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  1. On his day Howson great but he needed to turn up, he was anonymous as much as he was great. Middlesbro played him out of his key position - his best place is an attacking midfielder and getting the ball to him. That''s his strength. Feeding him and he performs.
  2. I wouldn''t care we came out late, I recall the Middlesbro game during our play off winning season when at Carrow Road at the end of the season they had more than a load of gamesmanship going on during their win over us. It''s a little pay back and revenge. I''m more thankful we parked a bus last night than it being late...it annoyed Monk, so it works for a result.
  3. No love lost or bothered. Why? He hasn''t set the world alight since moving and not cutting it at Cardiff. We have plenty of quality in midfield - if fans want to get upset about, look who we have. Would you rather have what we currently have over Adeyemi? I know I would rather have Pritchard, Wes, Maddison, Tettey, new Croatian bloke and many others than even worry about who the binmen have got. Adeyemi may talk about history but history also includes being stagnant in a 2nd tier which is more recent over things won before he was even born.
  4. They''d left it to the last minute as desperation, never played them or loaned them out. Massive difference. Don''t know if you''ve realised, this is an overhaul of a team. This is Webbers & Farkes team, not a jigsaw filling in gaps with misfits. Isn''t that what we''ve been crying out for?
  5. Reminds ''he'' that since 2002 constantly over 20k in attendance, even in the third tier. Some 20k+ fans will still support through thick an thin. Fans for life, managers and such will come and go. If you think so negatively, feel free to buy a blue seat in the coming years and Premier League challenge in the next season could be very much on
  6. Bennett slow tonight - lacks pace. Whittaker and Martin - count their tackles made. All ball watching constantly and far more shadowing players because they can''t keep ahead off and then raising arms. Scared to tackle because....to slow and gutless.
  7. Worst defence for seasons - neglected for seasons by a host of managers and a key reason to our demise. We can attack but doesn''t help when on the back foot constantly away from home. We know the reasons why but those running the club and know far better clearly don''t see this. Stats don''t lie when 2nd worst defence away from home. Goals conceded are factual.
  8. The dullest dull team since the word dull first hit the dictionary. They must be so proud since being in this league and done nothing. Pandoras box had more hope in it. Long may they suffer
  9. Can he play as a central defender? His legs must be getting tired a few years later.
  10. I''d go very similar with GJL but with VOO in place of Howson. A little muscle there if playing five at the back and steam roller through the middle but pace down the sides. Naismith is similar to Wes but more attacking minded. I believe we don''t perform well with Howson and Wes in the same starting line up, as Howson is best used in an attacking midfielder. Conflict of interest with all 3 in Howson, Wes and Naismith but each can be used as all slightly differently. Good options from the bench to turn/twist games.
  11. With recent transfers would you pay £9m for a potentially solid central defender or £8m for a Grabban to run around a pitch and score 1 in how many chances in the top flight. Klose has more potential in saving points than costing in missed chances. I know where I''d stick the money looking at our squad the turn of the year tbh
  12. Is it possible to have 3 Sebs on the Subs bench?
  13. Has Paul Lambert got credible experience of the Premier League? Not in my opinion. Redknapp? Never, over the hill and far away with his dealings. Rodgers had a chance with a decent striker (albeit fangs included) but best out of the three. Stick until the transfer window, get reliable defenders in who can work as a unit. Also needs to learn his best midfield. Howson definitely best suited to the Championship when put forward in midfield. Mulumbu to come back and will settle midfield more. Strikers? What''s happening? I don''t know but need someone around the penalty area to poach goals, as we''re getting plenty of chances but not hitting the back of the net. It''s a blend per team AN needs to learn.
  14. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]They''d need to hire Albus Dumbledore before I was in the least concerned.[/quote] I always thought he was more Boss Nass from Star Wars
  15. I would question three of their best players comment when one of them is Mings. Average Championship player ditto Gradel. Bournemouth more likely to be bottom three because of lack of quality with Newcastle getting a kick up the backside sooner than later to kick start their survival.
  16. In Crooks team of the week and rightly so (shin pad included)
  17. Step back, think about what he has done, where we have been since he''s been here. Then look at others. Why pick on him? Some say "It''s Lambert". But who bought him here? Who walked away? Who bought in AN to sort a mess out and got us up - but for some reason a lot of fans are upset? Yes, I''d prefer a heck of lot more strength at the back at the moment but other teams weaker still (unbelievably) . BJ no real loss as better/stronger midfielders brought in. A shock for some, not me but would have been an all around decision. We''re not sunk, we''ve played well 3 out of 4 games with a poor players actions to get sent off in that 4th. We move on and still a good squad. I believe too many fans looking for scapegoats behind the scenes because no massive name bought in.
  18. Yes because unlike other cases, Grabban hasn''t said anything about the club. Nothing has been clear cut and confirmed, just a Daily Mail story without full facts. We don''t know the story. AN said originally to investigate the goings on. Suspended but didn''t sell. Some issue we are unaware of. All he needs to do is get fans off his back, put the ball in the net and then we have another reborn Wes scenario. I trust the manager in not speaking out and keeping his mouth shut about everything. How it should be behind closed doors but many fans fail to see this when dealing with their staff. Grabban has only technically only walked away from an issue we know bugger all about. He''s taken the standard fine and stance - which any decent club would do in scenarios. Let them deal with it and see what comes out.
  19. And he is in the 25 man squad. Will be foolish to send any in the 25 out on loan now
  20. With Branston with this and unfair to say he can''t score for us when he was only played for a few games last season. In another post for this years squad, I said that AN has not seen anything of him as shipped out as soon as he arrived. If played to his strength, he can be of use at the top level. Another NA player misused.
  21. Always like this site to get updates on injuries: http://www.physioroom.com/news/english_premier_league/epl_injury_table.php
  22. Lafferty given a chance to prove himself under AN, as shoved out on-loan as he arrived? Can score for the national team and cause a nuisance (despite his over exaggerated discipline record)
  23. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Chris Goreham praying it doesn''t happen. Good enough for me.[/quote] The same Chris Boreham who said Bassong was badly injured the other night but still continued. His opinion so blinkered and rose tinted, awful commentator who rambles on and lacks commentary skills.
  24. Can I ask, which newspapers or journalist gives an unbiased factual balanced report of a game? If they don''t know players, let a lone managers, should they be writing reports of a game? Ditto watching edited highlights like MotD show when they miss key chunks out and cower away from being brutal against officials (minor gripe but they''re scared of the FA)
  25. BBC claimed it was a crafted set piece of work, not one of their players realising that we were playing sticky glue while one of their players was exposed/unmarked and picked out. We gave them that as a golfing gimme, nothing more or less.
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