BOOKING FEE! [/quote] No fee if you go down to Carrow Rud Bor! [/quote] must admit i didn''t consider the 150 mile round trip. maybe next time...
  16. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"] The Scunthorpe away tickets are on sale NOW. £24 each. [/quote]   + BOOKING FEE!
  17. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]Probably a Right Back AND Striker - Lambo''s style seems to be along the lines of ''under promise and over deliver''! I''d guess Liam Rosenior and Simeon Jackson top his wish list...[/quote]   Thats ''TWO'' more
  18. [quote user="The Duke"]From what i have been told the reason Doc was released was because he wanted a better deal than we offered. Already being the currant top earner (Believe it or not) he wouldn''t agree to a decent wage. Lambert thought he could use the wages from both Cureton and Doc to better use and the rest as they say is history. I thought Doc had a blinding season but i trust PL and Doc didn''t really set the world on fire last season at that level. So i can see why this has happened Will always give the doc a clap if he plays against us. Any way just what i have been told OTBC[/quote] currant top earner eh? perhaps he was looking for a raisin salary!
  19. [quote user="Matt Juler"]How about driving to somewhere like Didcot Parkway?  Only £16 return all in for you and the boy and saves most of the M4 traffic. [/quote]   Thanks Matt    
  20. [quote user="Matt Juler"][quote user="norfolk_canary"]im going with 5 mates, but bloody hell the train tickets are expensive [:O] [/quote]What way are you going?  Norwich - London - Bristol?  What''s the best fare you''ve found, let me know and I''ll try to reduce it for you (if you''ve not yet bought your tickets)! [/quote]   and there''s bound to be engineering works en route! I checked for Braintree to Bristol for me and my son with a railcard (family friends) - it was £55!   Now got to decide whether to drive or not. It''ll be cheaper but will roabbly get stuck in the M4 traffic jam!
  21. [quote user="dejanstenfanovic"]Davies; Richardson, Kisnorbo, Doherty, Harte; Hoolahan, Puncheon, Snodgrass, Bailey; Lambert, Holt.[/quote]   Looks like our shopping list for the summer!
  22. i''ll be there with my son.if anyone wants to bored listening to me recount my 2 crossbar hits at the Wycombe game then say hello
  23. [quote user="s10_yellow"]Funny how everyone wants to go to Charlton but Bristol is a different matter! Seems I needn''t have bothered buying in the home end, very surprised this was undersubscribed. [/quote]   probably some of the cherry pickers who complained about not getting tickets for the ''big'' games vs charlton and Colchester didn''t apply?
  24. [quote user="cityangel"]Lets assume Wes/Askou are still injured who would be in your starting 11, here''s my choice, don''t laugh. Forster Spillane - Whitbread - Nelson - Drury Macnamee - Rusty - Smith - Lappin Doc - Martin [/quote] Do Martin up front eh? Not sure Martin Clunes is available. Mind you, a fictional character would do better than Elliot. my team forster martin doherty nelson drury mcnamee smith russell lappin martin mcdonald
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