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  1. I feel the question is whether we buy current premiership players simply because they have some kind of a track record of playing in the premiership, or whether we buy proven quality first division/foreign players who have the right attitude and committment. Are Keown, Petit or Parlour going to be that much better than Gaardsoe, Tonge or Koumas? Most first division teams have at least one very good player (Reid, Cahill, Carrick, Arca, Jagielka, Gray etc) most of whom would probably jump at the chance of playing premiership football and yet very few premiership clubs seem to be willing to take a chance. Norwich simply need a solid 14th/15th finish next season - the work ethic should just about achieve this with Hucks & Leon. My choices: Kenton (unlikely I know but last week''s Premiership showed how good he is and he can cover for right back if necessary), Gaardsoe, Pennant, Tonge/Koumas & Crouch/Fuller. Probably nowhere near Nigel''s list (and Mr Megson won''t be too happy) but there we are - it''s a good game!
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