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  1. [quote]Mouse, I would have thought the players would like to have the noise in front of them when they are attacking, and not right the way down the other end of the pitch! Although as you suggest it doesnt ...[/quote] Also, when we''re under pressure at the end of a game, the moans and groans from the Barclay must certainly not help the team.
  2. [quote]If 25,654 is 97% full then 100% full works out to be 26,447. So it''s easily possible to clear 26,000.[/quote] The percentage is that of the tickets sold that turn up. So 97% means 3% of the attendence that bought tickets but didn''t show (usually season ticket holders that dont appear).
  3. If Hucks is injured, it wouldn''t suprise me if it''s kept quiet so man city don''t have time to readjust their tactics.
  4. Rang up the Murderers and they said they aren''t allowed to show matches at 3pm anymore.
  5. [quote]Why don´t we ask ´Next´ to design us one!!![/quote] or ''George'' at ASDA!
  6. [quote]I have win xp pro and had installed AVG .... it did no good ! ... I was plagued with pop ups from " messenger services " ..... in the end I formatted the pc , and STILL the pop ups came up ! b...[/quote] Geek: That business with popups aren''t viruses but are adware that gets installed via Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you went back to the same site tht loaded it to your machine once, it would do it again. The Firefox browser and and also the Google toolbar for IE blocked them, and after so many complaints, Microsoft added blocking to their browser after XP service pack 2. Microsoft have an adware/spyware removal tool but by all accounts, it''s still not as good as the free one ''adaware se'' from lavasoftusa.com
  7. The other alternative is to wear a bright distinctive colour that wont clash with 99.9999% of other teams in this division. Say, somthing predominantly bright yellow - maybe a bit of green trim!
  8. [quote]now bentley has gone back i do worry about who is going to cross the ball to our new boy ashton. hucks isnt bad but its not his type of game. regarding jonson, as much as i like him his cosses arent t...[/quote] Jonsson not a good crosser? I would have thought he''s been one of the best recently?
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ME - THE CANARY FAIRY !!!!!!!!!!How could you?!?I''m off to fume in front of the telly!!!!
  10. Here''s one for a Horsham S*** Kicker: Double Baileys Vodka 1/2 pint bitter 1/2 pint milk mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  11. You forgot to mention that Canary Fairy fella though
  12. [quote]So many jokes about this but I won''t. On a serious note, anyone think naming a stand at Carrow Road after Geoffrey Watling would be a good mark of respect?[/quote] Eeerrrrmmmmm!???? Think you might have been beaten to it.... http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&client=firefox&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aunofficial&q=geoffrey+watling+city+stand&btnG=Search&meta=  
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