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  1. Buy Canaries World. 4 pounds for one month.
  2. We have nothing to do in the playoffs this season. Rebuilding, and hopefully going up next season, is the answer...
  3. Huckerby sent off for "foul and abusive language". What a fantastic start to the new season.
  4. If we keep on playing like this we will be playing in league 1 next season.
  5. He had a serious injury a couple of seasons ago and is now working on Viking Stavangers web-pages. (This is no joke). He tried to make a comeback but he is to injury phrone.  
  6. yep. unless WBA should manage to beat man utd at old trafford...
  7. Southampton scores the 2-2 goal in injury time and we are safe for the first time in ages   cheers!
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