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  1. ...if Holty goes. He''s 31 with 1 or 2 more good seasons in front of him at this level, if you look at it practically. We can make some money out of him now or play him out for a couple of years. Our call - he''s got 2 years left on his contract. It''s not like Steve Bruce saying "I''ll walk to Manchester Utd" to get away from us. That was a slap in the face. He''s a striker and a bloody good one. he''s 31 and looking for a last payday for his family - good luck to him. But he''s replacable. As is Lambo, to be fair, Life goes on. And we''ll go on. Thanks to those two, we''re now midway in the Prem, secure financially, with a superb squad and without a doubt the best CEO in our history. I really hope Lambo and Holty stay. But if they don''t, the sky won''t fall in. To be honest, whatever we say won''t change anything :-)
  2. It''s like Groundhog Day. First we sign one unspectacular "hard working" player - Robinson - then, Oh Joy of Joys, the prospect of yet another. Except this time, the player has been transfer listed by a team in the league below us.  Christ on a bike, whatever next?    
  3. Well Temp, I certainly admire your optimism lol! That''s the line I''ve been spinning to myself since we got relegated.  And the line I''ve been spinning ever since, every time we make yet another mediocre, journeyman signing that drains yet more funds from the club and contributes even more towards the bulging pockets of agents. We''ve wasted an awful lot of money - an awful lot of money.     
  4. Goodness me!  We signed Robinson! It really doesn''t get much better than this!  A £50k player who''s been at 9 clubs in the last 11 years,  A player, you would suspect, has "journeyman" as his middle name. A player who''s been a "little" better than the midfield dynamos we have at the moment.  But it''s an inspirational signing in another way too.  We''ve only got 4 other first choice central midfielders and it''s not as if our right wing needs strengthening at all. When Deano goes in the next week or so, we''ll be even worse off than we were before we got promoted.  Still, it''ll give Worthy more money to spend on uninspiring, "hard-working" central midefielders so it''s not all doom and gloom. Prudence with ambition?  You''ve got to be having a laugh. Prudence with no ambition whatsoever.  It makes me want to weep with frustration.   What a utter waste of money and certainly not the mark of a club that''s aiming for promotion.  
  5. I''m sure if you try any of the ncfc boards - say...oh I dunno...Wrath of the Barclay...tomorrow someone will be able to help.
  6. Of course you''ve got a right to chant what you want. I do hope though, that once you''ve had your fill of spitting bile and vitriol at our own players, you''ll be able to sit back with satisfaction after the game, regarding your own performance as a job well done. Because let''s face it - if we''re to motivate the team and management, nothing will work better than booing them and telling them they are rubbish...
  7. Oh for gods sake - not this again. Some people are never happy. Leave the poor bloke alone to get on with his job. How the hell is he going to get us promoted with a bunch of jackals like that looking over his shoulder? I despair, I really do.
  8. If they did, we''d need a name. I reckon we could take the first part of our name and second part of theirs...so, for the sake of argument, it could be... NOR (from Norwich) and WICH (from Ipswich) I''ll get my coat.
  9. Oh and Mad, I''m sure if you have a gander at other bulletin boards - say Wrath of the Barclay - on a Saturday, people might be able to give you some advice.
  10. Sorry Mad - forgotten how much it cost! Even more pleased I cancelled it now. Thanks for the advice Kent. I had it up and running on my mac for a few months - albeit intermittently - till it stopped completely. I tried just about every option under the sun to get it restarted over the weeks it wasn''t working - believe me! PTV were less than helpful, treating me as nothing but an irritant when I called and rarely deigning to answer emails. In the end I paid nearly £50 for 5/6 weeks of no service whatsoever. When I asked for my money back, I was offered a discount on the next seasons subscription...REALLY useful that was. My real point is that rather than having a go as us supporters who simply want to hear the game, wouldn''t the club be better off spending its valuable time and effort trying to persuade PTV to offer a half decent service no-one would want to leave in the first place? Seems like a sensible option to me. But then again, when has any business ever listened to the man - or woman - in the street until they talk with their wallet?
  11. Personally, I gave up on Canaries World 2 years ago when I couldn''t get live commentary for the fifth game in a row - which happenned to be the TOTLAPR game. Like most of you who live away from Norwich, Canaries World is just about our only link with the club for commentaries, highlights etc, esp since we''ve gone down. However, having spent over a month trying to get PTV to sort the problem out, I was totally apoplectic when I couldn''t get the ITFC game and was "briskly" told that all of a sudden PTV didn''t work with Apple macs. I voted with my feet and cancelled the service. £25 odd a month was a lot to pay for some fuzzy highlights and some downright awful customer service. I now pick up an illegal link 5 minutes before the game - they are easy to find - and get better sound quality without paying a penny. But that''s capitalism for you - if your service is rubbish, people won''t use it and go elsewhere. And at the end of the day, that''s the only language PTV will understand. Write them all the emails you like, call them as often as you like. The only time they''ll bother to improve the service is if they''re losing enough business. Money is the only language they understand.
  12. For goodness sake Wiz, change the record will you? In fact, why not direct all this effort into supporting the lads instead of continually having a pop? You never know, it might help.
  13. From what I remember, we had to choose games before the fixture list was out - hence Mrs Pieman and I have got Crewe midweek tickets we can''t use. As it happens, all our are grouped in the first half of the season bar Wolves, which is the last game.
  14. I remember the Fashanu goal well - I was in the Barclay standing right in line with the ball. A moan went up when he hit it - everyone want him to cross it - then there was silence that seemed to go on for a lifetime as it curled round (Clemence''s ?)hand and went in off the inside of the post to make it 3-3 with 5 mins left. Cue going bananas. Shame they scored twice in the last 5 minutes but Jimmy Case (if you remember him) called it the best game he''d ever played in. Ah memories... :-)
  15. Yeah, but to be fair, any crappy old town can get a Uni these days, esp since all the Polys changed their ststus to Universities.With all due respect, even Milton Keynes has a bleedin'' University. I''d hardly say "The University of Ipswich" an imposing academinic feel...I mean you can''t even say it without smiling. Besides which, its a contradiction. And oxymoronic.Still, envy is a strong motivator.Cheers,pieman
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