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  1. 32 minutes ago, Barbe bleu said:

    Wbb, this sounds patronising I know but I've got to say I do appreciate your posts.

    95% of us on here are completely inflexible.   Any thread could open up on here and I already know what the 100 pages of messages will say and who will say what.  Honestly most of the time there could be two messages one which says 'read the guardian' and one that says 'read the daily mail and everyone could find something else to do.

    But you are a hardy few do offer different  perspectives and do engage in debate.   Thank you and don't let the likes of PM wind you up!


    Yes, I wind him up by pointing out his hypocrisy and lack of commonsense.

  2. 1 hour ago, Well b back said:

    1. I voted leave

    2. You are talking complete rubbish why would we give AZ earlier.

    3. Where’s my link.

    4. If you would be brave enough to come out from behind your computer and call me dense, then fine, if you are not then don’t do it sunshine.

    Lies.... you never stop criticising UK PLC

  3. 1 hour ago, Van wink said:

    Disgraceful 😡

    Britain has matched just two of the EU’s 13 bans of harmful chemicals since Brexit

    News follows several declarations from prominent Brexiteers that the UK’s regulation would be better managed outside the auspices Brussels

    Plans to introduce tougher protections for the environment after Brexit have fallen by the wayside, with Britain matching just two of the EU’s 13 bans of harmful chemicals since the end of the transition period, a coalition of green groups warns today.

    Despite assurances from Brexiteers that the UK would have more stringent environmental rules after it left the EU, Britain will actually have looser regulations on the use of microplastics, lead in PVC windows and rubber pellets on astroturf pitches, which are thought to be carcinogenic.

    Greener UK, a coalition of groups including the National Trust, RSPB, WWF and the Marine Conservation Society, said the UK was now in the “slow lane” on regulating harmful substances, and warned that Britain’s new chemicals regulator was underfunded and understaffed

    ... and today I read , just to balance things a bit, that the EU which was going to reduce natural gas useage due to climate effects has reneged on a deal with scientists .....  when it suits eh !!

  4. 9 hours ago, horsefly said:

    So you support bankrupting the economy too do you, because that is exactly what would happen if the UK ceased trading with the EU which is the source of 50% of our trade. So very stupid. 

    The refusal to buy EU goods will not bankrupt our economy BUT it will move supply of goods to other areas, mainly from the UK as it rebalances  and gives more business to UK companies, existing and new as we develop outside of the EUSSR. We are already seeing biotech companies such as AZ and Novavax avoiding the EU as they behave agressively towards innocent business in raiding factories and denying exports for legitimate orders.  All good for UK PLC !!

    Goods that we cannot supply in the UK will be imported from outside of the EU  ASAP as we rebalance. 

  5. 2 hours ago, norwichpepper said:

    Impressive to see the UK on top of the leaderboard.

    ... and many more successes to come thanks to now having our independence returned.  It is really upsetting some people 🤣

  6. 9 hours ago, Well b back said:

    I explained why a long while ago and you slated me, and guess what I said ( before the government announcement ) there will be a shortage of vaccine in April. If you read my post earlier you will see I know about April, because I actually had an NHS email explaining the situation, and it is 2 weeks, not a month.

    My point was about Pfizer, were the doses being pulled forward because it is not as effective at 12 weeks as was hoped, or using it in case we can’t get more. I understood you had AZ why the hell would you want that before 10 - 12 weeks as the trials say that is the best efficacy.

    With regards shortages of vaccines, there is certainly no shortage in the major countries. Today we crashed through the 600 million with an amazing 35 million doses given ( total now 628 million ). Unfortunately China, America and India ain’t giving any to anyone at the moment and if you refer to an earlier link you will see both India and America are stopping vaccine being exported even where that vaccine is contracted to other countries, which contradicts what you told everybody the other day. It should be noted though that China have given away tens of millions of doses, the US a big fat zero, although I dispute that as I think they sold 4 million to Canada.

    And by the way where’s my link ?

    Pfizer is being pulled forward for the same reason as AZ..... we have extra capacity for vaccination due to lack of first doses available.

    You remoaners are so dense.....

  7. 10 hours ago, Well b back said:

    I always wanted AZ, but in the cold light of day I feel very fortunate to have 2 doses of Pfizer, based on reports on data from the US and Israel. I hope the AZ turns out to be as effective in the field, then we will have amazing protection.

    It does not make it clear wether it is 12 weeks or 21 - 28 days, so here is praying that 12 weeks is as effective. I notice where I am appointments for Pfizer are being pulled forward as well for the next couple of weeks. I assume it’s because it’s here so we use it in case there is a problem, but I will ask next Thursday if there is a reason.

    It's obvious why, surely.   Supplies are drying up so there will be fewer first vaccines for the time being, thus second vaccinations can be moved forward to fill the void, until we get more supplies back online. My next jab is in May but I'm sure it will be moved forward.

  8. 11 hours ago, horsefly said:

    So that's your considered response to a request asking you what the hell you mean by your incomprehensible claims. And then you have the cheek to whine about people ridiculing you. So let's try and make this as simple as possible:

    1. You voted for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU and Single Market.

    2. Therefore, you voted for the requirement for a whole set of new regulations (red tape) to regulate the new trading arrangements between the EU and UK.

    3. You supported the government's refusal to sign up to an agreement to match the EU's quality standards in order that the UK government could diverge from those standards.

    4. Therefore you voted for a brexit deal that required a vastly increased level of regulations and red tape in order for the EU to protect itself from being flooded with imports that fail to meet the quality standards that it demands from its own members.

    So, two questions for you:

    A. Which part of this very simple and obvious explanation don't you understand?

    B. Are you now claiming that you didn't understand the clear consequences of voting for the brexit deal you supported?


    I voted to never trade with the awful EU ever again and now many others feel that same way, especially companies such as AstraZeneca and Novavax...... 🤣🤗

  9. Just more proof how awful EU countries are to foreigners, even those that have lived there for years, and why we were correct to leave.  The UK would never behave in such a mean-spirited way, but they have no right to complain when we start prioritising sending vaccines to our beloved Commonwealth friends rather than bitter spiteful countries such as Spain :


  10. 56 minutes ago, Well b back said:

    They have a complete export ban on anything to do with vaccines, you just hate Europeans. Please make your mind up Europeans are threatening to do something, they are low life’s, the US do something ( not threaten to do it ) and they are heroes. 
    Unfortunately it is all very sad and watching a Company whom I have a high regard for ( AZ ) being brought down brick by brick by America, Russia, China, Europe ect is even sadder.

    I'm not aware of the US stopping legitimate orders, such as the EU stopped to Australia.   We have not banned any vaccine exports but we applied our due diligence last year which put us at the head of the queue by investing more than the EU, and ordering, in many biotechs at the right time, while the EU dithered and put its money behind the failed Senofi vaccine rather than the British AZ  due to political reasons.  They simply failed and are paying the price of that failure due to making bad political decisions.

  11. 43 minutes ago, Well b back said:

    So you don’t think the US having 100 million doses of AZ that they are unlikely to use and they are keeping just in case is not hoarding. That’s really interesting. This is a world problem not a specific EU problem.
    Where’s my link ?

    Hows Alex today ?

    They are vaccinating their own citizens and doing very well at it, just as we are, and need that supply.  Nobody will have the incentive to supply or produce in the EU while they denigrate suppliers and threaten export bans of legitimately ordered vaccines.  That really is a sad indictment of EU policy and still they continue to act with political stupidity.

  12. Despite all this rubbish, the Tories are set to win the staunch Liebore seat of Hartlepool in May.... 🤗🤣

    There really is currently no realistic alternative to the current incumbents as they are the only party that would realistically make any attempt to reduce the National Debt or any deficit for that matter, as they are the party for best economic growth via free market enterprise, and that is what will get us out of the current economic dire straits.   We ran out of money in 2009/10 and Libore will never be forgiven for decades for their many additional major errors also, many of which drove us to vote for Brexit. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Yellow Fever said:



    This is all very sad for AZ.

    A few observations -

    1. The risk / benefit is still hugely in favour of AZ.

    2. The European 'caution' has been justified (Why hasn't the MHRA found it ?)

    3. My instinct tells me that the other vaccines may well have likely similar rare issues as the data becomes available.

    4. The UK / US / and now Indian 'hoarding' is a political disaster if these countries intend to morally 'lead' the world. China and Russia are simply eating their lunch and painting these countries in the darkest most selfish light.  


    Not at all, but all very sad for EU citizens who in my view need vaccination urgently, and this will cost thousands of needless loss of life.  Purely political, I reiterate.

    ... and point 4..... why are you so concerned about hoarding, which it is not actually, when the vaccine is deemed dangerous in the EU  ?   strange logic indeed.   


  14. 2 hours ago, Well b back said:

    Maybe because the EU didn’t buy any.

    As you know, the EU tried but were rebuffed with a glib reply, and then Novavax funnily enough agreed to supply the  UK with 60 million doses instead, and also to situate the bottle and filling inside the non-protectionist UK, as they know that the non red-taping and free-trading UK will not invoke crazy export bans.  

    That's what you get when you threaten to ban EU resident vaccine plants from exporting to fulfil legal contractual orders that the EU were late in placing..... 🤗.    Companies are now reviewing their supply chains and the EU will be a massive loser.  🤣

  15. 1 hour ago, A Load of Squit said:

    Here's a handy tip for you Paul, if you are using the Express to validate your lies then you're not going to convince anyone.

    More ill-informed nonsense from Paul Moy.

    Novavax deal is exclusive to UK for 60 million doses produced in the UK, with no deliveries to EU, and bottled and filled in UK.  I wonder why..... 😂


  16. On 28/03/2021 at 13:20, paul moy said:

    Well, they don't want to tell the sclerotic, bitter, spiteful EU the real reason for obvious reasons, you very naive person, just as Boris keeps calling them 'our friends' rather than telling them his real thoughts.

    It's called political expediency.

    The EU reap what they sow by denigrating perfectly good companies and countries. 

    ...and here is the proof      🤗   :


  17. On 24/03/2021 at 01:34, horsefly said:

    Gosh! I'm so hurt by your stunning intellectual riposte. Pathetic misogyny and homophobia clearly exhausts your abilities. It must be a sad existence living inside that hate-filled head, to actually even think it appropriate to insult child rape victims by calling them "well paid prostitutes". Very sick and very sad.

    You are just a very sick and very sad TROLL......

  18. 1 hour ago, Van wink said:

    Not up to speed with vaccination rates in France Indy, if 90% of vunerable groups are now done thats bound to be having a significant effect and is excellent news.

    That does not make sense as they have inoculated just over 11%.  So you are saying that vulnerable groups in France make up just over that percentage ? 

    In the UK our vulnerable groups included everybody over 60 and then all people of any age with underlying health issues..... that must surely be at least 30% of the population as we have already inoculated 50% of adults.    


  19. 7 minutes ago, Barbe bleu said:

    The infection figures look awful but the death rate is still relatively low.  I know Mr moy's explanation but perhaps even at the relatively low rollout there is still a vaccine effect showing? Maybe it's just a  delay to the inevitable though.

    I'm assuming you mean the fact that France undercount due to them not using the 28 day rule.

  20. On 19/02/2021 at 07:29, Herman said:

    I think brexiters need to accept the fact that they have made the lives harder for millions of people for no net benefit. The creative industries are a perfect example. 

    Oh the irony.  Thanks to Brexit and the UK's autonomous vaccine strategy we have ensured that more people will at least be alive 'to suffer', while the EU have ensured many needless deaths for months to come due to their overarching sclerotic state control strategy.

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